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2005-01-28 USB connector gets more power
FCI's new USB+Power connector system combine standard USB contacts with additional power contacts to address applications where power requirements exceed the capabilities of standard USB.
2002-11-14 Tyco power connectors rated up to 120A
Tyco Electronics' AMP Power Series 120 power connectors are rated at 120A, 600V when using AWG 2 wires
2002-02-26 Tyco power connectors handle up to 50A
The company has released a new line 600V AMP power connectors that can handle up to 50A, making it suitable for use in electric vehicles, material handling equipment, industrial trucks and forklifts, and power supplies
2012-12-24 Tough UTL power connector handles up to 600V
Souriau's UTL power connector is suited for the most demanding climates, withstanding all weather conditions, and UV radiation thanks to the use of a new moulded polyamide.
2005-10-28 Switching power supply with two cooling fans, SATA connectors
Topower Computer announced that its new switching power supplies are equipped with two cooling fans and two SATA connectors
2010-11-10 Signal, power connectors designed for embedded computing
3M expands array of embedded computing connectors
2007-09-04 Sealed cable systems has power, high-density versions
Samtec Inc. has introduced power and high-density AccliMate IP68 sealed circular cable plugs and receptacle systems
2002-06-25 Schurter power connector rated up to 20A
The EC11 power entry modules from Schurter Inc. is fully-molded and is comprised of an integrated on/off switch and AC receptacle built to the IEC/EN 60320-1/C20 standard
2002-05-30 Samtec power connector rated up to 5A
The PEC series of power connectors from Samtec Inc. is rated up to 5A and is designed to bring power to the board through an edge card interface with three, seven, or 10 contacts with 2.54mm pitch
2006-03-22 Power modules beef up current capacity
ERNI has nearly doubled the current-carrying capacity of its popular ERmet power modules up to 18A by adopting a new contact material
2005-06-10 Power connectors tout high-frequency attenuation
Anderson Power Products and Schaffner have partnered to develop the ACARA series of high-frequency filtered power connectors that provide superior high-frequency attenuation to prevent radio frequency emission
2011-05-31 Power connectors target high-powered apps
Hirose will release a series of 1.27mm pitch, low profile, swing-lock, wire-to-board connectors for power-guzzling supply applications
2009-08-10 Power connectors target electric vehicles
ACAL Technology is offering a range of power connectors designed to deliver the combination of high power rating, small footprint and competitive pricing required for battery connection in electric drive vehicles and in a wide range of industrial applications
2004-09-13 Power connectors meet VRM 1U/2U server needs
Tyco Electronics expanded its ELCON Mini CROWN EDGE line of low profile, high-current power connectors for pluggable VRMs used in 1U and 2U server apps
2007-07-02 Power connectors maximize cooling in hot ICs
To optimize a system design and solve thermal problems, an engineer has to look at elements other than connector designsuch as the amount of copper on the boardthat can help draw heat away from the connector interface
2008-12-01 Power connectors boost system airflow
Connector makers are developing new power connector designs--they now consider frontal density, comprised not just of the connector but of the space on the power supply the connector takes up.
2006-04-04 Power connector targets MicroTCA apps
Tyco Electronics has introduced the MINIPAK HD connector for the developing MicroTCA standard. The high-density power connector is designed to carry 280A of current and offers 72 signal contacts in a space of 65-by-27mm.
2006-08-02 Power connector saves PCB space
Tyco Electronics has introduced a stacked MINIPAK connector with customized insulator options and a DualBlade contact design to reduce connector length and save PCB real estate
2006-04-11 Power connector offers increased current capacity
Tyco Electronics has launched a high-current card edge connector based on its SEC-II product line
2004-08-23 New power supply is 25 percent smaller than credit cards has released the tiniest full power Mini-ITX micro power supply currently available in the market
2003-09-29 Joint Tech power connectors rated at 5A
The C6500 series of power connector from Joint Tech Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd are offered in wire-to-wire type with a current rating of 5A ac-dc.
2003-10-09 Joint Tech power connector rated at 5A
The C3030 series of wire-to-wire power connectors from Joint Tech Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd features a rated current of 5A and rated voltage of 250V
2014-02-14 How much power can you derive from a brick
Find out how much power may be extracted from a power brick
2004-12-02 High-power connector touts safety
Anderson expanded its PowerMod connector line with a new high-power version that features touch-safe female housings, integral positive latches and cable strain relief.
2005-07-29 Harting's new push/pull power connector suits high-current apps
A Harting Push/Pull Power interface has been specifically designed for high-current industrial, transport or telecommunications applications where IP65/67 protection is required in a small connector format.
2004-03-24 Flyaford power connectors withstand 1.5kVac
Flyaford has released its JMD18T/Z power connectors that have a rated current of 5A (20 contacts) or 35A (12 contacts
2002-07-25 FCI USB connector provides additional power lines
FCI Communications, Data, and Consumer division has developed the Slimline USB+Power connector that offers a USB 2.0 Type A receptacle with five additional power lines integrated above the USB receptacle.
2002-04-29 FCI cable port connector provides right-angle, vertical receptacle
The PwrBlade ac cable port connector from FCI Communications is a one-piece connector for ac (input) and dc (output voltages), and is available in right-angle and vertical receptacles
2005-11-14 FCI adds power receptacle to AirMax VS system family
FCI has added a new right-angle power receptacle to its ever-growing AirMax VS system family
2005-02-25 Ethernet switch combines low power dissipation, small size
Parvus unveiled the Switch104, a rugged 5-port PC/104 Fast Ethernet switching hub featuring low power dissipation and highly reliable extended-temperature operation up to 85C
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