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2002-10-09 TI preamplifier produces 1.3nV/sqrt-Hz noise
The INA217 preamplifier features a noise performance of 1.3nV/sqrt-Hz (1kHz) for 200-ohm source impedance.
2003-12-26 TI preamplifier IC eyes audio apps
Texas Instruments has introduced what it claims is the industry's first digitally controlled microphone preamplifier IC from its Burr-Brown Audio product line.
2004-12-30 ST ships preamplifier IC for mobile disk-drive apps
ST announced the newest offering in its line of low power preamplifier ICs for mobile disk-drive apps, as well as next generation 2.5-inch server drives.
2002-12-20 Preamplifier for pager applications
This application note describes how to implement a pager preamplifier circuit using the BFC505 transistors.
2009-12-10 Preamplifier chips target miniature microphones
The rapid growth of cellphones, PCs, cameras and camcorders has grown annual microphone shipments to over 3 billion units.
2009-06-01 Preamplifier and speaker drive using TS925
The TS925 is an input/output rail-to-rail quad BiCMOS operational amplifier. This application note highlights many advantages of the device in a global audio application.
2002-11-08 Low noise, low current preamplifier for 1.9GHz at 3V
This application note describes the results of measurements performed on an LNA for 1.8 to 2.0 GHz applications at 3V.
2008-05-27 Digital and analog measurement units for digital CMOS microphone preamplifier ASICs
The purpose of this application note by Rebecca Reich for Analog Devices is to explain the difference between analog and digital values when measuring the input and output of a digital microphone preamplifier with an audio analyzer.
2006-05-03 Agere's TrueStore preamplifier ICs power Samsung's notebooks, PC
Agere Systems announced that Samsung has selected Agere's low-power preamplifier ICs for use in its new high-capacity 2.5-inch hard disk drives HDDs.
2002-07-30 Agere develops 0.25?m-based preamplifier ICs
Agere Systems has developed a preamplifier IC using an advanced 0.255m SiGe technology.
2001-06-19 Transimpedance amplifiers
This application note presents a preliminary for ANADIGICS' ATA series of transimpedance amplifiers, which are suitable as preamplifiers in fiber-optic receivers.
2003-07-01 The benefits of Ethernet-based audio networks
This paper discusses how over the last few years, a significant trend has emerged in the professional installed sound industryusing Ethernet to distribute high-quality audio.
2010-02-12 Spectrum analyzer handles 3.6-13.5GHz range
Anritsu has launched the MS2830A spectrum analyzer that supports frequency ranges from 3.6GHz to 13.5GHz, and can be easily customized to an all-in-one advanced TRx tester.
2001-04-24 Setting a LOP (Loss Of Power) threshold level equivalent
This application note outlines how one might set the LOP (loss of power) threshold in a photodiode receiver such that the assert level is equivalent to a BER (bit-error rate) of 10-3.
2002-09-25 Selecting the Right PIN/Pre-Amp for your Application
This application note outlines the parameters for properly choosing the proper pre-amplification input noise for a users circuit.
2000-12-04 Preamplifier桽AW filter section for a receiver in the ISM band @ 433.92MHz
This application note describes a preamplifier designed to simplify the matching of the antenna and the SAW filter, and increase system sensitivity. The preamp discussed in this note operates within the 433.92MHz ISM band.
2009-10-13 Preamp chipsets offer flexibility in pro audio apps
THAT Corp. has developed a digitally programmable microphone preamplifier that offers high performance and flexibility for designers of pro audio equipment.
2002-09-20 Ericsson unveils "smallest" EDFA
Ericsson Optoelectronics' PGE 60841 EDFA is touted to be the industry's smallest EDFA.
2002-04-24 Ericsson EDFA provides up to 22dBm output power
Designed for optical signal amplification over the C-band, the PGE 60822 erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) from Ericsson Microelectronics provides up to 22dBm output power with 0.5dB gain flatness across the entire band, while consuming 20W.
2003-08-04 Bookham to shut down Milton ASOC operations
Bookham Technology plc will cease development and production of its original ASOC technology and will close down the its Milton facility, resulting in the loss of between 160 and 180 jobs.
2009-09-17 Audio op amp offers designers 60% less noise
Using very little power, the dual-channel, bipolar-input audio amplifier supports multiple channels.
1999-10-22 ATA series transimpedance amplifiers
The paper discusses the use of the ATA series transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for a preamplifier of fiber optic network receivers.
2002-04-23 Agere signs five-year IC supply agreement with DataPlay
Agere Systems has signed a five-year agreement to supply custom ICs to DataPlay, a developer of miniature digital media solutions that are incorporated into portable consumer electronic devices.
2002-11-26 Agere adopts Teradyne systems for SoC testing
Agere Systems Inc. has adopted Teradyne Inc.'s Tiger test systems for the multi-site production testing of its SoC devices.
2005-07-20 Digigram stereo sound card now comes in short-length PCI format
Digigram has resized its VX222-Mic stereo sound card with built-in mic-preamplifier to the compact short-length PCI format, which is required by a growing number of PCs.
2003-07-14 AKM audio ADC integrates MIC preamplifiers
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd has introduced the AK5356, an enhanced 20-bit, 2-channel ADC with a built-in microphone preamplifier.
2002-08-16 Zarlink RF tuner replaces double-conversion tuners
The SL2610 RF silicon tuner is claimed to be the first tuner chip that allows compact, single-conversion tuner designs to achieve the same level of performance as double-conversion tuners.
2002-01-09 Zarlink chipset splits, tunes, processes RF cable signals
The SL2150F/SL2101/SL2009 integrated chipset is designed for splitting, tuning and processing digital and analog RF cable signals.
2002-07-30 Xicor rolls dual audio potentiometer
A digitally programmable dual 32-tap potentiometer IC from Xicor Inc. enables full digital control of audio volume via front-panel pushbuttons or remote control, eliminating the use of mechanical potentiometersl.
2003-03-25 Vishay IR receiver operates down to 2.4V
The TSOP34838SS1A IR receiver module from Vishay Intertechnology is capable of operating on supply voltages down to 2.4V.
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