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2003-12-16 Choosing the right electromagnetic scanning system
The primary goal for using any electromagnetic scanning technique is to understand as much about your board as possible so that you can optimize your design for functionality and compliance. The designer must decide if he is willing to increase design effort and sacrifice time-to-market by using manual tools or decrease design effort and time-to-market by using automated tools.
2002-04-01 ChipPAC, GSMC to deliver end-to-end products in China
ChipPAC Inc. and China-based Grace Semiconductor Mfg Corp. have entered into a non-exclusive alliance to create end-to-end products for their customers.
2002-02-07 ChipPAC signs alliance deal with China wafer foundry
ChipPAC Inc. has signed a non-exclusive alliance agreement with China wafer foundry Semiconductor Mfg. Int. Corp.
2003-09-16 Cascade Microtech establishes office in Singapore
Cascade Microtech Inc., a provider of wafer test solutions, has opened a new office in Singapore.
2003-07-28 Cascade device enables more die per wafer
Cascade Microtech has released its high-performance dc parametric pyramid probe cards that have the ability to contact small process control devices.
2014-08-20 Burst-mode camera allows movie shooting at 1 trillion fps
A group of researchers claimed to have developed the world's fastest burst-mode camera that obtains continuous, single-shot, burst-type images without the need for repetitive measurements.
2006-07-19 BlueRay prober tests 70,000 dies per hour
SUSS MicroTec AG has introduced the latest innovation of the BlueRay probe system, a high-throughput wafer prober capable of testing up to 70,000 dies per hour.
2013-10-11 Avoiding scope errors (Part 4)
The final instalment considers the time scale.
2013-10-07 Avoiding scope errors (Part 3)
Part 3 focuses on inappropriate use of the averaging function.
2013-10-04 Avoiding scope errors (Part 2)
This instalment covers the selection of incorrect probe or its improper use.
2003-09-19 Amkor to increase test capacity in Taiwan
Amkor Technology has signed an agreement with Ficta Technology Inc. to substantially increase Amkor's final test and wafer probe capacity in Taiwan.
2004-03-04 Agilent revamps logic analyzer line
Agilent Technologies has elected to shift to a Windows XP environment and to move logic analysis very close to the latest generation of FPGAs.
2004-06-29 Agilent connectorless logic analyzer adopted as standard
Agilent announced that its Pro Series soft touch connectorless logic analyzer probe interface has been adopted by logic analyzer vendors as the industry standard.
2004-05-07 Agilent announces EBW option for 6GHz oscilloscope
The company has introduced an enhanced bandwidth option for its Infiniium 54855A 6GHz oscilloscope, allowing engineers to increase the oscilloscope bandwidth.
2002-01-15 Agilent active probes check small, hard-to-reach geometries
Designed for use with the Infinium 54800 series oscilloscopes, the Infinium 1156A, 1157A and 1158A active probes feature an innovative design that optimizes scope performance and simplifies the design phase.
2007-05-03 AC/DC current probes employ hybrid tech
Agilent Technologies introduced a family of wide-bandwidth, active current probes for oscilloscopes.
2002-04-05 45th Institute of MII focuses on research of 8-inch semicon equipment
The 45th Institute of MII has revealed plans to embark on the R&D of 8-inch semiconductor equipment in 2002, to meet the increasing demand from domestic and foreign IC manufacturers in mainland China.
2011-03-09 3D TSVs get boost from IMEC, Microtech
Cascade Microtech and IMEC are working together to develop standards, test methods and methodologies for emerging 3D-TSV structures.
2002-05-02 360B/37XXXA/B series vector network analyzers
This application note describes how the Anritsu 360B and 37XXXA/B series vector network analyzers are used to make accurate, high-speed on-wafer measurements in both R&D and production environments.
2010-09-27 What happens when you try to store data on a single iron atom?
Physicists at the IBM Almaden Research Center perfected a new pump-probe pulsed-STM technique that may pave the way to enabling single-atom bit-cells for memory ICs.
2002-05-27 U.S. takes hard look at broadband deployment
The FCC convened the first in a series of meetings, May 22, designed to probe where the United States stands in the race to deploy broadband networks.
2007-05-17 Test suite minimizes probing damage
Aeroflex has added soft landing and partial accessibility software options to its 4550 flying probe test system for PCB testing.
2012-05-03 Starter kits for memory-rich, energy-efficient apps
The ARM Cortex-M3 EFM32 Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko incorporate onboard debug and current probe functionality, and features needed to show the Gecko MCUs' 400nA sleep modes and 1MB built-in flash.
2013-12-03 PolyU engineer develops space tool for lunar exploration
The Camera Pointing System developed by Yung Kai-leung will be deployed for the landing mission of Chang'e-3 lunar probe.
2014-09-10 Photorelays offered in industry's smallest package
Toshiba revealed that the TLP3417, TLP3420, TLP3440 and TLP3475 are aimed at system solutions that include semiconductor testers, measurement equipment, probe cards and medical equipment.
2006-11-16 Perform trouble-free test of BGAs, interconnects
One of the most confounding tasks a hardware engineer comes upon happens when the first spin of a PCB arrives on the desk. With no way to probe under a ball BGA chip, engineers need tips in performing easy test of board, BGAs and interconnects.
2010-10-15 Network monitoring system gets more analytics
Anritsu's MasterClaw probe-based monitoring system solution will integrate Aito Technologies' customer experience management tools for monitoring and analysis of service usage.
2006-03-27 NEC worker reportedly faked purchases, inflated sales
NEC has launched an internal probe after finding an employee at an engineering unit allegedly faked business deals and inflated sales by $310 million over half a decade, according to an online Business Week report.
2009-06-01 MPI opens test service lab in Taiwan
MJC Probe Inc. (MPI) has opened an advanced characterization, modeling and reliability testing laboratory supporting its collaboration with SUSS MicroTec.
2002-08-23 Micromanipulator offers double-sided probing solution
Micromanipulator Co. has announced that its probe stations will feature a double-sided probing capability, allowing the devices to probe the backside and frontside of wafers simultaneously.
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