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2004-07-19 Xeltek support engine increases productivity
Xeltek has collaborated with leading distributors to implement an online device support search engine that's directly accessible from distributors' websites.
2006-06-21 WLAN solution promises office productivity
Samsung's OfficeServ IP-centric WLAN solution gives employees the ability to access, create and share information from wherever they choose to work.
2005-09-30 Synopsys testbench solution increases verification productivity
Synopsys announced Discovery Pioneer-NTB, a new SystemVerilog testbench automation tool that claims to increase verification productivity and improve the quality of complex SoC and IP designs.
2005-03-07 Synopsys ESP boosts Virage memory compilers productivity
Synopsys Inc. announced that Virage Logic Corp. has standardized on Synopsys' ESP memory equivalency checker for the embedded memory components of its IPrima mobile semiconductor IP platform.
2013-10-07 SIMTech initiatives reinforce mfg productivity for SG SMEs
The research institute of A*STAR initiated a collaborative industry project to offer manufacturing SMEs a way to boost productivity in the various phases of the manufacturing process.
2014-03-11 Sample handling robot raises ALD systems' productivity
Picosun taps industrial robotics to improve the processing times of ALDs in high volume manufacturing applications.
2006-03-02 Pentium-M chassis to underscore software productivity
IBM and Thales Computers are jointly readying a product called the PowerMP6.
2006-09-11 PCB flow delivers improved productivity, integration
The new version of Mentor Graphics' Board Station PCB design flow for enterprise customers promises to deliver improved integration with the enterprise, as well as improved design productivity and "what if" signal integrity analysis.
2005-07-28 PCB design software from Cadence increases productivity
Cadence announced the latest release of its OrCAD scalable, personal productivity PCB design software product line that introduces new technology and feature enhancements aimed at solving today's design challenges and increasing productivity.
2004-09-13 NI embedded controllers increase productivity
NI disclosed that its three new Pentium III-based embedded controllers will enable engineers to increase productivity and speed execution time in their automated test apps.
2010-08-12 New AutoCAD version ups productivity 31%
Upgrading from AutoCAD 20080 to AutoCAD 2011 results in a productivity increase of up to 44 percent t for users who use it with Windows on a HP Z200 workstation.
2015-04-03 Mobile social comms could boost supply chain productivity
Emerging social media capabilities may provide a more effective way of sharing information and collaborating in real time, especially in scenarios when emails may not be reliable.
2004-05-06 Mentor Graphics design flow offer productivity, performance gains
Mentor Graphics has released the newest version of its complete, front-to-back, Windows-based PCB system design flow.
2000-09-01 Measuring chip design productivity
Design complexity is simply not equivalent to the transistor count on a chip. The article proposes a methodology for accurately quantifying IC complexity across different projects.
2001-06-01 Maximizing your productivity
This application note details several of the user-friendly aspects of MMICAD that can improve the effectiveness of a designer's "CAD time" with a PC.
2011-05-26 Less mobile downtime boosts workers' productivity
A survey report released by iPass Inc. showed that the end of downtime in the use of smartphones and tablet PCs boosts the productivity of mobile workers at home and at work.
2014-06-26 Laser line sensors boost inspection productivity
The LineScan sensors from ZEISS Industrial Metrology promise to enable reverse engineering of complex products on CONTURA, ACCURA II and PRISMO CMMs.
2007-09-19 Instruments advance chip test productivity
Keithley Instrumnets has expanded its product line for semiconductor characterization and production tests.
2007-08-01 Increase design productivity by leveraging ESL techniques
ESL is changing the way designs are done. With a good understanding of software programming, engineers armed with ESL tools are moving design to the next level of productivity.
2000-12-01 Improving productivity with FPGA design reuse
This technical article describes the most effective way to fill the productivity gap in silicon integration.
2011-07-28 IC design platform promises increased productivity
Mentor Graphics' Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform features advances in concurrent design and automated custom IC routing technology.
2008-12-17 FPGA design tool suite boosts productivity
Lattice Semiconductor has announced Version 7.2 of their ispLEVER FPGA design tool suite with advanced place-and-route algorithms that are said to deliver higher performance results in as much as 30 percent less time.
2005-08-01 ESL methodologies can improve productivity
There is a strong feeling within the design community that electronic system level (ESL) methodologies can improve productivity, according to the results of a survey conducted by ESL Now, a loose organization of more than 20 companies focused on encouraging ESL adoption.
2005-07-15 Epson doubles productivity using Cadence RTL compiler
Japan-based electronics device provider Seiko Epson Corp. (Epson) disclosed that it has doubled in the production tapeout of high-volume LCD controller chip using Cadence Design Systems Inc.
2015-11-02 EDI alternatives bring business productivity, revenue boost
EDI has not been refined or modernised as the Internet's capabilities have grown, but there are web service APIs to enable dynamic and innovative software and web applications for the company.
2006-10-16 EDA needs productivity, not 'sexy' tech, says exec
EDA needs to shift its focus to providing solutions that emphasize productivity, rather than continuing to focus exclusively on tools aimed at the next technology node.
2001-06-16 EDA Consortium tackles FPGA productivity
The recent EDA Consortium tackled important issues that focus on direct HDL entry and better productivity measurements for designers and engineers.
2008-10-07 Custom IC design, layouts, and productivity
There is a definite challenge in maintaining productivity when it comes to realizing a design. Anything that helps the layout with increasing productivity does it for me.
2011-01-31 Compiler enables higher productivity for development of DSP algorithms
Synopsys Synphony Model Compiler offers higher productivity for Microsemi customers developing DSP algorithms, offering a more automated implementation and verification flow for engineers using MATLAB/Simulink.
2005-08-26 Cadence solution to improve productivity, accuracy of design time
Cadence Design Systems announced the latest advances in its IC packaging technology, designed to improve productivity and accuracy for shorter design cycle time.
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