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2003-05-29 Why do Set Top Boxes need Circuit Protection
This application note discusses the need for set top boxes to be protected against transients such as ESD.
2003-05-29 Why do Line Cards need added circuit protection
This application note discusses the need for Line Cards to be protected from transients, especially those caused by atmospheric disturbances.
2002-05-24 Tyco resettable fuses provide primary protection
Tyco Electronics' power components division has launched two products in its Raychem line.
2003-08-12 Tongrun power adapter has overvoltage protection
The TRAB1-040 switching power adaptor from Shanghai Tongrun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is designed for use in desktop PCs and computer peripherals.
2002-08-12 Siliconix MOSFETs aimed at battery protection apps
Vishay Siliconix has announced the availability of five new n-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs aimed at battery-protection applications in Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packs
2003-05-26 Set Top Box Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection
This application note discusses the different threats that are posed to the STB both internally and externally, and the suppression devices that can be used to protect them.
2008-09-18 PMIC features USB On-The-Go, overvoltage protection
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the newest member in a family of multifunction power management ICs for Li-Ion/polymer battery-based applications.
2002-04-24 ON Semiconductor data line protection IC meets USB 2.0 specification
The NP4201 data line protection device from ON Semiconductor delivers a maximum line-to-line capacitance of 5pF, and is claimed by the company to be the industry's first four-line protection device to meet the USB 2.0 requirement for signal integrity
2002-07-24 NEC ESD-protection devices halves inter-terminal capacity
The NSAD500F and NSAD500H ESD-protection devices from NEC Corp. have a typical inter-terminal capacity of 3.5pF minimizing waveform distortion and improving the accuracy of the transmitted data
2009-02-05 Integrated protection device fits mobile apps
ON Semiconductor has released what it claims to be the first integrated bi-directional device, with positive and negative overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection.
2003-05-29 General Purpose ESD Protection
This application note discusses the "general purpose" transient protection with signal bandwidth les than 125 Mbps
2003-05-29 ESD Protection USB 2.0 Data Lines
This application note discusses the importance of ESD protection and suppression for Universal Serial Bus products
2003-05-29 ESD Protection USB 1.1 Lines
This application note discusses the importance of ESD protection and suppression for Universal Serial Bus products
2003-05-29 ESD Protection Infiniband Data Lines
This application note discusses the importance of ESD protection and suppression for Infiniband products such as server, adapters, switches, storage units, and the like
2003-05-29 ESD Protection Ethernet Data Lines
This application note discusses the importance of ESD protection and suppression for Ethernet Data Products
2001-03-01 Circuit protection for next-generation products
Circuit designers should be aware of the conditions that cause electrical overstress (EOS) and provide appropriate circuit protection to ensure safe and reliable operation
2008-05-28 Voltage charger provides superior overvoltage protection
Intersil Corp. has released the ISL9301, a high-input voltage battery charger can safely handle input voltages up to 28V.
2016-02-22 Varistors promise intrinsically safe overvoltage protection
The T series of EPCOS ThermoFuse devices from TDK target domestic appliances, power supply units, PV inverters, and ballasts for lighting systems, surge voltage protectors and electronic metres.
2009-05-04 USB 2.0 OVP device packs high-speed ESD protection
ON Semiconductor has developed the NCP362, claimed to be the industry's first overvoltage protection (OVP) device with both integrated current protection and high-speed ESD protection for USB 2.0 applications in portable, telecom, consumer and computing systems.
2010-02-04 Two-string HB LED driver packs complete fault protection
Maxim Integrated's MAX16838 two-string HB LED drivers is able to optimize conversion efficiency and provide complete fault protection and allow a 5000:1 dimming range
2008-08-27 Tiny OVPs brandishes negative polarity protection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX4970/MAX4971/MAX4972, a family of tiny, 2mm x 1.5mm OVPs that guard low-voltage systems against faults up to 28V.
2003-05-28 T3 Protection
This application note presents a design for providing T3 protection using the company's SIDACtor devices
2012-01-16 Surge stopper touts unlimited overvoltage protection
The LTC4366 operates from 9V to greater than 500V and features a rugged floating topology with user adjustable maximum output.
2003-02-12 STMicro inverter withstands 7V overvoltage
The 74LX1G04 single-gate inverter from STMicroelectronics operates from 1.65V to 5.5V with data retention down to 1.2V.
2008-11-24 Space-saving protection IC targets portable apps
ON Semiconductor has launched the NUS6189, which integrates the performance and functions of an OVP circuit, a 30V p-channel power MOSFET, a low VCE(sat) transistor and a low Rds(on) power MOSFET into a space-saving package.
2000-12-11 Solid state overvoltage protector for ac line
This application note shows how thyristors can substitute the function of the metal oxide varistors (MOVs) for protecting equipment against transient voltage conditions.
2008-06-04 Regulator has switched output, load-dump protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX15009/MAX15011 highly integrated, 300mA automotive linear regulators with a switched output and load-dump protection
2006-10-13 Ref design kit enables supplies with high surge protection
The new reference design kit from Power Integrations features a constant-voltage charger circuit capable of withstanding 10kV common-mode or 2kV differential-mode surges.
2003-07-15 Raychem rolls fault protection devices
Raychem Circuit Protection has released its ROV series of Metal Oxide Varistors for overvoltage fault protection in high-voltage apps.
2010-03-03 Protection IC packs power management bus support
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a system monitoring, protection and control IC with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support
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