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2006-05-29 AC/DC family adds rugged 30W modules
Bear Power Supplies has added a line of rugged 30W AC/DC converters to its family of 5W, 10W and 15W encapsulated supplies for commercial, industrial and medical applications
2005-01-14 Ac-dc supplies maintain a new silence
Antec's TruePower 2.0 line of 380W to 550W ac-dc power supplies for PCs sports an audible noise level of only 21dBA
2006-12-06 50W external AC/DC adapters feature triple outputs
Emerson Network Power has launched a series of high-efficiency 50W external AC/DC power adapters with triple outputs
2005-07-13 1U rack from Phihong provides PoE, network RPS compatibility
With quick-disconnect connectors for three individual loads, the new 1,500W 1U rack from Phihong USA accepts three PSM500 500W power supplies
2007-01-30 1U powershelf supports standard 19-inch racks
The 1U-high powershelf form C&D Technologies is fully compatible with standard 19-inch rack systems.
2013-08-29 14 circuit hybrid connection system for automotive apps
Molex's Stac64 hybrid system made of a 14 circuit hybrid receptacle connector and both 14 circuit vertical and right-angle headers to meet the increasing terminal requirements of in-vehicle systems
2006-09-13 Tyco's new receptacle allows wire doubling
Tyco Electronics has announced its latest Ultra-Pod fully insulated FASTON receptacle that accepts 0.250 quick connect tabs.
2001-03-29 Technical overview of IEEE 1394
This paper provides a basic technical overview of the 1394 standard. Topics include background, protocols, cable, power, physical layer, arbitration, link layer and future directions
2002-07-19 Samtec board connectors suit high vibration apps
Samtec has announced a series of single-piece interface board connectors that withstand high-shock and high-vibration apps.
2007-08-09 PC/104-Plus card connects up to two CAN networks
Swiss company Digital-Logic is now offering a compact, high-performance extension card for connecting up to two CAN networks with a PC/104-Plus system.
2004-08-19 Parvus adapter offers CompactFlash, added flexibility
Parvus release its CFII-IDE remote CompactFlash to IDE adapter, designed with both 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors.
2002-07-05 Omron copes with 'culture change' in Japan
Economic upheaval and other global developments are driving no less than "a change in culture in Japan," claims Frank Newburn, president of Omron Electronics.
2008-10-17 Next-gen solar panels hasten cabling installation
Sanyo Energy Corp. has released the heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer (HIT) Power series of solar panels based on the company's proprietary HIT technology
2003-08-26 Molex miniSD card connectors save memory space
Molex Inc.'s series of miniSD card connectors and adapters is claimed by the company to be the smallest memory card solution for mobile phone apps.
2012-05-07 LED array holder touts solder-free connection
Molex's thermoplastic LED array holders provide solderless screw-down compression contacts to power LEDs, taking away the need for hand soldering or SMT equipment
2006-12-21 I?C bus buffer enhances system reliability
Linear Technology has introduced an I?C bus buffer with low offset and stuck bus recovery that increases the reliability of systems using the I?C bus.
2010-02-01 Hard-metric connectors are IEC 61076-4-101-compliant
Suyin has released the MetCon-2 series of hard-metric connectors with a 2mm pitch, conforming to the requirements of IEC 61076-4-101.
2011-07-27 Ethernet switches operate at -10CC60C
B&B Electronics' ELinx ESW100 series features LC small-form-factor fiber connectors.
2003-06-27 ERNI TCA backplanes have dual star fabric topology
ERNI Components Inc. has expanded its backplane portfolio with the introduction of the ATCA standard products.
2004-03-31 ERNI connectors available in 7W2 configuration
ERNI has expanded its range of D-sub connectors to include a new modular design.
2002-11-29 ERNI backplane fits VME64 extension systems
ERNI has announced the release of the VME64 extension backplane, which is specially designed for VME64 extensions computer systems.
2004-12-16 Epcos FEM cuts space requirements, development expenses
Epcos released a complete dualband front-end module that complies to IEEE standard 802.11 a/b/g.
2006-12-22 Current sensors roll for automotive apps
LEM S.A. has launched a family of current sensors for automotive battery-monitoring applications.
2009-06-02 Connectors suit medical imaging apps
From C&K Components comes a family of high reliability connectors for medical applications designed for medical applications ranging from cryogenic processes to imaging equipment.
2008-04-01 CCFL inverters up LCD backlighting efficiency
Endicott Research's new SFW series of DC/AC inverters is designed for CCFL display backlighting applications that require high efficiency, wide range dimming and lamp current stability over a broad input-voltage range.
2007-01-29 Backplane meets latest MicroTCA specs
The 14-slot Dual Star backplane form Elma Bustronics complies with the latest MicroTCA.0 specifications.
2015-05-22 Testing SATA DevSleep for SSDs
Learn about DevSleep implementation details as well as new conformance tests that help ensure critical features operate properly and achieve the desired power savings without sacrificing performance
2012-02-21 Graphics card breaks 1GHz barrier
Arguably the world's first 1GHz GPU, AMD Radeon HD 7700 series features PCI Express 3.0, AMD ZeroCore Power, PowerTune and AMD Eyefinity 2.0
2015-06-26 What are the advantages of using USB Type-C?
Using the USB Type-C allows manufacturers to deliver power, data and display over a single connector, cable and port. It is good for over 100W, high-speed data and a 4K display.
2011-03-28 VPX board offers wide variety I/O processing, FPGA computing
Acromag's VPX board routes power and bus signals to a plug-in XMC or PMC mezzanine module with an 8-lane PCIe interface to enable a wide variety of I/O processing and FPGA computing options
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