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2002-07-02 Wuhu Vacuum builds CPT production line in Anhui
Wuhu Vacuum Electric Institute has constructed a color picture tube production line in Wuhu, Anhui, China.
2002-04-17 Ushine Photonics injects $1.4M to set up ITO production line
Ushine Photonics Corp. has invested $1.43 million in setting up an automated indium-tin-oxide (ITO) thin-film production line.
2006-04-10 SVA to establish production line for thin-screen TV panels
TFT-LCD display maker SVA Group has announced plans to begin construction of a production line for thin-screen TV and PC monitor panels.
2002-02-14 Super Electronics sets up new production line at China plant
Taiwan ferrite magnet company Super Electronics Co. Ltd has set up a production line at its offshore plant in mainland China.
2002-05-15 Spire to provide production line to ATmicro
Spire Corp., a supplier of photovoltaic manufacturing equipment and solar electric systems, has signed a $2.7 million contract with ATmicro Solar to provide a SPI-LINE turnkey photovoltaic (PV) module production line.
2003-06-17 Sony to establish OLED production line
Sony Corp. has disclosed plans to invest $76.64 million in establishing an OLED production line in ST-LCD Corp.
2002-01-31 SMIC boosts monthly capacity with new production line
China wafer foundry Semiconductor Mfg. Int. Corp. (SMIC) has begun mass production using its newly installed high-volume production line.
2002-03-07 Sintek spends $105M for 4G color filter production line
Sintek Photronic Corp. has invested $105.41 million to put up a 4G color-filter production line.
2002-07-29 Sharp installs third solar cell production line at Shinjo plant
Sharp Corp. has installed a third solar cell manufacturing line for multi-crystal silicon solar cells at its Shinjo No. 3 plant in Nara Prefecture, Japan.
2002-01-08 Samsung to start operations of 5G TFT-LCD production line
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will start operation of a fifth-generation TFT-LCD production line this year.
2005-11-22 Samsung readies display production line
Samsung SDI Co., the world's largest plasma display panel maker, said it will invest more than $450 million to build a fourth-generation OLED (organic light-emitting diode) production line.
2010-06-17 Samsung completes Tianjin LED production line
Tianjin Samsung LED Co. Ltd has completed the construction and the begun operations on its new production line at the Tianjin Economic Development Area.
2003-05-12 Prosperity to install another MLCC production line
Prosperity Dielectrics Co. Ltd spokesperson and VP Edmund Chen said the company will install a new production line for making MLCC powder during 2H of this year.
2009-07-09 OKI to acquire Renesas' LED production line
OKI Data Corp. and Renesas Technology Corp. have concluded a basic agreement under which OKI Digital Imaging Corp. (ODI) will acquire the land, buildings and utilities of the former semiconductor front-end process line (Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture) of the Gunma Development Design and Device Division of Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor Inc.
2008-04-30 Oerlikon opens solar production line in China
Oerlikon Solar and Baoding Tianwei have signed a contract for a turnkey thin-film solar module production line in Bao Ding, China, with an initial production capacity of 46.5MWp per year.
2008-10-28 LG turns panel plant to solar cell production line
LG Electronics will convert its A1 plasma panel-manufacturing line in Gumi, Korea, into solar cell production lines.
2004-06-28 HannStar to set up 4.5G color filter production line
HannStar Display Corp. has revealed its plan to build a 4.5G CF production line at its 6G plant.
2002-08-22 DuPont Displays, RiTdisplay launch Taiwan display production line
DuPont Displays and RiTdisplay Corp. have launched a commercial production line for next-generation display modules in Hsin Chu, Taiwan.
2003-06-06 CSG installs LTCC production line
CSG Technology has installed its first LTCC production line to make LC filters and LTCC integrated modules.
2000-06-01 Cost benefits of production line management
The Shop Floor Line Management (SFLM) application software provides real-time access to pertinent process data and facilitates corrective responses to PCB process instability. The paper discusses the cost and benefits this system realizes.
2003-12-08 Corning to merge silica, crystal production line
Corning Inc. will consolidate the manufacturing operations of its HPFS and fluoride crystal materials production into its Canton, New York facility.
2002-04-03 China Steel Chemical installs battery material production line
China Steel Chemical Corp. has installed a meso-phase-pitch-powder production line valued at $1.15 million. Monthly capacity is targeted at 80 tons.
2006-09-13 Canon, Toshiba to start construction of SED TV production line
Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. plan to begin constructing a mass production line for surface conduction electron emitter display (SED) flat-panel televisions as early as this year.
2003-12-18 BOE TFT-LCD module production line commences operations
2006-07-25 BAK Battery launches automated Li-ion battery cell production line
China BAK Battery Inc. announced that it has successfully launched the first automated cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cell production line.
2002-03-08 Allied Material to install color filter production line next year
Allied Material Technology Corp. will install 4G or 5G color filter production line in the first quarter of next year.
2007-08-02 Sharp to build 2-in-1 fab for LCD panels, solar cells
Sharp plans to build a 10G production plant for LCD panels and thin-film solar wafers in an investment worth $3.2 billion.
2007-10-26 Samsung muses on 10G LCD line
A Samsung Electronics executive disclosed the company is considering investing in a 10th-generation production line for LCD panels, according to a report from
2006-04-17 RF test aids in design of in-vehicle radio
The widespread use of in-vehicle modules has necessitated new RF test chambers designed for modules with radio interfaces-based mainstream wireless standards.
2007-05-11 Osram to put up LED wafer fab in Malaysia
Siemens unit Osram GmbH has announced plans to erect an LED wafer fab in addition to its existing backend facility in Penang, Malaysia.
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