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2012-03-20 Utilize LM5113 evaluation board
Here's an application note that presents the schematic of the evaluation board, bill of materials and a quick setup procedure
2012-01-19 Using LM3481 SEPIC eval board
This document contains evaluation board schematics, bill-of-materials (BOM) and a quick setup procedure for LM3481 SEPIC
2005-05-09 Tyco interconnect addresses secondary power circuit apps
Tyco Electronics has beefed up its product offering for secondary power circuit applications with the introduction of its AMP Economy Power wire-to-board interconnect system
2004-06-16 TMS320C6000 board design: Considerations for debug
This app note discusses printed circuit board design issues relative to the Texas Instruments TMS320C6000 ?platform of digital signal processors (DSPs).
2002-10-17 Printed Circuit Board Identification Using 1-Wire Products
This application note discusses the two ways to identify a PCB using 1-Wire products.
2002-11-26 Printed Circuit Board identification using 1-Wire products
This application note discusses how to implement PCB identification for plug and play capability using the company's 1-Wire devices.
2001-06-04 Printed circuit board design for LSM1 VCOs
This application note describes the pad footprint recommended for solder attachment and some of the electrical and thermal considerations to incorporate into the PCB design.
2014-04-04 Optimisation of photodiode sensor circuit design
Know the important steps in obtaining the best possible system performance.
2012-07-20 Molex custom LED circuit assemblies well-suited for high volume production
Custom LED solutions on PCBs offer a wide range of high volume production design options.
2005-04-19 Merix to acquire Hong Kong board supplier
Printed circuit board supplier Merix Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the operations of PCB maker Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited (EPC), based in Hong Kong, for $120 million in cash.
2011-04-05 LM5046 based eighth brick reference board
The LM5046 reference board is designed based on the phase-shifted full-bridge topology
2014-10-21 In-circuit test automation: Replacing the human touch
Which is better when it comes to automating in-circuit test: a robotic pick and place arm, or an inline system? This article tackles the pros and cons of these two popular deployment options
2011-10-25 How to use LM5045 evaluation board
Here's a look at LM5045 evaluation board designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter based on the full-bridge topology to evaluate the LM5045 PWM controller
2015-01-05 How electro-optical circuit boards are made
Electro-optical PCBs use copper for distributing power and low-speed data, and optical paths for high-speed signals. Read this article to learn more about them.
2002-11-08 ESG89001 Electro Magnetic compatibility and printed circuit board (PCB) constraints
This application note discusses how to get a PCB functioning properly, by outlining the various constraints involved including EMC and EMI.
2011-06-20 EMC Basics #6: Understanding circuit board "stackup
Know how PC board layers and their functions affect EMC, and what you can do at layout to minimize problems
2013-08-02 Develop a voltage regulator general purpose board
Read about the development and implementation of a voltage regulator GPB for lab automation characterisation.
2009-05-11 DC/DC ?Module regulator printed circuit board design guidelines
The LTM8020, LTM8021, LTM8022 and LTM8023 ?Modules are complete easy-to-use encapsulated step down DC/DC regulators intended to take the pain out of implementing a switching power supply onto a system board
2012-09-24 Circuit board design for IF/RF feedback amps
Read about the key components of PCB design for amplifiers such as LMH6521 and LMH6522 DVGAs.
2012-02-09 Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler
Learn about Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler touted to enable in-circuit test in a fully automated environment
2011-08-04 X-ray inspection system eases board failure detection
The Akila XR-3 X-ray inspection system claims accurate detection of defects such as excess solder, insufficient solder and voids in printed circuit fabrication
2002-04-01 Teradyne, Taconic tie-up for circuit board materials
Teradyne Inc.'s Connection Systems Division and Taconic have signed a joint agreement to manufacture and market Taconic's patent-pending TacPreg circuit board material for large format PWB applications
2013-10-29 Smart lighting CFL universal large signal board
Learn how to create a smart lighting CFL lamp application.
2004-08-19 PC board maker Multek to acquire flex circuit supplier
Multek, a PC board supplier and wholly-owned subsidiary of manufacturing services company Flextronics, has agreed to acquire Sheldahl, a supplier of flexible interconnect products and electronic materials, in a stock-for stock merger
2013-01-24 25G optical board spec set by VITA group
The VITA 79 component standards aim to open the door to a next-gen standard for backplanes that carry traffic 10 to 25 Gbit/s.
2007-11-22 Printed ICs prep up for mainstream entry
Developers of TFT circuits claimed breakthroughs that may finally push the technology to market and enable low-cost class of electronic paper, displays, labels, RFID tags, sensors and smart cards.
2000-02-24 Microvias in Printed Circuit Design
This application note outlines the use of microvia technology in high-density circuit board design. Authors also discuss relative merits of laser and photolithography methods for microvia generation
2004-10-28 Xilinx, Ansoft team on gigabit interconnect design
FPGA Xilinx and EDA tool house Ansoft have crafted a gigabit interconnect design kit that allows designers to perform accurate "what if" analysis on high-speed printed circuit board (PCB) and backplane designs.
2002-12-19 XFE flexible PCB eyes space-constrained apps
Xiamen Flex Electronics Co. Ltd's line of flexible PCBs can be bent, folded, or twisted to save space in space-constrained designs.
2015-10-13 Wearable PCB designs call for attention to basics
In the absence of printed circuit board standards in wearable Internet of Things electronics, hardware developers need to pay close attention to fundamentals.
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