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2002-05-24 Tyco resettable fuses provide primary protection
Tyco Electronics' power components division has launched two products in its Raychem line.
2003-08-15 Protection networks for telecommunication systems
This application note lists down several of the standards and ways to protect telecommunication systems.
2009-05-04 USB 2.0 OVP device packs high-speed ESD protection
ON Semiconductor has developed the NCP362, claimed to be the industry's first overvoltage protection (OVP) device with both integrated current protection and high-speed ESD protection for USB 2.0 applications in portable, telecom, consumer and computing systems
2012-03-29 TI's LED driver boasts primary side sensing, PFC
The TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver for non-dimmable LED lighting that aims to reduce cost and shrinks-to-fit high-power LED retrofit bulbs including A19, PAR30/38 and GU10.
2011-05-17 Switching regulator offers 55V transient protection
Linear Technology has introduced a 500mA (IOUT), 36V step-down switching regulator with integrated LDO packaged in a 3mmx3mm QFN or MSOP-12E.
2014-09-22 Reverse polarity protection methods (Part 2
In this second instalment, we will continue to examine the advantages and disadvantages of five more methods for protecting against reverse polarity.
2014-08-11 Protection switch aimed at portable, adapter-powered devices
TI's TPS25940 and TPS25942 ICs include back-to-back FETs to provide bidirectional current control, while reducing system size by 50 per cent compared to discrete solutions.
2001-09-18 Protection at a transformer input: On the primary or secondary
This application note discusses where to optimally place a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) at the transformer input.
2004-12-02 Primary-side switch enhances off-line designs
ST's newest primary-side switch touts an extended VDD range of 9V to 18V versus 9V to 14.5V for its VIPer53
2007-02-06 Primary side power module rolls for LCD TVs
Potentia Semiconductor claims the industry's first primary side power module for LCD TVs with screen sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches
2009-02-05 Integrated protection device fits mobile apps
ON Semiconductor has released what it claims to be the first integrated bi-directional device, with positive and negative overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection
2013-03-20 DSL splitter module touts lightning, power fault protection
Pulse Electronics' B8841PNL CO module is part of a family of products that have a 6-pin footprint so it can be interchanged to address a specific market without changing the rack cabinet connectivity.
2014-09-17 Converting lithium-ion to primary battery
Converting a lithium-ion design to primary cells is sometimes an intermediate step in the design process. To help you accomplish this, we provide some strategies and example solutions in this article
2005-08-11 Blu-ray discs to adopt robust content protection
In a move to protect against illegal copying and large scale piracy, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has adopted one of the most comprehensive content management systems employed on an optical disc format.
2006-08-11 100V power MOSFET rolls for primary switching apps
TAEC has announced a new 100V Power MOSFET for primary switching applications in insulated on-board DC/DC converters and switching regulators
2006-08-28 181;SerDes upgrade offers more ESD protection
Using the same footprint and base architecture as its predecessor, Fairchild's new ?SerDes device promises enhanced ESD protection and reduced EMI
2002-10-21 Tyco, Flextronics collaborate for component manufacturing
Tyco Electronics has begun manufacturing electronic components at Flextronics Int. Ltd's industrial park in Doumen, China.
2002-12-16 Security inadequate in RTOSs
Commercial entities must make their systems just as secure against internal attacks as military and government entities do, and the primary defense is the mechanisms residing in RTOSs
2006-11-21 Sarnoff licenses ESD solution to Fujitsu
Sarnoff Europe has licensed its on-chip ESD protection portfolio, TakeCharge to Fujitsu Ltd
2004-05-21 Raychem resettable devices rated to 550mA
Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has expanded its LVR series of PolySwitch resettable devices
2006-08-16 New Allegro SMPS regulators feature low EMI noise
Allegro said its STR-W67xx series of low-power off-line SMPS primary regulators show lower EMI noise characteristics especially at more than 2MHz
2009-03-12 Half bridge driver generates 100V, 10A, 4?s pulses
Lightning causes a large current spike when it strikes a telephone line. The output of a DSL driver could be destroyed by this surge current. To ensure robust operation, protection circuitry is used, and the output of the driver needs to be tested to the "worst case" standard of 4kV
2012-08-01 Guide to troubleshooting RS-485
The best way to handle RS-485 challenges is to pay attention to the basics.
2006-07-14 Dallas Semi unrolls 'first' secure battery-backup controller
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS3600, touted to be the industry's first comprehensive secure battery-backup controller for data protection in point-of-sale terminals
2007-02-28 Circuit protectors offer longer lifespan, lower EMI
Compared to bimetal breakers, Raychem's PolySwitch LVR circuit protectors offer greater flexibility, longer lifespan and lower EMI.
2007-05-16 Chipmakers urge lower ESD target levels
The Industry Council on ESD Target Levelscomposed of 16 major chipmakersis pushing to cut down on-chip ESD stress target levels by more than half.
2008-01-16 Integrate an OVP device to secure portables
Portable electronic devices use internal batteries that need to be charged from an external power supply, most usually an AC/DC wall adapter. Li-Ion battery technology has decreased the total weight of portable devices. However, a bad charge sequence can induce Li+ temperature increase, thermal runaway and burst, and endanger people's lives. Overvoltage protection devices can ensure that these bad effects do not occur
2009-03-18 Toward a greener IT landscape in Asia
Environmental protection is somewhat more complex than the old "3Rs" rule of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," and IT firms and Asian governments have major roles to play to provide a greener Asia
2015-11-25 Taiwan mulls lifting ban on Chinese investment
Chinese investments in other parts of the semiconductor ecosystem, such as test and assembly are allowed, but chip design and manufacturing are given protection as the jewel in Taiwan's economy
2004-12-07 ST switch IC tailored for AC/DC converters
ST rolled out a primary-side switch IC for AC/DC converters, designed for DVD players, LCD monitors and STBs
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