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2005-02-09 Wayter power inductors rated at 55A
The new series of surface-mount high-current power inductors from Wayter Electronics features an inductance range between 150nH and 440nH
2006-10-31 Ultrathin power inductors suit tiny electronic devices
Total Frequency Control's new power inductors feature a magnetically shielded construction with an overall height of 1mm, making them suitable for a new generation of mobile phones and other miniature electronic devices
2004-06-28 Tyco power inductors rated at 50A
Tyco Electronics released its DZM series of lead-free power inductors that are free from thermal aging effects of standard iron powders
2005-08-16 TDK surface mount power inductors offer high current handling
TDK Electronics has introduced three surface mount power inductors, suitable for dc-dc converter usage in mobile applications
2002-09-11 TDK power inductor features 2.05mm profile
The RLF5018 power inductor of TDK Corp. measures 5.6-by-5.2mm with a profile ranging between 1.8mm to 2.05mm.
2008-04-23 Taiyo Yuden claims 'smallest' wirewound power inductors
A series of high-current, wirewound power inductors in an EIA 0603 case size has been introduced by Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc. as the smallest power inductors available
2008-02-29 Surface-mount power inductor fits in tight spaces
Its compact footprint makes BI Tech's HM69T inductor series suited for space-saving designs, including those applications with limited PCB space
2011-05-17 SMD power inductor targets automotive applications
TDK-EPC Corp. has announced its new SPM6530-H SMD power inductor series with an extended temperature range suitable for automotive applications.
2004-10-12 Small-sized power inductors with high current
Taiyo Yuden expanded its NR series to include two types of 3mm? low-profile power inductors
2003-11-05 Pulse power inductors rated at 19A
Pulse, a Technitrol company, has introduced 11 models of its PG0083 series of low-profile SMT power inductors that are designed for high-density, high-power circuits that typically run at high temperatures
2002-07-25 Pulse Eng power inductors capable of up to 12A operation
The PA0274 and PA0277 surface-mount inductors offer dc resistance ratings of 1.6 milliohm and 2.53 milliohm, respectively, and are able to handle up to 12A.
2010-03-04 Power modules deliver high performance, zero risk
Intersil Corp. has introduced the ISL8204M and ISL8206M complete switch-mode power supplies that deliver high performance without the risk
2010-02-03 Power module simplifies POL regulator design
Intersil's ISL8200M a compact, scalable power module provides designers an easy-to-us e general-purpose solution that satisfies a wide range of POL power requirements
2007-01-08 Power inductors suit space-constrained apps
Stackpole Electronics has expanded its non-shielded power inductor offering with the low-profile MPE and MPI series inductors that are suitable for space-constrained apps.
2005-09-30 Power inductors suit portable apps
The new NR3012 series of 3-by-3mm power inductors from Taiyo Yuden rounds out the company's low-profile wirewound inductor line for power circuit applications in battery-powered portable electronic equipment.
2007-01-16 Power inductors provide shielding to space-constrained apps
Stackpole Electronics' new power inductors provide a variety of package sizes and configurations for designs limited by height, footprint and performance
2003-06-17 Power inductors provide high current capability
CoEv Magnetics has released their DXM series of lead-free power inductors that is designed for switching power supplies
2007-02-09 Power inductors offer tight tolerances
Stackpole said the precise control of core materials contributes to the ability of its DRGH and DRGR power inductors to achieve tolerances as tight as 5 percent
2014-07-23 Power inductors offer low magnetic radiation
The Bourns devices offer the advantages of wirewound construction, and are designed with an iron powder core that features high saturation current and shielded construction for low magnetic radiation.
2011-06-28 Power inductors offer 8.18 x 8.64mm footprint
Vishay Intertechnology has launched its IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor in the 3232 case size that offers high-efficiency and a wide range of standard inductance values
2005-08-24 Power inductors deliver performance at elevated temps
A new series of shielded SMT power inductors from TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division is said to deliver stable electrical performance even at elevated temperatures
2010-04-26 Power inductors boast low DC resistance, high current
From Bourns Inc. come two new power inductors that feature advanced flat wire technology for lower DC resistance and higher current ratings in an ultrasmall package
2013-04-02 Power inductors boast expanded low-loss range
Pulse Electronics' round-wire coil surface mount power inductor provides high efficiency solutions with a tight DCR tolerance and no thermal ageing.
2011-12-02 Power inductor touts heat rating current up to 9A
The SRP4012 Series has an inductance range of 0.22-1.5?H and saturation current up to 10A.
2009-02-24 Power inductor fits automotive, industrial apps
TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a high-temperature power inductor designed specifically for automotive underhood environments.
2005-12-13 Power inductor delivers wide inductance range
Stackpole introduced a new surface-mount, wirewound, shielded inductor that enables easy surface mounting in close proximity to other components on the assembly board
2006-07-05 New power inductors eye notebook PCs, LCDs
The new surface-mount power inductors from Trio Technology feature an inductance range from 0.1 H to 8.2H,, and impedance range from 0.6 milliohm to 40 milliohms
2005-05-13 New drum core power inductors target dc-dc, filtering apps
Pulse unveils five new series of unshielded and shielded surface mount technology drum core power inductors for a total of 96 different parts
2001-08-27 Modeling Coilcraft power inductors
This application note provides the data for the creation of a model that adequately simulates the behavior of Coilcraft power inductors from DC to 100kHz
2004-10-14 Mitsumi power inductors trim down mounting area
The C2-X and C3-X series of surface mount power inductors from Mitsumi feature a small size and low profile of 2.6(&slash;)-by-1(H)mm
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