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2012-07-31 Report says Japan will lead market for wireless power tech
The report from IMS Research points to mobile phone carrier support, in-box packaging and deployment of wireless power infrastructure as the main reasons for the rise in cable-free charging
2003-11-13 Qiaoyun power cords rated up to 250V
Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electronic has released its AP-003 and EP-203 3-core power cords that have a rated voltage of 125V and 250V, respectively
2004-02-02 Providing new power for Ethernet connection
Virtually any device that requires a data connection and can run from 13W or less can shed its ac power cord or batteries and operate off the RJ45 connector alone.
2002-01-10 Power cord maker to boost capacity by 30 percent
Power cord maker Qiang Li Electronic Fty (Zhongshan) Ind. Ltd plans to increase its capacity by 30 percent in the first half of 2002, according to marketing executive Gao Ye.
2006-08-28 Power analyzer delivers needed accuracy, range
The new power analyzer from XiTRON Technologies Inc. provides both accuracy and range, attributes needed to ensure compliance with Energy Star or standby power testing
2016-02-09 Microsoft recalls overheating Surface Pro power cords
Microsoft recalled the AC power cords for a number of its Surface Pro devices after receiving 56 reports of the cords overheating and emitting flames
2004-02-24 Master Cord to hike power cord output as prices rise
Hong Kong-based electric wire manufacturer Master Cord Ent. Ltd is planning a 30 percent hike in its production capacity for power cords this year due to rising demand from adapter makers.
2002-07-12 I-Sheng power cords carry UCIEE, GOSTR approvals
I-Sheng Electric Wire Cable Co. Ltd has announced the release of its SP305IS14 and SP022IS14 power cords which carry UCIEE (Brazil) and GOSTR (Russia) safety approvals, respectively
2004-01-15 Gyeonggi power cord has three socket outlets
Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center has announced the availability of its KT-576 power supply cord that is made from PVC compound material.
2008-10-27 8W DVD power supply with NCP1027
Despite the variety of low-end DVD players on the market, there is a common trend on the power supply requirements
2006-05-25 16A power cords and cordsets meet SEV safety regs
The Interpower Group of Companies has expanded its molded product family with the introduction of the Interpower Swiss 16A power cords and cordsets
2015-04-02 Wireless power industry to grow by leaps and bounds in 2015
IHS forecasts that global revenues for wireless power receivers and transmitters will grow to more than $1.7 billion in 2015
2012-07-20 Triad Magnetics introduces economical wall-mount, plug-in power supply
The wall-mount, plug-in power supply series consumes 25 percent less power in a small package
2003-06-23 Tongrun power adapter features <0.25mA leakage current
Tongrun Electronic Co. Ltd has released the 12V SPS08-12060SPA switching power adapter that has a voltage rating of 100Vac to 240Vac
2002-06-28 Mobility Electronics unveils ac/dc, dc/dc combo power adapter
Mobility Electronics Inc. has unveiled the Juice combination ac/dc and dc/dc power adapter for notebooks and other mobile devices, eliminating the need to carry multiple power products
2014-05-09 Low-power wireless charging with WCT1001A
Here's an example of how a universal wireless low-power charger can be designed
2004-05-17 Low-cost, low-power wireless gathers steam
This section looks at how low-power wireless technologies arrive amid a burst of innovation--from ad hoc Bluetooth printer connectivity, to cutting-edge distributed wireless networks and sensors
2005-11-18 Interpower power module combines filtering and AC power entry
Interpower released two filtered Sheet F outlet accessory power modules for applications where the combination of filtering and AC power entry for detachable Sheet E power cords or cord sets in one component is advantageous.
2014-06-13 Intel, WiTricity go cord-free with charging
The A4WP members are working together under a technology licensing agreement for Rezence-based consumer products, enabling more freedom and a seamless wireless charging experience for users.
2013-10-10 IDT takes on wireless power market with dual-mode solution
IDT's dual-mode solution can automatically switch between WPC and PMA protocols and negotiate the power exchange without user supervision
2011-07-21 Cord retaining device targets IEC appliance couplers
Schurter has released a cord retaining solution for IEC 10A and 16A appliance couplers that feature an extraction force of at least 200N
2005-06-07 Controller saves power at every turn
National's LM5021 PWM controller combines all the best power-saving features needed by designers to build energy-efficient single-ended flyback and forward ac-dc converters
2003-06-12 Ta Hsing UL/CSA-standard cords rated to 125V
Ta Hsing Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd announced the availability of the TA-3 UL/CSA-Standard power cords that feature a voltage rating of 125V with variable current ratings set at 10A (1,250W), 13A (1,625W), and 15A (1875W
2009-03-19 Sneak peek at techs that could change the world
To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the IEEE recently assembled a panel of technology experts to discuss emerging research technologies that have the potential to change the world.
2002-06-12 Motorola files safety risk advice on DCT2000 digital set-tops
Motorola Inc.'s Broadband Communications Sector has filed a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) concerning a potential safety risk with Motorola's DCT2000 interactive digital set-tops manufactured between late February and May 2002.
2014-04-15 Guarding low-cost products from ESD
Completely enclosed cases are your best protection, but they're not always practical. However, there are other techniques that may be employed.
2003-01-02 Cheng Uei bares new wireless company
Cheng Uei Precision Inc. Co. Ltd has formed Microlink Co. Ltd, a company which focuses on 802.11X and Bluetooth product development.
2005-11-10 PCB-mounted supplies stress safety
Bear Power Supplies' new BP-3 series of encapsulated pc-board mountable AC/DC modules features a mini-IEC input connector
2006-05-29 AC/DC family adds rugged 30W modules
Bear Power Supplies has added a line of rugged 30W AC/DC converters to its family of 5W, 10W and 15W encapsulated supplies for commercial, industrial and medical applications
2015-04-23 Ultra-broadband portable bench top RF amps go up to 40GHz
The bench top amplifiers offer up to 60dB small signal gain with high dynamic range, low noise figure of 5dB and output P1dB compression power ranges from 10dBm to 22dBm
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