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2004-09-22 Zilog IR ROM MCU consumes 6mW
Zilog rolled out of its new Crimzon ZLR32300 IR ROM MCU family that is 100 percent software compatible with the company's current Crimzon family of OTP IR MCUs
2004-08-26 Zilog announces ROM-based MCU
Zilog unveiled a migration path to high volume MCU production with the roll out of its Crimzon ZLR16300.
2008-02-25 Smart sensor includes programmable MCU, LIN 2.0 interface
Micronas has announced the HAL 2810 smart sensor, said to be the first linear Hall-effect sensor to include programmable MCU and a LIN bus 2.0 interface
2007-03-21 Programmable fuel gauge suits 1- or 2-cell apps
Dallas Semiconductor has launched a programmable fuel gauge for 1- or 2-cell applications
2013-06-21 OTP-ROM linear ICs eliminate need for optimisation
Allegro's A1388 and A1389 support a magnetic input sensitivity range of 2.0 to 4.0mV/G, and 4.0 to 9.0mV/G, and provide low output noise and improved EMI susceptibility at various frequencies.
2014-06-20 MCUs equip motor control on the ROM
The embedded field-oriented control (FOC) and motion control technologies on the read-only memory of the controllers facilitate design time reduction from months to minutes.
2004-08-31 EM Micro RISC MCU provides 4KB ROM
EM Micro introduced a low-power RISC microcontroller that features four high-current I/Os and the equivalent of 4KB ROM, and operates on a 32kHz crystal
2006-08-14 Dallas Semi unrolls programmable battery fuel gauge
Dallas Semiconductor's programmable 1-cell Li-ion fuel gauge and protector promises an efficient platform for customizing battery fuel-gauging algorithms
2005-01-24 Dallas digital thermometer with unique 64bit ROM ID
Dallas Semiconductor introduced a programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer with a 4bit ID
2010-10-21 Antifuse NVM seeks to topple ROM
Non-volatile memory maker Kilopass rolls out a one-time programmable memory with up to 4Mb capacity, 0.8mm2 form factor, and 0.3mW/MHz power use that it claims is the front runner to replace ROM.
2002-06-28 XC1700 and XC18V00 design migration considerations
This application note discusses the considerations for systems that support a migration path from the XC18V00 PROM to an XC1700 series PROM.
2002-08-12 VeriSilicon develops platform for SMIC CMOS process
VeriSilicon Microelectronics Co. Ltd has released the Standard Design Platform engineered specifically for Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp.'s 0.185m CMOS process.
2001-03-29 Using the CY27H010 with the Rockwell V.FAST chipset
This application note describes how to use Cypress Semiconductor's CY27H010 1Mb PROM with the Rockwell V.FAST chipset to create a high-speed fax/modem.
2003-01-03 STMicro ROMs to replace direct mask ROMs
STMicroelectronics has introduced its line of FlexibleROM exlectrically programmable ROMs in 16-, 32-, and 64Mb densities, which is targeted as drop-in replacements for direct mask ROMs for basic code storage applications including consumer products, office automation equipment, and computer peripherals
2005-05-12 Smallest 1Gb memory?
Matrix Semiconductor said that it has developed the world's smallest 1Gb memory.
2005-04-27 Samsung's smart card ICs use 16bit CalmRISC processor
Samsung has developed two dual interface smart card ICs that meet world-class spes for financial transactions and can store all types of personal and biological data.
2004-11-08 Samsung smart card IC utilizes 0.13?m process
Samsung Electronics has developed a high-density 512KB EEPROM-embedded smart card IC.
2006-08-01 OTP firmware enhances processor flexibility
Flash memory is costly for many consumer applications. Accessing firmware stored on external flash is power-intensive compared with storing the firmware on-chip. A better solution is to embed one-time programmable non-volatile memory on the processing chip
2002-07-22 Oki ROMs have 70ns random access speed
The MR27V12800J 128Mb Production Programmable ROM (P2ROM) from Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd operates from a 3V to 3.6V source and features an access time of 70ns.
2002-08-08 Jazz adopts Artisan's design platform
Jazz Semiconductor has adopted Artisan Components Inc.'s design platform to support its mixed-signal, RF CMOS, and SiGe BiCMOS process technologies.
2002-08-28 ISSI enhances serial EEPROM
ISSI has has added features to its IS93C46A 1Kb Microwire Serial EEPROM including increasing the clock rate up to 2MHz and providing Schmitt-trigger inputs to reduce the noise interference.
2001-03-22 Generating PROM programming files
This application note discusses the structure of PROM data files and shows several ways to create them. Examples using simple languages, such as C and BASIC, as well as PLD development tools such as ABEL and LOG/iC, are likewise discussed.
2002-10-04 Catalyst releases cascadable serial EEPROM
Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT24AC128 cascadable 128Kb serial EEPROM features three chip address lines, allowing up to eight devices on a common bus.
2002-05-28 Artisan, 1st Silicon collaborate on standard cell library
Artisan Components Inc., a provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP), will deliver its library products on 1st Silicon Sdn. Bhd 's 0.185m CMOS process.
2003-06-19 Artisan signs license deal with Sony
Artisan Components has signed a license agreement with Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp.
2003-06-20 SST's MTP Products: A Superior Alternative to EPROM and Low Functionality Flash
This application note describes the feature and benefits of Silicon Storage Technology's MTP products and how they can be used in existing UV-EPROM, OTP and Flash designs.
2002-12-02 SoC-based configurable systems replace the microcontroller
As many products are being re-designed using SOC devices, it is a must for engineers to take into account many considerations to determine whether their products warrant testing the waters with an SoC device.
2002-11-12 Smart-card chips advance as market stalls
Hampered by the market saturation of prepaid telephone cards and by serious delays in Europe's 3G mobile-phone rollout, smart cards are fast losing their 1990s glow of consistent double-digit annual growth.
2015-07-14 PLC teardown: Allen-Bradley Micro850 for industrial apps
The PLC is symbolic of the high level of ruggedness configurability, isolation performance and ease of use that keeps PLCs strong in factory automation despite the encroachment of embedded computing.
2002-07-03 Oak unveils integrated three-chip set for DVD-R drives
Oak Technology Inc. has rolled out what it claims to be the industry's first integrated three-chip set for recordable DVD drives.
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