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2005-09-26 Teradyne's single-ended connector touts highest density, speed
Teradyne has unveiled its new Ventura high-speed, high-density connector, which the company claims to be the fastest single-ended interconnect with the most signal pins per inch of any connector available today
2005-02-08 Teradyne releases 2-pair GbX connector
Boosting bandwidth with increased flexibility are two key advantages of Teradyne Inc. Connection Systems Division's new GbX 2-pair connector
2005-01-31 Teradyne launches new connector platform for tight spaces
Teradyne Connection Systems Division launched its new Aptera connector platform that offers a low-profile solution for server, storage and networking apps
2004-03-25 Teradyne connector offers 151 signals per linear inch
Teradyne has launched its GbX L-series connector that enables designers to create custom connector configurations
2012-08-01 Taiwan's charging stations select ITT's EVC series connector
ITT's SAE J1772 certified electric vehicle connector integrated into Taiwanese electric vehicle charging stations
2002-10-11 Stocko connector aims 'small
The Rast 2.5 connector from Stocko Corp. is billed as suitable for small appliances, white goods, and other low-power electronics applications that require precise wiring methods.
2002-10-02 Sola/Hevi-Duty supply devices power DeviceNet apps
Sola/Hevi-Duty's SDN4-24-100 series of three 24Vdc power supplies has been designed to meet Open DeviceNet Vendors Association specs for DeviceNet apps
2009-01-12 SMT connector family offers up to 54 pins
ERNI Electronics has broadened its 0.8mm MicroStac SMT connector series to include a 10- (single row) and 54-pin (dual row) version
2015-07-10 SMT board-to-board connectors boast extra power, reliability
Molex announced that its SlimStack Fine-Pitch SMT board-to-board connectors and SlimStack Armor SMT board-to-board connector combine extra power lines into a signal connector.
2007-07-17 SMK unveils multipoled connector for car audio systems
SMK announces the latest addition to its product portfolio, the 18P back panel connector
2010-08-26 Small dot-matrix LED driver boasts power savings
austriamicrosystems' AS1119 dot-matrix LED driver requires small space, longer battery life, smoother animations
2006-03-07 Slim connector provides dual capability
Designed for panel applications, the Slim I/O cable connector from Tyco Electronics provides power and/or signal I/O capability for short and long-reach cable.
2006-03-28 Schurter filtered DC power entry module meets tough demands for EMC
Schurter announces the 5003 series filtered power entry module for DC applications
2008-11-20 SCART saves power in STBs, A/V receivers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9597, a fully integrated, +3.3V SCART solution for set-top boxes and A/V receivers that have one SCART connector
2010-03-23 SATA redriver packs power mode
TI debuts the SN75LVCP412A that automatically puts the device in low-power mode when the link is inactive for more than 10ms
2007-01-11 Samtec adds new options to connector systems
Samtec has added new options to its Q2 second-generation high-speed connector system: integrated power pins, RF connectors and retention pins for increased unmating force.
2002-04-26 Samtec 5A connector delivers more power to the board
Samtec Inc. has introduced its Power-Edge connector (PEC) series.
2006-12-21 RS-232-to-USB connector cuts engineering time
The U232 module from Timewave Technology is an RS-232-to-USB converter that offers a simple but effective way to save some engineering time.
2010-04-05 RF power amp delivers
From BC Systems comes Model RF40015, an RF power amplifier for defense applications in which broadband frequency coverage of 20MHz to 305MHz and RF output power of at least 100W
2016-02-05 Reference platform touts scalable connector for car Ethernet
Marvell introduced a 1000BASE-T1 development platform integrated with TE's MATEnet modular and scalable connector for automotive Ethernet
2015-02-03 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B: More power, same price
Priced at $35.33, the successor to the four million unit selling Raspberry Pi promises to be six times faster than its predecessor and boasts 1GB of RAM to run bigger and more powerful projects.
2006-10-26 Q2 connector system adds Retention Pin option
Samtec has added to the features of its Q2 second-generation, high-speed connector system a standard Retention Pin option that can as much as double the unmating forces in typical applications up to 100 cycles
2009-02-17 PV cell connector gets UL-certified
SMK Corp. has announced that its photovoltaic cell module connector for power generation systems has earned the recognition from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for the U.S. market.
2004-02-02 Providing new power for Ethernet connection
Virtually any device that requires a data connection and can run from 13W or less can shed its ac power cord or batteries and operate off the RJ45 connector alone.
2008-06-02 Power-over-Ethernet goes green
Here's how the efficiency of PoE systems compares to traditional wall adapters in various applications, and how new techniques and technologies, including dynamic power management and emergency power management, promise to make new PoE solutions more power- and cost-efficient
2003-06-04 Power-One ac/dc source targets power-over-LAN apps
Power-One Inc. has introduced the 400W PALS400 that is claimed by the company to be the industry's most powerful ac/dc power supply
2006-04-07 Power tap connectors from Erni handle higher current
Designed to bring power to PCBs in backplane applications, Erni's new power tap connectors are now available with press-fit terminations
2009-07-28 Power supplies pack more screw options
XP Power has expanded its ECL family of ultracompact low-power AC/DC power supplies with two devices that offer the chassis mount screw terminal format option
2008-09-18 Power supplies are ready for military tasks
XP Power launches the MCM series of rugged, metal-cased convection cooled power supplies that are for deployment in harsh and physically demanding environments
2006-01-13 Power strip makes medical grade
Interpower's Medical-Grade NEMA socket strip is rated for 15A, 125Vac service and patient-contact medical and dental applications requiring multiple electrical outlets.
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