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2011-11-04 Ensure PCB reliability by building additional tolerances
Developers of high reliability PCBs tend to overlook key steps in their design, fabrication, and assembly in order to save time and money, and get a project out the door on time. Here's how to achieve those and without compromising high reliability.
2005-08-09 EMI cage performs double duty
dataMate introduced its rugged, dual port, SFP EMI cage with dual transceiver hosting and EMI protection for both copper and optical SFP transceivers for Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and Infiniband apps.
2002-04-16 Elcoteq, Aspocomp establish IMB joint venture
Elcoteq Network Corp. and Aspocomp Group Oyj have collaborated to form a joint venture company named Imbera Electronics Oy. The joint venture will focus on the development and commercialization of IMB (Integrated Module Board) technology
2005-07-18 Connector suits AdvancedTCA
Tyco's new power connector is said to combine very high conductivity materials with precision formed selectively-plated contacts to produce high-current carrying capability while keeping costs at a minimum.
2005-03-02 Combine uncompressed HD video, multichannel audio via a single digital interface
Philips' HDMI receiver IC will allow TV makers to combine uncompressed HD video and multichannel audio through a single digital interface and a tiny, user-friendly connector.
2006-10-03 China's flexible PCB output to grow at 20% CAGR
Mainland China's total output of flexible PCBs is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent, from 10 million square meters in 2004 to 32.9 million square meters in 2008.
2016-01-21 Can chip vendors set the agenda for the next big thing?
Designing a good chip isn't enough. You need a platform and unique software algorithms. More important, you need to prototype a system and develop a business model around it.
2004-05-14 Camden connectors protect small transformers
Camden Electronics Ltd has launched a new range of connectors that provide protection against external contacts on small transformers
2015-02-13 BeBop weaves sensors into fabrics
Rather than measure speed or heartbeat, BeBop's layered sensors can measure bend, location, motion, rotation, angle and torque with applications from athletic clothing to smart insoles.
2005-08-05 Agilent, Speedline partner on lead-free research experiments
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Speedline Technologies Inc. are collaborating in the lead-free process development and characterization of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs
2011-10-26 Addressable memory for RF devices in progress
Thin Film Electronics and PARC have hinted on a printed memory that supports the Internet of Things.
2014-04-22 3D printing poses environmental health risks
3D or additive manufacturing is carving out milestones for the electronics industry. But like any other technological breakthroughs, this comes at a pricethat which the environment itself has to pay
2010-08-13 Teijin buys NanoGram
Japan's Teijin Ltd has announced its acquisition of NanoGram Corp. which will function as it's the former's US base for the R&D and production of silicon inks with semiconductor properties.
2005-10-10 Flextronics to build industrial park in India
Electronics manufacturing services provider Flextronics Inc. announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Tamil Nadu, India to build an industrial park in Chennai, thereby expanding its existing operations in the country
2008-04-21 Firms embark on airborne pathogen detector project
Nanoident Technologies has teamed with microfluidic ChipShop to develop an airborne pathogen detection system for the European Defence Agency.
2010-01-19 X-FAB puts $1.5M into Semprius
Semprius' technology for "point-of-use electronics" enables a faster and less expensive manufacturing process
2013-04-08 Peratech, CPI team up for reel to reel QTC print
Peratech is working on new ink formulations with CPI to enable QTC sensors and switches to be printed using industry standard processes for printed electronics.
2007-05-23 OTB, ThinFilm team on plastic memory manufacturing
Thin Film Electronics, a provider of non-volatile plastic memory, has agreed to develop in-line inkjet methods and processes that can be used for manufacturing memory devices with OTB Engineering
2014-02-04 Graphene market to reach $141M in 2024, says analyst
Graphene's high electrical and thermal conductivities, mechanical strength and flexibility allows it to be used in electronics applications such as ultrafast transistors, touch screens and photodetectors
2015-09-30 Apple's thin-film battery start-up buy seen as long shot
Of the recent high-profile deals, only Xerox's tie-up with smart packaging developer, Thin Film Electronics, represents a clear winning transaction, according to Lux Research
2007-11-15 'Green' silicon ink prints cheaper RFID tags
Kovio claimed that RFID tags using its 'green' silicon ink will drop Kovio's price from 15 cents today to 5 cents by 2008, when Kovio begins volume production of its inkjet-printed RFID tags
2008-03-04 Zener diode micro-assemblies protect car infotainment devices
Tyco Electronics' new Zener diode micro-assemblies feature a higher hold current of 2.3A, and are designed to help protect circuits in GPS, smart phones, game consoles, portable media players and other video-based peripherals that can be charged in the car
2002-05-15 Tyco relay switches up to 15A load
The OEG PCLH-2 general purpose relay from Tyco Electronics is capable of switching loads up to 15A (120Vac) and is designed for use in electrical panels, factory automation equipment, and other industrial controls
2011-05-03 Splitter module combines two CO into one platform
Pulse Electronics introduces the B8891DVNL, dual central office VDSL2 splitter module, which combines two central office (CO) splitter modules onto one platform
2005-01-06 Samsung develops 21-inch OLED display for TVs
Samsung Electronics said Tuesday (Jan. 4) it has developed the largest single-panel active matrix-based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display for TVs, measuring 21 inches diagonally and displaying 6.22 million pixels
2005-07-11 Resistors operate in harsh environments
TT Electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division offer a series of power wirewound resistors with lead-free vitreous enamel coating, which allows the resistors to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures
2011-05-13 Renesas releases automotive IPDs
Renesas Electronics has introduced three new IPDs for automotive turn signals and brake light applications designed specifically for protection and self-diagnostic functions
2011-09-06 Pumpable electrons to drive gasoline into oblivion?
Electronics is poised to replace the gas-guzzling internal combustion engine with electric motors driven by pumpable fuels that bear electrons as their active elements
2014-06-10 Protect system operation in corrosive environments
With the increasing adoption of electronics in developing countries, where atmospheric pollution levels are generally higher, there is a growing need for corrosion protection
2015-01-28 Preventing embedded PCB design defects
Printed circuit board defects can remain unnoticed until failure occurs, so it is important to implement disciplined practices even at the early stages of design
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