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2002-02-20 Micromanipulator offers control software for 300mm probing systems
The netProbe prober control system includes a navigator module and a floating live video module for continuous monitoring.
2009-12-04 Memory test system handles 1,280 devices in parallel
Teradyne Magnum 2x memory test system provides 400MHz clocks and data rates up to 800Mbit/s without any loss of resources.
2003-03-04 LeCroy rolls probes for PCI Express, Serial ATA testing
LeCroy Corp. has announced the availability of the first three members of a new family of WaveLink series probes to test PCI Express, Serial ATA, and other high bandwidth applications.
2012-07-12 LeCroy differential probes span 8GHz to 13GHz
LeCroy probes are supplied with two solder-in leads rated to the full bandwidth of the probe amplifier.
2006-02-14 Korean patent court decides on FormFactor case
FormFactor announced the Korean Patent Court issued an oral ruling declining to render a decision on the company's Korean patent no. 252,457 regarding wafer probe card technology.
2004-02-16 K&S, ASE establish test operations partnership
Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) and ASE Test Ltd have formed a strategic relationship under which K&S will provide onsite services at ASE Test's facilities in Taiwan.
2008-01-24 ITC probes Samsung-Sharp LCD patent dispute
The U.S. ITC will investigate imports of TVs and other goods containing LCD devices made by Sharp Corp., according to an Associated Press report.
2008-09-16 ITC probes basis for Freescale's case vs. LSI
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) said Friday (Sept. 12) it planned to investigate whether ICs made by LSI Corp. infringe on patents held by complainant Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
2004-12-06 Interconnect system provides high density for high-speed signals
W. L. Gore & Associates introduced its new cable-to-board and cable-to-cable coaxial interconnect system.
2008-11-28 Intel fires back at European Commission
Intel Corp. has filed a lawsuit against the European Commission and is alleging that the allegation of antitrust behavior by Intel has been improperly investigated and that the Commission became "discriminatory and partial."
2003-06-29 Improving usability and performance in high-bandwidth active oscilloscope probes
This application note explores three different approaches to high-bandwidth, active-probe architecture.
2007-02-16 How to test EMC in semiconductors
This article describes the test methods IEC61967 for EME test of ICs with frequency from 150kHz to 1GHz, and IEC62132 for EMS test of ICs with frequency from 150kHz to1GHz.
2006-02-17 Hardware debug tracer targets ARM processors
IAR announced an addition to its Advanced RISC Machines debug probe product line. This J-Trace hardware debug trace device supports all ARM7 and ARM9 devices with ETM.
2003-08-07 Green Hills SuperTrace targets hardware debugging
Green Hills Software has announced a hardware trace probe that brings high-speed software trace collection to processors with embedded trace ports.
2003-06-02 Green Hills software debugs ThreadX apps
Green Hills Software Inc.'s Run-Mode JTAG Debug is a new way to debug real-time systems with its MULTI debugger and Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS.
2006-12-12 FuturePlus, Agilent partner on DDR3 tool
Agilent Technologies and FuturePlus Systems announce a collaborative analysis approach with a toolset for DDR3 memory buses operating at data rates up to 1,066Mtransfers/s.
2012-09-05 FormFactor to buy SoC wafer test firm
FormFactor signed a merger agreement with Astria Semiconductor to acquire MicroProbe for $100 million in cash and $16.8 million in stock.
2008-06-30 FormFactor patents invalid, SK Supreme Court rules
The Korea Supreme Court issued an oral ruling finding that 12 claims of FormFactor's Korean Patent No.252457 are invalid, and remanding the case back to the Korean Patent Court for further proceedings consistent with the ruling.
2005-07-22 FormFactor launches Taiwan sales, service design center
FormFactor Inc., a provider of advanced wafer probe cards, has opened its Taiwan sales, service and design center.
2006-06-20 Form Factor patent upheld by Korean Court
Wafer probe supplier FormFactor Inc. announced that the Korean Patent Court issued an oral ruling upholding the validity of the company's Korean Patent No. 252,457.
2002-03-25 Force modulation imaging
This application note discusses the important applications of force modulation imaging and its numerous uses.
2005-06-20 First ATCA probing product?
With a product that enables connectivity for protocol analysis and traffic generation of Advanced Switching Interconnect, Agilent announces its new Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture probing.
2005-02-01 EMI immunity testing for automotive components
Select the best test method to use for increasingly complex automotive environments.
2002-09-25 Electroglas moves manufacturing ops to Singapore
Electroglas Inc. has established a manufacturing facility in Singapore to expand its process management capabilities.
2003-09-26 EGLS announces new automatic probing technology
Test handling solutions provider Electroglas (EGLS) showcased its EG5300 NETprober and Sidewinder equipment at the Semicon Taiwan for the first time.
2014-06-06 ECT beefs up connector reliability
The connector is designed with an active biasing to allow for continual internal contact, and a deep draw plunger make for a low mass had to cope with shock and vibration.
2009-01-09 EC raids Infineon, ST, NXP for price fixing
The European Union antitrust authorities are conducting investigations against a number of semiconductor companies active in the smart card chip business for alleged illegal price fixing and customer allocation.
2008-02-14 EC antitrust body raids Intel offices in Germany
The EC has pursued its probe into Intel by raiding the company's German offices and computer retailers on suspicions they might have stifled competition.
2014-12-11 Cut down noise when making M-PHY measurements
To make useful measurements on M-PHY Gear 3, you should have a low-noise measurement system because of the low-amplitude signals. Read this article to find out more about it.
2004-08-16 Connectorless probes simplify digital design
With connectorless probes, designers can probe their signals without having to compromise board space or signal integrity.
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