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2008-03-03 Power supervisor monitors own UV, OV inputs
Linear Technology has released the LTC2919 a triple supervisor that monitors its own supply voltage and two adjustable inputs
2008-09-01 Winning the power challenge
Optimizing power consumption in SoCs, DSPs and MCUs has provided good results, but even more can be gained in a joint effort between ICs and the teams that design them. The Texas Instruments article addresses some solutions to today's growing power issues
2007-09-18 Voltage supervisors have power supply monitoring, reset function
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its supervisor product line with the addition of three new devices which provide system processor power supply monitoring and reset functions.
2007-08-16 Voltage supervisor monitors 27 unique thresholds
Linear Technology has introduced a single voltage supervisor with 27 unique pin-selectable thresholds
2001-05-01 Ultralow-power supply voltage supervisor family TPS383x
This application note describes the TPS383x supply voltage supervisor circuit family that features an extremely low supply current, and finds applications in battery-operated systems
2002-11-05 TI MCU consumes 10 times lesser power
TI's MSP430F169 MCU-based SCoC has a typical standby current consumption of 1.65A and has start-up time of <65s.
2005-07-04 The right voltage supervisor improves system reliability
When designing circuit boards, remember voltage supervisors to prevent unpredictable behaviors.
2009-09-15 Supervisor ICs monitor under voltage conditions
Analog Devices Inc. has released new low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits for monitoring under-voltage conditions in handheld industrial instruments, telecommunications devices and other portable applications
2009-08-28 Supervisor ICs consume 125nA supply current
Maxim's ultralow-power microprocessor supervisory circuits extend battery life in power-sensitive apps
2003-03-06 STMicro RTC/supervisor IC features own crystal
The company's new version of its M41ST85 serial RTC and supervisor chip packs a 32kHz crystal into an 18.4-by-10.42-by-2.4mm SOX28 package
2008-09-09 ST takes wrap off AC-switch gate driver with supervisor IC
The STCC08 from STMicroelectronics is said to be the first solid-state AC-switch driver to integrate switch-supervision, allowing designers to save board space and reduce workload with a straightforward solution for mains-powered devices designed to meet IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 safety standards.
2005-10-20 ST offers eight new supervisor circuits with short lead times
ST introduced a family of dual/triple microprocessor supervisor circuits that offers a wide range of voltage combinations, a compact 5/6-pin SOT23 package, and a new manufacturing flow that ensures short lead times
2005-01-07 ST announces 24 industry standard supervisor chips
ST announced the availability of 24 industry standard supervisor chips, produced using by what the company claims as an innovative manufacturing flow
2006-03-01 Selecting voltage supervisor for improved system reliability
Supervisor accuracy should take into account both the power-supply output voltage range and the device's voltage tolerance.
2009-02-05 Secure supervisor packs SRAM, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products has developed what it claims to be the most secure supervisor for servers, cryptographic coprocessors, POS terminals and secure communication applications
2007-09-03 Secure supervisor chip meets PCI-PED requirements
Specifically designed to meet the requirements of PCI-PED certification, Maxim's secure supervisor chip integrates two tamper-detection comparators
2008-07-04 Secure supervisor adds memory, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS3655, a secure battery-backup controller and supervisor with temperature and voltage monitoring
2010-04-21 Quad-voltage supervisor draws 3?A
ON Semiconductor has extended its line of voltage supervisors with the introduction of the CAT8710, a smaller and space-efficient alternative to many existing solutions.
2006-06-16 Quad supply supervisor eases on/off sequencing
Linear Technology's new quad supply sequencer and supervisor simplifies monitoring, diagnosis, and configuration of turn-on and turn-off sequence
2009-04-29 Programmable power manager is highly integrated
Lattice Semiconductor has released the ProcessorPM device, a programmable, single-chip solution for the reset generation, watchdog timer and voltage supervision functions found in virtually every microprocessor or DSP design.
2008-02-06 Power-supply supervisor does reverse sequencing
Maxim Integrated Products has introduces the MAX16050/MAX16051, drop-in power-supply supervisors that offer additional capability of reverse sequencing
2006-06-07 Power supply supervisor IC adds protection features
System General's new desktop PC ATX power supply supervisor IC has comprehensive supervision and redundant protection functions.
2006-12-11 Power Supply Monitoring
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2008-05-27 Power monitoring becomes extremely reliable
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX6394, a low-power, 1 percent accurate ?P supervisor.
2009-08-04 Microprocessor supervisor is ultrasmall
Maxim's latest hex-voltage microprocessor supervisor eliminates the need for an external capacitor
2005-05-03 Micrel supervisor provides under-voltage monitoring
The MIC2772 dual voltage supervisor from Micrel Semiconductor is a dual power supply supervisor that provides under-voltage monitoring and power-on reset generation.
2005-04-29 Micrel offers new packaging options for voltage supervisor ICs
Micrel Inc. has announced that its two industry-standard voltage supervisor ICs are now available in additional packaging options
2002-12-11 Maxim supervisor chip delivers up to 300mA
The company's MAX6469-MAX6476 contain a low-drop-out, integrated linear regulator and microprocessor reset circuits in an SOT23 package.
2008-08-14 Low power voltage supervisors eye portable devices
Intersil's ISL88001/2/3 family of devices also provides a voltage threshold accuracy of 1.2 percent for dependable reset assertion and precision monitoring of 1.8V or 5V power supplies
2006-09-07 Forward power solution reduces system cost
System General said the simple design structure of its new forward power solution improves conversion efficiency of power systems and reduces power system cost
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