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2014-06-06 Price pressure forces IoT market to an up-down trend
Yole predicted that this trend stems partly from IoT deployments moving towards integration at module and device levels, and mainly because of the migration of IoT's value to software and services.
2011-10-03 Polysilicon price spirals downward
Even European and U.S. makers are giving in to the price decline with lowest quotes pegged at $40/kg
2010-07-15 Gartner: Foundries gear for 28nm war
Top foundry players are moving to ratchet up capacity at 40- and 28nm, setting the stage for a market share battle and a corresponding drop in wafer pricing.
2007-06-26 Elpida sees promising 2H, halts DRAM price war
Elpida Memory said it has stopped an aggressive price war that hurt DRAM sales early in the year.
2004-03-18 Asia battery makers use price pressure to gain market share
Leading battery vendors that have shifted their production operations to Asia are providing stiff competition to smaller regional companies who, despite this pressure, have continued to gain market share through aggressive pricing strategies.
2006-06-07 Analyst predicts Intel price war, profit warning
Handelsbanken Capital Markets predicted a profits warning from Intel Corp. where processor volumes fell 21 percent and processor prices had fallen 40 percent.
2007-01-25 Universal players fast-tracks end to format war, says ABI
Universal players for HD DVD and Blu-ray discs will provide an exit strategy from the 'war of the HD DVD formats,' according to ABI Research
2010-11-10 Korea shelling causes NAND price increase
Six days after North Korea attacked a South Korea military base, prices for high-density NAND flash memory parts and solid-state drives increased, according to a report from Westwood Marketing LLC.
2015-08-06 Is a trade war brewing between China and US
A successful Micron deal would be the largest takeover of any U.S. company by a China firm, and place a giant DRAM-maker in the hands of a Chinese company with close ties to the Chinese government.
2008-01-17 Ecosystem control is key in high-def DVD war
Warner Bros.' switch from the HD DVD camp to Blu-ray Disc underscores that the high-def DVD format battle lies not only on the technology but taking control of the ecosystem.
2007-07-24 Bidding war for Siemens automotive biz erupts
Siemens is currently negotiating with several prospects as the bidding war for VDO, its automotive electronics segment, heats up
2008-02-21 Analysis: What's ahead for HD video after format war
Toshiba's decision to discontinue its HD DVD business may help move the high-definition video forward, but there is still plenty of work ahead.
2008-03-14 Analyst: Xbox price cuts put PS3 under pressure
Sony's PS3 game console was put under renewed pressure by price cuts to Microsoft's Xbox 360 console in Europe, according to Strategy Analytics
2008-06-12 PC panel prices to wobble in June, says report
PC panel price increases will face enormous challenges as prices are expected to fluctuate and fall slightly by end of June, forecasts WitsView's Frontline in its latest industry report
2012-09-18 PV suppliers urged to cut production to ease oversupply
IHS revealed that PV polysilicon prices last month fell at a faster rate than they did in July, continuing a losing streak that started in 4Q11.
2007-07-27 Continental wins bidding for Siemens car biz
Concluding a fierce bidding war with TRW, German automotive supplier Continental has finally bought Siemens VDO
2009-01-07 Buzz: Will Samsung increase DRAM prices?
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is mulling a plan to raise its DRAM prices, while Taiwan's suppliers have cut production, according to an analyst.
2007-07-25 The skinny on quad-core processors: A buyer's guide
Quad-core processing has become bargain country after Intel announced deep price cuts for its quad-core chips, putting AMD under pressure to tag its upcoming quad-core processors competitively when they come out
2003-07-16 Realtek, Via eye Gigabit Ethernet silicon
The market for Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capability on desktop PCs looks ready for prime time - and a price war.
2008-04-28 Pioneer, Matsushita merge plasma display biz
Pioneer and Matsushita have agreed on a plasma panel display business alliance, a move that is seen as an effort to cope with the intense price war in the flat TV market.
2007-05-04 LCD TVs squash display rivals in China
iSuppli reports that China is undergoing extreme price drops for LCD TVs, spurring a shipment increase of 32 percent in the Q4 2006
2007-01-29 Intel gets its groove back with AMD battle
Intel is back on the fight after getting clobbered by AMD for the past couple of years with its more innovative chip designs and undercut the industry leader on price
2016-02-18 Imagination talks product differentiation at China roadshow
The Imagination Summit 2015 featured speakers from Imagination Technologies, Mentor Graphics, Rightware, CSIA, Synopsys, Dolby, SMIC and Ingenic stressing new opportunities and the need for product differentiation to beat price competition
2005-07-29 Foundry wafer prices to fall through 2005
The silicon foundry industry remains embroiled in a subtle but damaging price war for select products and processes.
2008-12-16 Analog hype overcrowds market
Industry pundits proclaimed 2008 the year of analog. But the odds for analog foundries' survival aren't looking good as analog foundry vendors face an IC market downturn, the breakout of a price war and mounting fears about intellectual property theft in China.
2008-10-08 Vishay eyes beefed up IR takeover plan
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is mulling over plans to boost the price of its $1.7 billion offer to acquire International Rectifier Corp
2006-12-18 Universal players avert DVD format duel
Machines capable of playing both Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD discs will emerge next year to short-circuit the format war in next-generation DVD
2011-05-20 Post-quake LCD prices stable, says IHS
Despite uncertain consumer demand following the Japan quake, diverging price trends for LCD panels for various applications resulted in an unusual balance in overall pricing in April and May
2015-11-16 Dialog-Atmel deal wins regulatory approvals
Dialog announced Sept. 20 that Atmel's board accepted its $4.6-billion offer to acquire the firm following a bidding war. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016
2015-07-01 Will smartphones follow PC's footsteps?
Sadly, the days of massive improvements in features in a new phone are over. The reality is that phone features are about capped out. Moreover, everything Apple can do, Android does too.
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