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2009-12-04 Power managers support hot swap, sequencing apps
Lattice released two new power managers that integrate higher voltage charge pumps with programmable current to control MOSFETs in hot swap and sequencing applications
2005-06-29 New capacitive touch sensor interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduced CapSense technology, a new capacitive touch sensor interface based on its Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal arrays
2013-08-23 Nano-power system timers replace MCU's internal timer
The TPL5000 with watchdog timer and TPL5100 with MOS driver both draw only 30nA of current and replace a microcontroller's internal timer, allowing the MCU to remain in low-power sleep mode
2009-09-07 MPC5121e serial peripheral interface (SPI)
This application note describes the serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus controller implemented on Freescale's MPC5121e microcontroller
2011-01-13 Low-voltage smoke-detector IC allows 10-year battery life
Microchip Technology's smoke detector IC has programmable calibration and operating modes. Its low operating current of 8?A typically enables up to 10 years of battery life
2007-11-21 Low-cost starter kit rolls for Atmel customizable MCUs
Atmel Corp. has launched the low-cost AT91CAP9A-STK starter kit for its CAP customizable microcontroller product family
2006-04-19 LED driver maximizes battery life
Catalyst expanded its family of LED drivers with the CAT3612, a fully programmable, 300mA camera flash LED driver
2012-09-07 Implement digital power control using LLC resonant converters
Read about a digital power control implementation using line level control resonant converters based on a flexible 32bit microcontroller
2012-05-08 Enable autorestart capability in MAX16046
Know how to perform a system autorestart following a command from a microcontroller or an external key switch
2003-11-07 EM Micro ADC suits portable sensor, DA instruments
EM Microelectronic has released the EM6415 high-resolution ADC that is designed for use as a programmable link between one to four resistive sensors and a microcontroller.
2009-05-05 DSCs cut power consumption in motor controls
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MC56F8006 family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), which combine the functionality of a microcontroller and the processing power of DSP with a flexible set of peripherals to create a versatile embedded control solution
2012-10-25 Dev Kit for MachX02 FPGA enables low-cost prototyping
The newly included MachXO2-4000HC device includes 4320 look up tables (LUTs) of programmable logic and 222 Kbits of on-chip memory
2011-11-11 Design, implement MCU-based current loop calibration device
Read about this low-cost microcontroller-based current loop calibration device to test and calibrate systems that communicate via 4-20 mA current loop standard
2010-03-04 Cypress sets up two PSoC labs in Calicut
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has entered into agreements to build two programmable SoC (PSoC) laboratories in Calicut, India
2013-04-30 Cypress semiconductor readies for 32bit PSoCs
Over the next two years, Cypress aims to expand the amount of memory and the programmable analogue and digital blocks on PSoC 4 by a factor of four or more
2005-04-18 Cost-tailoring FPGAs for CE design
To undo the notion of FPGAs being hugely expensive, programmable chipmakers are embarking on a grand initiative with a clear goal in sight: a high-growth digital consumer market
2008-11-21 CMSIS allows flexible programming in MCUs
ARM has released the ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard, a vendor-independent hardware abstraction layer for the Cortex-M processor series
2012-02-27 Buck regulators offer 4.5-16V input voltage range
The SMB206A and SMB210A are dual 3A and single 6A programmable integrated DC/DC regulators with switching frequency programmable to 500kHz or 1MHz
2006-07-06 Buck regulator offers four output-voltage options
Semtech's SC194A 1A DC/DC buck regulator provides a digitally programmable 1-1.8V output for portable apps
2005-10-14 Battery charger needs no MCU
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled a complete NiMH/NiCd battery charger solution that requires no microcontroller (MCU) or firmware programming
2007-10-31 Atmel, ASTRI collaborate on MCU-based SoC solutions
Atmel and Hong Kong's ASTRI will join forces bringing together Atmel's CAP customizable ARM microcontroller and ASTRI's design expertise, IP blocks and software
2008-07-16 Atmel bestows upgrades to PMU
Atmel Corp. introduces the AT73C237, a power management unit (PMU) compatible with a 5V input supply and generating four regulated output voltages, with programmable output voltage selection and output current up to 70mA
2014-08-07 Boost real time control of stepper motor driver
Improve real time control of an internal indexer bipolar stepper motor driver while obtaining programmable acceleration and deceleration profiles, speed control and position control
2008-09-09 Atmel peppers customizable MCU with UWB MAC
Atmel Corp. and the Institute of Embedded Systems (InES), Zurich University of Applied Sciences, announced the availability of an UWB transceiver that InES has implemented by personalizing Atmel's AT91CAP9S customizable microcontroller
2003-10-16 Micro Linear simplifies transceiver design
Micro Linear has announced the availability of the ML2724RD-01 2.4GHz radio reference design that enables OEMs to evaluate the ML2724 2.4GHz single-chip transceiver.
2003-06-16 Media networking is the next big thing
While the final technology choices for media networking platforms continue to evolve, there is no question that over time media networking will emerge as "the next big thing."
2007-03-16 Consumers to unlock car doors via phones by 2008, predicts TI exec
Texas Instruments demonstrated several home applications, such as remote light control and remote unlocking, implemented by Zigbee during the recent IIC-China.
2002-08-14 ALi scanner chip offers built-in USB2.0 feature
The M5625 USB2.0 scanner controller chip features a built-in high/full-speed USB2.0-compliant device controller core, 16-bit AFE module, and a 16-bit fast scanner engine.
2004-12-13 ZigBee platform supports multiple RF transceivers
Microchip's new PICDEM Z 2.4GHz demonstration kit provides an easy-to-use evaluation and development platform for ZigBee application designers.
2014-03-11 Xilinx: 16nm multi-core chips in the works
Xilinx said it will integrate the future 16nm chips with its own UltraScale architecture, which was first featured in the previous 20nm chips.
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