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What is a power amplifier?
Designated as the last amplifier in a transmission chain, a power amp typically requires the most attention to power efficiency.
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2004-12-01 Pop reduction for the TPA1517 audio power amplifier
This app note can help circuit designers to better understand what pop is, why it occurs with this device, why the pop-reduction circuit works, and the tradeoffs that occur when different components are used in the circuit.
2008-02-19 Polar Edge power amp rolls for 3G wireless handsets
Anadigics has rolled out its AWE6174 quad-band Polar Edge power amplifier module for 3G wireless handsets and equipment.
2002-05-29 Philips car radio IC combines power amp, voltage regulator
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the TDA8587J automobile radio IC that combines a power amplifier and multivoltage regulator with a power switch, thereby saving space and increasing the functionality of a radio unit.
2002-12-06 Performance of 30W push-pull amplifier for frequency range 25-110MHz with 2 MOS transistors BLF244
This application note discusses the results of additional tests carried out on a wideband power amplifier over the 25MHz to 110MHz frequency range.
2004-12-03 PCS CDMA 4mm-by-4mm power amplifier modules
This app note discussed the 4mm-by-4mm HBT power amplifier modules designed for PCS CDMA handsets with a frequency band of 1850MHz to 1910MHz and operate from RF single Li-ion battery.
2005-06-07 PAs consume low power
SST Communications released two new high-efficiency power amplifiers for 802.11a and 802.11b/g WLAN systems that offer extremely low power consumption, as well as on-chip power detection
2002-11-11 OPHIR amplifier module boosts signals by >10dB
The Model 5303075 power amplifier module is suited for boosting the output power of signal/waveform generators by more than 10dB.
2004-05-25 Nujira samples power amps for wireless systems
Nujira will sample its devices to selected customers by the third quarter, with production units available by early 2005.
2005-06-13 Notebook computer upgrade path for audio power amplifiers
This app note discusses audio power amplifiers in notebook computers
2005-04-18 New RF power amplifier from Prana
RFI Industries announced the release of model AP32MT315, which is a 1,500W broadband RF power amplifier manufactured by Prana R&D of Brive, France.
2000-06-12 New High Power, High Efficiency HBT GSM Power Amplifier
This technical note examines the RF2123, a GSM cellular power amplifier that is fabricated based on the HBT technology and features efficiencies up to of 55 percent and power levels of 4W.
2000-06-12 New High Efficiency HBT Analog Cellular Power Amplifier
This technical note examines the RF2131, an HBT analog cellular power amplifier that can be used to simplify cellular phone design and features a single 4.8V power supply, power output of 1.2W at 824MHz to 849MHz range, current consumption of 420mA and total efficiency of 60 percent.
2005-02-21 NEC adopts Agilent's W-CDMA power amplifier into 3G handset
NEC has incorporated Agilent Technologies Inc.'s W-CDMA power amplifier into a new 3G video handset, the NEC 338.
2005-03-04 National Semi dc-dc converter suits RF power amps
The LM2706 dc-dc converter from National Semi is designed for powering RF PA from a single Li-ion cell.
2004-11-24 National DC/DC converters target RF power amplifiers
National launched a family of DC/DC converters that is designed for powering RF power amplifiers from a single Li-ion battery
2013-04-29 Nanoscale CMOS boasts record mm-wave output power
Engineers found a way to use multiple nanoscale CMOS transistors to generate nearly a watt of power at millimeter-wave frequenciesnearly five times greater than what was currently possible
2008-03-17 Mobile WiMAX processor cuts power draw in handhelds
Altair Semiconductor has released the ALT2150 mobile WiMAX baseband processor that employs proprietary technology to cut power draw in handheld devices
2007-02-20 Mobile WiMAX PA offers high power efficiency
Anadigics' new PA for mobile WiMAX supports the 802.16e-2005 standard, offering high power efficiency and linearity in a highly integrated module package
2008-07-23 Mobile WiMAX gets high stability from power amp
SiGe Semiconductor has introduced a 2.5GHz power amplifier targeted at the mobile WiMAX market.
2007-03-19 MMIC power amps target military, space amps
Hittite Microwave announced five GaAs PHEMT 1W and 2W MMIC power amplifiers that cover the 6-13GHz range for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, test instrumentation, military and space applications
2010-05-26 MMIC power amps extend X-Band frequency range
Cree Inc. has launched five new GaN HEMT MMIC amplifiers that increase the range of frequencies available through X-Band.
2011-11-22 MMIC power amp delivers >22dBm up to 30GHz
GigOptix wideband distributed power amplifier boasts frequency coverage that extends up to 90GHz.
2003-10-16 Mixed-signal integration key to future power management in portables
IC integration is simplifying the design of portable power electronics--maximizing battery life in the smallest board area and lowering cost
2003-08-08 Microsemi power amps back Atheros 3G designs
Microsemi Corp. has announced that two of its InGap HBT power amplifiers have been chosen for six different reference designs by Atheros
2002-11-18 Maxim power amplifier covers up to 2.5GHz band
Maxim's MAX4003 power amplifier detector accepts an input power from -45dBm to 0dBm and operates in the 100MHz to 2.5GHz frequency range.
2002-02-26 Maxim amplifier packs AGC, suits WDM transmission
Claimed to be the world's first low-power amplifier with AGC, the MAX3861 is specifically designed for WDM transmission systems using optical amplifiers.
2002-08-21 Marvell tames 802.11b power, security
Marvell has released two chipsets that aim at reducing power consumption, increasing security and mitigating interference in these WLANs
2013-09-13 M/A-COM rolls out GaAs MMIC amplifier
The MAAP-011027 operates over the 5.2-5.9GHz frequency bandwidth and is a two stage, 8W saturated C-band power amplifier with 37 per cent power added efficiency.
2008-10-22 Low-power UHF RFID readers trim BOM
austriamicrosystems, in partnership with BeeDar Technology, has unveiled the latest BDUR-002 mid-range UHF RFID reader,
2009-12-18 Low-power sensor boosts Storm's imaging quality
Teardown shows how Blackberry Storm is able to deliver good telephone performance and attractive image quality both for still images and video.
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