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2009-10-05 Automotive MCU tailored for ultrasonic sensors
The chip integrates the functional blocks, a DSP and MCU, cutting system cost and increasing mounting options.
2009-04-16 Automotive MCU handles low-amplitude signals
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the newest member of its MAXQ RISC microcontroller product line: the MAXQ7670 SoC, mixed-signal MCU for sensor applications. It is a highly sensitive, cost-effective automotive MCU for low-amplitude signals
2009-04-29 Authentication IC offers low-cost data protection
Atmel Corp.'s has developed the AT88SA family of low cost, ultralow power, secure cryptographic authentication ICs.
2002-09-02 Atmel ships add-on board for FPSLIC chips
The STK594 add-on board from Atmel Corp. plugs directly into an AVR STK500 development board, providing designers with a low-cost FPSLIC development environment.
2003-09-22 Atmel MCUs offer on-chip debug capability
Atmel Corp. has announced two new members of its tinyAVR Flash microcontroller family with on-chip debug capability
2006-07-28 Atmel MCU meets 150C automotive qualification
Atmel has unveiled the ATmega88 AVR microcontroller that is now capable of withstanding automotive temperature extremes
2004-04-05 Atmel Flash MCU offers extended CAN capabilities
With extended CAN capabilities, the AT90CAN128, an 8-bit AVR Flash microcontroller from Atmel, combines 16MIPS processing speed with a rich feature set
2007-09-25 ARM9 MCU series suits high-performance apps
NXP Semiconductors has expanded its portfolio of ARM7 and ARM9 microcontroller space with the introduction of the LPC2900 series
2005-01-28 ARM7 MCU family touts full range of flash
TI joined the growing number of MCU chip vendors that offer general purpose MCUs based on the 32bit ARM7 Thumb extension debug module multiplier interface core.
2004-11-29 Amplifiers provide digital control over function, design
Microchip released a programmable gain amplifier family that provides digital control over the amplifier function and design
2006-01-09 AFE suits wireless authentication apps
Microchip Technology announced its first stand-alone, analog front end for smart, low frequency (125kHz typical) wireless authentication applications.
2007-01-01 Advancing RFID reader apps with convergent processors
RFID apps no longer require both a dedicated signal processor for ADC/DAC interfacing and a microcontroller for networking. A convergent processor from the Blackfin family can handle the networking and control with plenty of performance to spare for converter interfacing and pattern matching algorithms
2003-03-28 ADI rolls faster Blackfin processors
The company's next-generation Blackfin processor family delivers twice the performance and half the power consumption of conventional DSPs.
2003-04-29 ADI MicroConverters rev processing capacity
Analog Devices Inc. has launched three additions to its MicroConverter family of devices.
2010-09-27 Actel wins win Embeddy Award for SmartFusion FPGAs
SmartFusion FPGAs cited for "unique" end-user benefits
2003-10-13 Actel MCU executes instructions in single cycle
Actel Corp. has announced the availability of its Core8051 8-bit high-performance embedded MCU.
2008-04-01 8bit MCUs take tiny steps to rule the market
Even as feature creep moves some applications to 16bit and beyond, continual increases in the processing capabilities and integration levels of 8bit devices are opening new applications to replace the old. The result is an expanding array of increasingly powerful 8bit MCUs for cost-conscious designs.
2009-11-24 8bit MCU enables smart BLDC motor control apps
BLDC motors are growing in consumer, industrial and automotive apps because of their efficiency and reliability.
2009-04-21 6-pin MCUs fit space-constrained consumer apps
Atmel Corp. has developed the picoPower AVR0 ATtiny10, with 1Kbyte of programmable flash memory and 32byte internal SRAM
2010-04-30 32bit MCU packs zero-wait state flash, SRAM
Toshiba America Electronic Components has developed the 32bit TMPM380 microcontroller for the digital control of high-current circuits commonly found in industrial or appliance applications
2009-07-01 32bit MCU delivers industrial reliability
Offering 640MOPS/160MHz peak, Hyperstone's E2 solution boasts superb industrial reliability.
2005-03-02 32-bit ARM9-based SoCs now available with OSE 5.0 OS
Sharp and Enea are cooperating to optimize BlueStreak SoC components, particularly for use in mobile terminal devices.
2009-08-17 24-channel monitor tailored for automotive switches
Maxim Integrated Products introduced a 24-channel switch-contact monitor for automotive switches.
2009-02-06 16bit MCUs prolong battery life in mobile
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXQ610 16bit microcontroller, which extends battery life in low-power applications and operates from a 1.7V to 3.6V voltage range
2008-11-24 16bit MCU with stop mode suits DAQ apps
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAXQ2010 16bit mixed-signal MCU with power-saving stop mode that reduces power consumption to 370nA typical and 6.5?A maximum at +85C, extending the life of battery-powered devices.
2015-04-15 16bit magnetic sensor enables complex 3D sensor systems
The 30mm MLX90393 programmable magnetic sensor provides a platform for testing human machine interfaces and enables complex 3D sensing systems in joysticks or rotary knobs
2005-03-22 100Mb Ethernet module integrates peripheral-packed MCU
Invector Embedded Technologies introduced a miniature 10Mb/100Mb Ethernet module that includes an integrated microcontroller
2016-05-13 0.18m MTP-IP devices enable cost-effective manufacturing
The new multiple-time programmable intellectual property (MTP-IP) was developed by using MagnaChip's 0.18m mixed signal 5V processes, which significantly reduce the number of mask layers and manufacturing process steps
2004-11-23 Zilog MCU offers improved costs, power efficiency
Zilog released a new family of microcontrollers that promises to achieve significant improvements in cost and power efficiency.
2010-06-25 Zigbee modules pack SPI for high-speed throughput
Digi International is rolling out a new line of XBee and XBee-PRO ZB embedded Zigbee modules with SPI to deliver high-speed throughput and optimized integration.
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