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2003-12-20 Using a DS1802 Pushbutton Digital Potentiometer to Create an Audio Preamp with Attentuator
This application note shows how to use the DS1802 Potentiometer to create a pre-amplifier circuit with a pushbutton controllable volume for two stereo channels.
2009-10-13 Preamp chipsets offer flexibility in pro audio apps
THAT Corp. has developed a digitally programmable microphone preamplifier that offers high performance and flexibility for designers of pro audio equipment.
2001-06-19 Transimpedance amplifiers
This application note presents a preliminary for ANADIGICS' ATA series of transimpedance amplifiers, which are suitable as preamplifiers in fiber-optic receivers.
1999-10-22 ATA series transimpedance amplifiers
The paper discusses the use of the ATA series transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for a preamplifier of fiber optic network receivers.
2000-12-04 Preamplifier桽AW filter section for a receiver in the ISM band @ 433.92MHz
This application note describes a preamplifier designed to simplify the matching of the antenna and the SAW filter, and increase system sensitivity. The preamp discussed in this note operates within the 433.92MHz ISM band.
2003-06-18 IC for headphone stereos - Monolithic IC LAG 665
The Mitsumi LAG 665 IC was developed for use in headphone stereos and features dual preamp, power amp, and motor control functions.
2005-07-21 Fiber comm benefit from ROSA
Hamamatsu introduced the G9735-14 receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) that combines a Gallium Arsenide PIN photodiode and preamp to create an integrated solution in a 1.25mm diameter sleeve.
2003-06-17 Agere preamps based on 0.25?m SiGe technology
Agere Systems released its PA7500 product family of TrueStore preamplifiers, which it touts as the industry's first 0.25?m SiGe-based preamp IC that targets storage hard disk drives of desktop PCs.
2010-11-15 Teardown: Kinect Xbox 360 add on has PrimeSense, Marvell, TI, ST parts
a teardown analysis performed by UBM TechInsights of Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect motion-gaming add on for its Xbox 360 found chips made by PrimeSense, Marvell, TI and STMicroelectronics.
2013-02-13 Perform audio line receiver impedance balancing
When the design specification for a line receiver requires high performance, an impedance-balanced input or predictable gain, the cross-coupled double-balanced configuration is a worthy contender.
2008-08-28 Operational amps reject EMI, RF interference
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced three operational amplifiers (op amps) with integrated EMI filters that maintain the accuracy of analog systems by reducing the effects of RF interference.
2002-02-28 Mitsubishi Electric unveils optical devices for 40Gbps transmission
Mitsubishi Electric has announced the release of a tunable dispersion equalizer, optical modulator, and an MEMS optical switch for long-distance, high-capacity 40Gbps optical transmission.
2013-04-08 Issues in analogue, digital MEMS microphone design
Know the design considerations when integrating analogue and digital MEMS microphones into a system design.
2006-07-24 HDD preamps tout higher bandwidth, ultralow power
STMicroelectronics' L6420 and L6440 HDD preamplifiers for sub-2.5-inch drives tout significantly higher bandwidth and best-in-class power efficiency.
2006-03-01 Handsets can be faithful to hi-fi
Keeping handset's analog signals clean is best addressed with the cure described here.
2008-01-25 DSP redefines acoustic guitar subtleties
Fishman Transducers says it has repurposed the ADI Blackfin DSP to perform 'digital acoustic imaging' instead of modeling, making acoustic guitars with an inexpensive piezoelectric pickup sound as if they were in a pristine studio in front of an expensive condenser microphone.
2005-09-19 Audio codec packs features
AKM Semiconductor introduced a multifunction audio codec for digital televisions, home theater systems, DVD receivers and automotive amplifiers
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