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2004-01-14 Agilent differential probe allows broad connectivity
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a 1.5GHz differential probe, which it claims offers unmatched performance at the industry's lowest price.
2004-01-26 Agilent analysis probe allows design, debug operations
Agilent Technologies has introduced what it claims as the industry's first interposer analysis probe for next-gen double data rate 2 SDRAM buses.
2003-07-17 Actel FPGAs selected for space probe design
Actel Corp. revealed that its RTSX-S radiation-tolerant FPGAs have been selected for extensive use on the Herschel and Planck space probes.
2011-03-16 Acculogic probe test system handles large boards
Acculogic's FLS940Sxi Flying Probe Test System, a solution offered as a lower cost alternative to the company's Scorpion Flying Probe Tester line, can be equipped with up to ten variable or fixed-angle probe modules.
2012-06-07 Why active probes are worth buying
Although active probes are more expensive than passive ones, they offer a superior level of performance that may be essential in certain circumstances.
2010-09-21 VOICE 2011 Forum on Semiconductor Testing Technologies call for papers
The VOICE 2011 Forum on Semiconductor Testing Technologies is now accepting papers from the international community.
2007-08-02 Vertical, compact PCB tester takes flight
Seica SpA has unveiled the AERIAL M4 flying probe test to meet high fault coverage, speed, ease of use, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
2004-03-03 Tyco releases FPR version of AMP connector
Tyco Electronics has introduced an FPR version of the AMP Power Series 50 connector that is designed to help prevent finger probe access.
2003-04-03 TEL, Teseda rolls integrated DFT system
Tokyo Electron Ltd and Teseda Corp. have released an integrated design for testability (DFT) system targeted for wafer testing applications.
2005-01-31 Tektronix unveils 15GHz oscilloscope
Tektronix's new product release is touted to be the world's fastest, most capable real-time oscilloscopes.
2004-05-24 Tektronix probes use D-Max probing technology
Tektronix unveiled its P6960 and P6980 high-density connectorless probes using the new D-Max probing technology for its TLA700 series of logic analyzers.
2003-05-13 Tektronix oscilloscope selected by NI
Tektronix Inc. has sold its oscilloscope and an array of accessories to National Instruments.
2007-02-08 Tektronix claims 'fastest' probes, scopes
Tektronix Inc. touts its new family of active differential probes and four-channel real-time oscilloscopes as the world's fastest.
2010-12-10 Tektronix adds low-price, enhanced oscilloscope series
Tektronix has expanded its oscilloscope offerings with a mixed-signal oscilloscope series and high-bandwidth and low capacitance passive voltage probes.
2002-06-20 TAB tape carrier with micro plating bumps for burn-in testing socket
This application note describes the use of a new contact substrate for the burn-in testing socket for 0.5mm-pitch BGA package.
2002-09-27 SUSS wafer prober targets SAW substrates
The AP200SAW wafer test system from SUSS MicroTec GmBH is specifically designed to probe SAW substrates generally mounted on brittle wafers covered with thin metal layers down to 50nm.
2002-03-22 SUSS receives multi-tool order Asian company
SUSS MicroTec AG has received a multi-tool order from Asia's F-Tech. The order consists of several SAW fabrication modules, including a microlithography cluster, metal lift-off tool, production mask aligner and production probe system.
2003-04-10 SUSS MicroTec, LNL collaborate on wafer optical probing solution
SUSS MicroTec AG and LNL Technologies have agreed to jointly commercialize LNL's optical probe technology.
2003-07-04 STATS to open manufacturing facility in Shanghai
ST Assembly Test Services Ltd (STATS) has announced that it is opening a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.
2010-01-05 South Korea drops NAND antitrust case
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has closed a three-year investigation of NAND flash memory chipmakers, saying it found no evidence that they were engaged in international price fixing.
2008-01-29 Samsung officials questioned on bribery scandal
Investigators interrogated three senior Samsung Groups officials as part of the independent probe on allegations that the conglomerate amassed slush funds to bribe government officials, politicians and prosecutors.
2014-10-13 RF probes offer mechanical reliability for semicon test
The Z1 boasts an insertion loss of about 30Ghz at -1dB, while Z0 is ECT's ultra-high bandwidth series featuring 1.5mm test height of and 0.60nH of inductance that touts an insertion loss of 40Ghz at -1dB.
2012-12-21 R&S probes target high bandwidth, high voltage apps
Rohde & Schwarz unveils the R&S RT-ZS60 active ground-referenced voltage probe and the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe touting ranges up to 6GHz.
2013-10-02 R&S bolsters power characterisation options for scopes
The R&S RT-ZD10 probe is ideal for the characterisation of switching power supplies with high clock frequencies, while the R&S RTO-K31 and R&S RTM-K31 options offer specialised measurement functions.
2004-12-02 PCB simulator offers virtual instruments
Electronics Workbench is trying to make pc-board simulation look more like a traditional prototype testing environment.
2000-03-18 Oscilloscope Probing of PC133/Rambus Circuits
The introduction of the PC133 Front Side Bus and Rambus raises the CPU/DRAM clock rate on PC motherboards to 133MHz and 400MHz. This application note describes the PC133 system.
2007-05-29 On-wafer solution brings power devices to market faster
Cascade Microtech's Tesla system touts a complete on-wafer solution for overtemperature, low contact resistance measurements of power semiconductors of up to 60A (current in pulsed mode) and 3,000V (coaxial measurement).
2010-09-03 NTC thermistor targets auto probes, boilers, battery packs
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has just announced the release of a new series of micro-chip negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors with a very small maximum body sensing diameter of 1.6mm and fast response times of 3s in air and 0.7s in oil. The NTCLE305E4xxxSB devices offer precise measurements over a wide temperature range, with accuracy of 0.5?C (from + 25?C to + 85?C) and 1.0 degrees C (between40?C and + 125?C).
2006-05-19 Monitoring tool is for network infrastructures, services
Radcom Ltd announced its new R70 Probe, a monitoring and analysis tool designed for evolving network infrastructures and services.
2008-01-17 Microsoft faces new antitrust probes in Europe
The European Commission has launched two new antitrust probes against Microsoft, according to an Agence France-Presse report.
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