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2001-06-07 Using a PCAT keyboard with a TICkit 63/74
This application note details a simple process of using a PCAT keyboard for alphanumeric input on a TICkit 63/74 processor.
2001-06-06 Simple +5Vdc power supply
This application note discusses how to get a simple 5Vdc power source for the TICkit processor.
2001-06-07 PWM in background on the TICkit62 (Fancy example with relay control of direction and braking)
This application note explains the PWM operation on the TICkit62 controller by presenting an example of driving a relay.
2001-06-07 Closed loop techniques using a quadrature shaft encoder
This application note describes closed loop techniques using a quadrature-encoding sensor with an index sensor that locates the absolute position of a rotating shaft.
2001-06-06 Blinking an LED on the TICkit 62 (Simple I/O Example)
This application note serves as a good introduction to I/O on a TICkit controller by providing a blinking LED example on the TICkit 62.
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