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What is Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI)?
The Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) is an SCSI software interface developed by Adaptec Inc. for sending commands to SCSI host adapters. It provides an insulating layer so that peripheral device designers do not have to deal with differences in SCSI host adapters.
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2005-05-03 Zilog teams with Japan's Yokogawa for third-party programming
Zilog Inc. has entered into a strategic relationship with Japanese device programmer Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp.
2008-06-09 Xilinx in-system programming using an embedded microcontroller
By using an embedded controller to program the Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs from an on-board RAM or EPROM, designers can easily upgrade, modify, and test designs, even in the field.
2000-06-28 XC9500 in-system programming using an embedded microcontroller
This application note demonstrates the in-system programmability of the XC9500 high-performance CPLD family by using an embedded controller to program these CPLDs from an on-board RAM or EPROM.
2016-04-08 Windows 10 supports graphical programming for test automation
Keysight ensures that Visual Engineering Environment (VEE) customers have continued Microsoft Windows OS support and eventually a transition path to future Keysight software solutions.
2002-06-28 Using in-system programming in boundary scan systems
This application note discusses the basic design considerations for in-system programming of multiple XC9500 devices in a boundary scan chain, and shows how to design systems that contain multiple XC9500 devices, as well as IEEE 1149.1-compatible devices.
2009-11-12 USB programming and circuit guide
This application note describes the features of the FT2232 with regard to programming and interfacing with Lattice Semiconductor's programmable devices.
2013-09-11 Understanding contract-based programming
Know what contract-based programming is all about, and how it can be used to make software more reliable.
2001-10-01 TS5070/5071 Combo II programming and hybrid balancing with solid-state SLICs
This application note discusses the programming and balancing design needed when using the TS5070/71 COMBO II programmable codec/filter devices to simplify subscriber line card systems in a CO or PABX.
2008-09-01 Tool industry must face parallel programming issues
People may say that multicore software programming with today's languages is just a temporary issue until the real parallel programming solution comes along. But let's not forget that the "gap" in stopgap is often a lot wider than anyone ever thought it would be.
2006-04-05 Tool assists in PCB testing and in-system programming
JTAG Technologies announced the introduction of JTAG ProVision, a tool that aims to accelerate and simplify the development of boundary-scan applications.
2008-05-22 Tool allows IEC61131-3 programming
ACS Motion Control has enhanced its powerful, user-friendly motion control software to support the IEC61131-3 programming language.
2000-03-07 TMS320C54x DSP Programming Environment
This application note describes some of the techniques that can be used in different applications to take advantage of the full feature set of the TMS320C54x fixed-point DSP family.
2001-05-02 TMS320C54x DSP programming environment
This application note discusses elements of the programming style used with Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP family.
2000-09-06 The benefits of Atmel's RAPID programming algorithm
This application note details the Atmel RAPID programming algorithm and briefly explains why this algorithm is superior to others. In addition, it will give an introduction to EPROM technology and the mechanics of programming.
2002-10-08 Telelogic tools end reliance to code-centric programming
The addition of the Tau/Architect and Tau/Developer into the Tau Generation2 is claimed to end the reliance on code-centric programming to deliver faster and cheaper systems and real-time software.
2004-10-25 System General, Matrix team up in programming solutions
Taiwan-based System General Corp., a provider of device programming instruments, has collaborated with Matrix Semiconductor to develop content programming solutions for Matrix 3-D Memory (3DM).
2007-10-09 Stuck at C: Programming languages unready for multicore
Embedded developers are slowly moving to multicore architectures, but they will make the transition without much help from parallel programming languages.
2008-06-18 STM32F10xxx in-application programming using the USART
The purpose of this application note is to provide general guidelines for creating an IAP application.
2001-10-03 ST9 Flash programming
This application note gives guidelines to program the ST9 Flash devices depending on these programming situations: in the manufacturing line (ISP); in the development laboratory (with the EPB); and in the field (ISP).
2006-06-20 Spansion, Data I/O collaborate for automated flash memory programming
Data I/O and Spansion announced a collaboration to advance the use of automated flash memory programming in the production of wireless, consumer and automotive markets.
2002-05-07 Simplify manufacturing by using automatic test equipment for on-board programming
This application note provides design information and benchmark data to help ATE vendors integrate Flash memory programming into their manufacturing test procedure.
2006-03-06 Seica flying probe system eases PCB test programming
Seica announced a new addition to its line of flying probe test systems to address the growing demand to provide cost-effective test solutions that will further enhance ease of programming, high fault coverage and fast throughput for PCB test.
2008-09-23 RPM extends programming support for Cypress's PSoC
RPM Systems Corp. is offering production programming support for Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s PSoC Programmable SoC family.
2010-02-18 Researchers detail parallel programming progress
Researchers offered an update on their work to find new programming models for tomorrow's many-core processors at an annual event at the University of California at Berkeley.
2005-06-24 Renesas, Hitachi improve AG-AND flash programming
Japanese semiconductor companies Renesas Technology Corp. and Hitachi Ltd have co-developed two programming technologies for the so-called Assist Gate-AND form of flash memory devices, the companies have said.
2008-04-22 Programming Windows XP for embedded IR applications
This application note details the tools, supporting technologies and procedures for the development of infrared applications on Windows XP based PC.
2008-10-23 Programming tools ease parallel data constructs
The MathWorks has launched its MatLab environment that offers new parallel programming capabilities.
2005-10-13 Programming tool spins code for audio-over-Ethernet chips
A graphical programming tool for Cirrus Logic's CS4961xx family of audio system processors, DSP Conductor aims to speed the task of building systems for distributing digital audio over an Ethernet LAN.
2001-03-26 Programming the W30X series clock generators
This application note provides a description, from a user's point of view, of the individual register and bit functions of Cypress Semiconductor's W30X series of clock generators.
2010-04-06 Programming the TMS320VC5509 ADC peripheral
This application note demonstrates the procedure used to program the TMS320VC5509 ADC peripheral. Basic operation of the ADC consists of the ADC initialization and conversion of an arbitrary voltage into a digital value.
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