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2001-09-26 Options for obtaining a vendor ID and product ID
This application note explains how to acquire a Vendor ID and Product ID for USB products.
2004-12-16 Tyco Z-PACK HM-Zd product line supports 10Gbps speed
Tyco announced that its Z-PACK HM-Zd connector product line will now be categorized as capable of supporting 10Gbps serial speeds
2007-10-18 Switching MOSFETs provide higher ID, lower Rds(on)
TAEC has added two new devices to its UMOS V-H Series high-speed switching MOSFETs, which provide higher drain current and lower on-state resistance.
2006-10-11 ST's secure MCU powers Spain's ID card
STMicroelectronics announced that its ST19WL34 secure MCU powers Spain's new national ID card scheme
2002-02-01 RedSwitch kit speeds InfiniBand product development
Positioned to provide testing and troubleshooting solutions for InfiniBand product designers and manufacturers, the product development kit (PDK) features the HDMP-2840 switch chip
2016-03-28 Mobile ID to enhance digital security
A Mobile ID saves one the trouble of keeping multiple passwords and security questions, allowing the user to be recognised securely in one device, while other devices in proximity are unlocked automatically
2000-05-10 MC92501 product specifications
This application note describes the product specification of the MC92501 device
2002-09-03 M-Systems, Toshiba introduce multimedia debut product
M-Systems and Toshiba Corp. have launched the DiskOnChip Millennium Plus 16MB, the first product developed from the partnership
2003-07-18 Holtek rolls caller ID telephone chips
The HT95168 device from Holtek Semiconductor is a high performance and low cost IC that contains FSK/DTMF receiver and real-time clock.
2005-01-24 Dallas digital thermometer with unique 64bit ROM ID
Dallas Semiconductor introduced a programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer with a 4bit ID
2008-04-10 Atmel, Guard ID fight online identity fraud
Atmel and Guard ID Systems are collaborating to bring to market products that efficiently protect consumers against online identity theft and fraud
2007-11-13 16bit MCUs secure credit, ID cards
Renesas Technology Corp. has introduced the RS-4 series of 16bit secure MCUs for smart card applications requiring high level of security, such as credit or debit cards and ID cards
2004-08-19 Vishay offers product data book on electro-films
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has published a comprehensive data book of Vishay Electro-Films thin film products.
2004-12-30 Parlex, Infineon team on substrates for electronic ID products
Parlex Corp., a supplier of flexible interconnects, has formed a joint venture with Infineon Technologies AG to manufacture and sell advanced technology substrates for secure mobile electronic identification products.
2010-07-27 Biometric ID platform secures smart phones
BIO-key International Inc. debuts a mobile biometric identification and authentication platform that captures and transmits fingerprint biometric data to a secure server for authentication of smart phone, laptop, tablet and desktop users.
2000-08-01 Accelerating software development cycles while improving product reliability
Conventional OS architectures provide limited support for memory management units (MMU) and as a result, complex system software for something like a driver information system (DIS) can require extensive debugging and testing for even minor code enhancements. This paper discusses the Universal Process Model (UPM) architecture and compares it to existing architectures used by developers.
2003-10-27 CP2101 customization guide
This application note provides information about obtaining a Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) for a CP2101 USB-to-UART bridge chip and describes the steps necessary for customizing the device driver installation and for customizing the device descriptors contained in the CP2101 EEPROM.
2015-12-18 Why did Apple buy Maxim's fab?
Regardless of its speculative nature, news like Apple's acquisition of Maxim's fab creates a great window to look into the wants and needs of the Cupertino giant.
2011-08-09 Wafer reader reduces reading time by 40%
Cognex has released a wafer reader that claims to have faster processing power, internal illumination system and total backward compatibility.
2012-09-17 Solar firms in Europe to shift orders from China to Taiwan
Due to E.U.'s announcement of starting an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese solar product imports, Taiwan makers have a shot at receiving more orders
2006-11-16 Secure MCU suits high-end electronic identity markets
Atmel has introduced its new AT90SC256144RCFT, a dual-interface secure MCU tailored to efficiently serve the high-end electronic identity markets.
2012-08-09 Samsung copied Apple's trade dress, expert said
Trade dress refers to design elements characteristics of a product, and a marketing professor said Samsung has harmfully impacted that of Apple's with regard to product design
2007-11-16 RFID hits roadblocks in war vs. fake drugs
The electronics industry has been counting on RFID's adoption as the antidote to drug counterfeiting. But legal wrangling and federal foot-dragging are raising concerns that the technology's adoption for tracking drugs through the supply chain may no longer be a given.
2002-02-11 Realtek spins-off consumer products department
Taiwan IC design house Realtek Semiconductor Corp. has separated its consumer-products department to establish a $5.68 million independent company called M-Square Technology Corp.
2002-11-13 Quantum encryption to spell doom for hackers
Quantum encryption pioneers promise to put the world's first uncrackably secure networks online by early 2003. Based on the quantum properties of photons, quantum encryption guarantees absolutely secure optical communications.
2007-03-02 Pavilion to highlight China's homegrown IC design houses
Underscoring the increasing importance of China's homegrown IC design houses to the local electronics industry, this year's IIC-China features local IC design houses in a special IC Design Pavilion.
2014-06-02 Mitigating counterfeiting requires a combination of methods
Layering a combination of method to come up with a more robust solution to foil the entry of counterfeit products in the supply chain involves considering the product, packaging and other labelling
2015-02-13 Microsemi's FPGAs flaunt Physically Unclonable Function tech
The PUF technology, licensed from Intrinsic-ID, enables system architects and designers to have an ultra-secure solution they can depend on when developing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT
2004-12-22 IBM offers RFID tech, but report questions fast track
Radio-frequency ID technology is hot, but observers caution that hurdles, including a patent dispute, must be overcome before the technology can be widely deployed
2003-05-26 ERNI protective covers target 8+2 female connectors
The ERNI Group of Companies expanded their 2mm Hard Metric product line with the release of protective covers supporting board-to-backplane apps
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