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2003-12-17 TI gain amplifier targets industrial scanning apps
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has announced an eight-channel, low-noise variable gain amplifier from the company's
2008-11-25 Sensor amp offers programmable gain, offset
Texas Instruments has released the PGA308 single-supply, auto-zero bridge sensor amplifier featuring programmable gain and offset that amplifies the sensor signal and provides digital calibration for zero (offset) and span (gain).
2007-08-01 Programmable gain amp touts 0.03% gain accuracy
National claims that its LMP8100A programmable gain amplifier delivers guaranteed 0.03 percent gain accuracy using a software adjustable gain in 1V/V increments from 1V/V to 16V/V.
2002-10-10 Linear Tech PGA offers gain of 100
Linear Tech's LTC6910-1 PGA features inverting gains from 0 to 100 that are digitally-selectable using a 3-bit control input.
2006-04-06 Audio codec integrates capless headphone amplifier
AKM Semiconductor released a low-power audio codec with an integrated capless headphone amplifier
2008-02-08 Variable gain amp sets new performance standard
ADI has introduced a digitally programmable variable gain amplifier with transmit driver claimed to set a new standard of performance for driving signals over power lines, cables and other applications with low impedance.
2010-08-24 Using digital potentiometers for programmable amplifier gain
This application note discusses implementations of programmable gain circuits using an op amp and a digital potentiometer
2008-05-29 Programmable-gain upstream amplifier zooms in on cable
RF Micro Devices has released the S518324-44Z programmable-gain upstream power amplifier that is designed for cable applications.
2006-10-16 Microchip intros 'first' amps with gain-select pin
Microchip's MCP6G0x are said to be the first amplifiers with a gain-select pin in place of a negative-input-pin, enabling digital gain control for better system accuracy and dynamic range
2008-06-23 Maxim presents programmable analog/digital VGA
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2065, the industry's only fully programmable, multistate, analog and digital IF/RF variable-gain amplifier.
2004-06-25 Linear Tech amplifier exhibits 49dBm OIP3 at 70MHz
The 850MHz programmable gain, broadband amplifier from Linear Tech is claimed by the company to have the best distortion characteristics of any amplifier in its class.
2000-06-12 High Efficiency Low Voltage Programmable Gain Amp
This technical note examines the RF2155, an HBT programmable gain power amplifier that is well suited for use in 900MHz application, operates up to 1GHz, and delivers 0.5W at 3.6V with an efficiency of 60 percent.
2013-06-04 Differential amplifier boasts 20?Vrms low noise input
The Model 121 3 channel DC differential amplifier can be used in a variety of instrumentation lab, vibration and shock testing and comes with a low noise input of less than 20?Vrms
2005-06-20 Amplifier with on-chip EMI filtering
Analog Devices' latest sensor amplifier for automotive and industrial applications features internal EMI filtering, a very wide temperature range, low offset voltage and drift, and open and shorted wire protection
2002-08-09 ADI amplifier provides programmable gain
The AD628 common-mode difference amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. is among the first to include programmable gain, according to the company.
2006-10-19 Solution enables programmable subwoofer signal conditioning
Anadigm has introduced a dpASP that provides a programmable platform for subwoofer signal conditioning
2012-04-24 Signal chain basics: How 20W amplifier can ruin a speaker system
Know the causes of this surprisingly common problem, and how to work around them.
2005-06-27 New limiting post amplifier from Micrel w/ TTL signal detect
Micrel's SY88933AL is a low power limiting post amplifier w/ TTL signal detect, designed for use in fiber-optic receivers and connects to typical transimpedance amplifiers
2005-10-12 Micrel's new limiting post amplifier
Designed for use in fiber-optic receivers, the SY88315BL low-power limiting post amplifier from Micrel connects to typical transimpedance amplifiers
2002-05-01 Linear Tech instrumentation amplifier has <0.5mV/C drift
The LT1789-1 micropower instrumentation amplifier from Linear Technology Corp. has an input offset voltage of 100?V, input offset drift of <0.5mV/C, and a minimum CMRR of 100dB, allowing the device to minimize dc errors and eliminate the need for external trim circuitry
2007-09-03 Limiting post amplifier introduced for fiber-optic receivers
Micrel's SY88973BL low-power limiting post amplifier is designed for use in fiber-optic receivers that follow a variety of optical networking standards
2005-05-06 Amplifier drives MEMS devices
The advent of MEMS has given rise to specialized instrumentation for these devices. In response to the proliferation of MEMS, instrumentation house Tegam is now offering a four-channel MEMS engine driver amplifier priced at about $6,500
2007-05-04 Topology and noise using multiplying DAC
This paper explores the noise issues that are inherent in the design of programmable gain amplifiers when multiplying DACs are used as the programmable gain element. In particular, the effects of circuit topology on these noise issues are highlighted. This document also develops several methods for generalized noise analysis, emphasizing an analytical, structured approach
2002-11-26 TDA8789HL dual 8-bit A/D converter with DPGA demonstration board
This application note describes the design of DPGA demonstration board using the TDA8798HL ADC.
2008-02-05 Multisensor interface IC uses 30?W of power
ZMD AG and ZMD America launched the first member of its MULti-Sensor IC semiconductor family, which is a low-power multichannel device aimed at MCU-based mobile electronic products.
2003-04-10 Microchip PGA provides digital control of analog domain
Microchip Technology's MCP62Sx programmable gain amplifier enables user to have digital control of the analog domain with the integration of an amplifier, mux, and gain control selected via a SPI bus.
2015-05-29 MCUs from Renesas simplify BLDC motor control designs
The RL78/G1F devices promise to deliver precision operation at faster rotational speeds with high accuracy for energy-efficient home appliances and electric power tools.
2009-12-23 DAQ system claims 75% power savings
The system integrates a 12bit successive approximate register ADC; a continuous-time programmable gain amplifier and 8-to-1 mux.
2004-11-29 Amplifiers provide digital control over function, design
Microchip released a programmable gain amplifier family that provides digital control over the amplifier function and design.
2016-03-18 ADS1257 works for space-constrained applications
Texas Instruments' analogue-to-digital converter comes in a small 20-pin, 5mm x 5mm VQFN package, operates with as little as three wires and eliminates the need for external buffers.
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