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2006-07-13 AC/DC supply delivers 300W for VME applications
The 56SQ2 AC/DC supply from North Atlantic Industries delivers 300W for VME/VXI applications.
2013-03-13 AC drives operate from 0.4-22kW at 100-600V input
Rockwell Automation released its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive portfolio that claims to ease equipment design and operation, and speed installation and configuration.
2006-11-14 Absopulse inverter delivers 5kVA
The new CSI 5K inverter from Absopulse delivers 5,000VA from a single 24-, 36-, 48-, 125- or 250Vdc input.
2012-01-02 A primer on wireless sensor network
Here are the basic concepts of wireless sensor networks and protocols, the significant elements comprising a wireless sensor, and some of the important design considerations for using them.
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2001-01-01 A faster way to run Reed Solomon decoders
This technology news describes the new Reed-Solomon (RS) decoder architecture that can process multiple symbols per clock cycle.
2005-03-01 8bit MCU supports full-speed USB 2.0
ST's?PSD3400 Turbo Plus series of 8051-class embedded flash MCUs offers system-level-integration with flash and SRAM densities for general-purpose 8bit embedded apps.
2008-02-29 8bit flash MCUs feature 16MHz internal oscillator
Microchip Technology has announced a new family of low-cost 8bit Flash PIC MCUs that are capable of operation down to 1.8V and feature a 16MHz internal oscillator.
2010-04-07 80MSps ADC helps reduce digital feedback
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC2259-16 ADC that integrates two useful features for reducing digital feedback, including alternate bit polarity mode and a data output randomizer.
2013-07-12 8-channel LED backlight driver enables better TV screen
The iW7019 from iWatt intends to deliver better screen performance and lower cost in next-generation 2D and 3D LCD TVs to render a more lifelike viewer experience.
2010-08-23 6ch microcontroller enables zoned cooling
Maxim introduces its MAX31782, a system management microcontroller that utilizes six temperature measurement channels with six channels of closed-loop fan control.
2010-09-02 600V ICs up energy efficiency in auto apps
The family of AEC-Q100 qualified devices include half-bridge drivers and dual channel high-side and low-side driver ICs with various input logic and propagation delays.
2015-09-10 60 start-up companies to watch in 2015
EE Times has selected 30 start-up companies to come on to version 16.1 of its list of 60 firms that are worth keeping an eye on. Readers are welcome to nominate their own emerging companies.
2010-02-12 3G solution enables high-speed, low-cost smart phones
Broadcom's single-chip HSPA baseband processor and a RF transceiver solution integrates all key 3G mobile technologies for powering the 3G smart phone and smart feature phone product segments.
2010-04-30 32bit MCU packs zero-wait state flash, SRAM
Toshiba America Electronic Components has developed the 32bit TMPM380 microcontroller for the digital control of high-current circuits commonly found in industrial or appliance applications.
2011-07-01 32bit digital signal controllers tout energy efficiency
Freescale' new family of digital signal controllers offer high-speed analog functionality and energy savings.
2014-07-23 3-channel DC-to-DC PMIC cuts power use, improves performance
The S6AP412A uses software to enable flexible and precise power supply sequence control. In addition, the BOM for the power supply block and the board surface area can be reduced by 30 per cent.
2007-11-09 16bit RISC controller targets large-screen LCDs
Seiko Epson Corp. has unveiled the S1C17801, a 16bit RISC controller designed for applications that require analog input, large-screen full-graphic LCDs and various types of interfaces.
2009-02-06 16bit MCUs prolong battery life in mobile
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXQ610 16bit microcontroller, which extends battery life in low-power applications and operates from a 1.7V to 3.6V voltage range.
2008-11-24 16bit MCU with stop mode suits DAQ apps
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAXQ2010 16bit mixed-signal MCU with power-saving stop mode that reduces power consumption to 370nA typical and 6.5?A maximum at +85C, extending the life of battery-powered devices.
2011-08-04 16bit ADC supports data rates up to 860S/s
TI's 16bit ADC that measures 2 x 1.5mm features an integrated PGA, temperature sensor and four-input multiplexerabout 65 percent smaller than other similar products in the market.
2009-04-29 14bit ADC cuts digital feedback
From Linear Technology Corp. comes a low-power 14bit, 150MSps ADC that dissipates only 149mW, less than one-third the power of competitive solutions.
2010-02-19 1000W AC/DC power supplies come in 1U metal frame
Powersolve has released two new AC/DC power supplies which are single-output units designed to provide 650W (PAK650) and 1000W (PAK1000) from a low profile 1U high metal case.
2010-03-17 1000mA flash driver handles single/double LEDs
austriamicrosystems offers an inductive, ultrasmall, high-efficiency single/dual LED flash driver that claims to offer 25 percent higher output current than existing equivalents.
2009-11-23 10 technologies to look forward to in 2010
EE Times has compiled emerging technologies that have potential to change the electronics landscape in 2010.
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