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2007-01-16 Use rms sensors to measure comms power
This paper shows the various contributions that need to be taken into account in calculating the uncertainty budget when measuring power
2011-02-11 USB-capable power sensor can measure up to 40GHz
Rohde & Schwarz has announced its USB-capable power sensor portfolio with the R&S NRP Z85 and R&S NRP Z86, which can measure power from 50MHz to 40GHz
2007-07-09 USB-based sensors operate even without power meter
Agilent Technologies Inc. releases the Agilent U2000 Series of USB-based power sensors, which operate without power meters or extra hardware modules
2008-05-02 Teridian unrolls third-generation power meter ICs
Teridian Semiconductor has launched its third generation of electricity metering chips that include residential single phase, commercial and industrial three phase ICs, offering up to 256Kbytes of storage with 10 MIPS processing power
2011-07-21 STMicro unveils power supply solutions
STMicro has revealed its new line of power supply systems that include DC/DC converters, battery chargers, battery level indicators and home smart meters that, the company said, support energy efficiency
2012-06-18 ST, Wasion deliver NFC-enabled power meters
China smart meter provider Wasion Group is using STMicroelectronics NFC Technology to enable payments of electricity bills using mobile phones
2005-06-22 ST simplifies energy metering apps with smart power tech
Electric utility firms around the world are looking to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, which has remained essentially unchanged for over a century, by electronic meters
2005-08-23 ST addresses needs of electronic power meter market
STMicroelectronics introduced a reference design platform targeted at the emerging market for electronic power meters
2005-03-21 Software lets your PC display RF power
Aspen developed a software package that lets those working with RF and microwave systems use Bird Electronic's 5010T RF Thruline Power Sensor in conjunction with a PC
2011-12-16 RF power sensor touts 10MHz-26.5GHz frequency range
Tektronix's compact RF/microwave power meters boast -60dBm to 20dBm dynamic range and measurement speed at 2000 readings/s
2002-09-25 Program for Measurement Uncertainty analysis with Rohde & Schwarz Power Meters
This application note describes the Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Program NRV-Z.
2009-12-18 Power sensor handles 10MHz to 26GHz over 60dB
Built-in internal and external triggers enable the sensor to conduct multi-slot measurements of TDD waveforms used in GSM, WiMAX, and TD-SCDMA.
2008-07-29 Power meters receive software
Anritsu Co. introduces PowerMax software, which provides an enhanced visualization of instrument display and simplified remote control of Anritsu's ML2490A series power meters via Ethernet
2010-07-29 Power meters meet EMC immunity test needs
The PM 6006 power meter from TESEQ has been designed to meet the demands of EMC immunity testing which include a large dynamic range, fast measurements, rugged design and a frequency range that matches the application.
2008-09-26 Power meters come with wide bandwidth, high sampling rate
The ML2480B series wideband peak power meters combine wide 20MHz bandwidth and 64MS/s sampling rate that allow the instruments to conduct highly accurate peak power measurements on wireless and military comms signals
2004-12-03 Power meter SoC includes digital temperature compensation
TDK Semiconductor rolled out a new member of its power meter SoC product line.
2007-05-31 Power meter measures true-RMS power over 63dB
Anritsu Corp. has introduced a highly accurate power sensor that measures true-RMS power, regardless of the input signal or its bandwidth, over 63dB of dynamic range from 50MHz to 6GHz
2010-04-15 Power meter includes frequency reading
Murata Power Solutions' new AC Power Meters models are now able to measure and display frequency in hertz (Hz) in addition to indicating true-rms AC volts (V), amps (A) and watts (W
2006-06-09 Power meter ICs target cost-sensitive residential apps
Teridian has announced its second generation electricity metering technology for cost-sensitive residential applications.
2014-04-21 Power meter gives cost-savings boost for networks up to 690V
Shneider's PowerLogic PM5000 series provides a fourth current input, onboard web pages for viewing real-time and stored information, enhanced harmonics capabilities, and dual Ethernet ports to daisy chain meters together, which saves on installation and wiring costs.
2006-08-15 Power meter enhances UPS system monitoring
MGE UPS Systems' new PMM power meter offers enhanced monitoring and communications features.
2006-01-16 Outboard sensors give RF power meters versatility
Anritsu's ML2490A series RF power meters are IEEE-488/GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) instruments, and can also communicate over RS-232 serial lines
2008-01-14 NI intros USB-controlled RMS RF power meter
NI has announced the company's first USB-controlled true RMS RF power meter, which promises a highly flexible solution for automated test, measurement and monitoring applications in a small footprint.
2005-11-24 New optical power meter instrument offers 100,000-readings/s
The new optical power meter instrument from dBm Optics provides both speed and repeatability when measuring fiber optic systems.
2002-03-28 New Focus power meter has 70dB dynamic range
Designed for swept-wavelength measurement of passive fiber-optic components, the High Dynamic Range power meter features a dynamic range of 70dB and offers a high sensitivity level between the wavelength range of 950nm to 1,630nm.
2008-01-18 Multiport power meter speeds up testing
Agilent's new optical power meter with four (N7744A) or eight (N7745A) power-sensor channels is said to provide increased throughput and higher operational efficiency.
2002-04-01 Motech power meter measures up to 900V, 30A
The MT1010 power meter from Motech Ind. Inc. is capable of measuring a voltage input of 2.5Vrm to 900Vrms, as well as a current input ranging from 250mArms to 10Arms.
2008-03-24 Mini USB power meter touts wide frequency range
A miniature RF and microwave power meter that extends the frequency limit for available USB power meters up to 26.5GHz has been released by Satori Technology Ltd. The ST265 covers a frequency range of 10MHz to 26.5GHz.
2008-07-04 Microwave signal generator delivers power analysis
Rohde & Schwarz's two new options for its R&S SMF100A microwave signal generator expand its capabilities significantly.
2004-12-29 Measuring receiver includes power meter, spectrum analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz disclosed that they offer an all-in-one solution for calibrating signal generators and attenuatorsthe Measuring Receiver R&S FSMR.
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