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2006-11-01 Winbond touts 'highest-density' Pseudo SRAM
Winbond Electronics has announced what it touts as the Pseudo SRAM with the largest density in the market.
2003-01-16 Toshiba ships 128Mb Pseudo SRAMs
Toshiba Corp. has announced the availability of a pair of 128Mb Pseudo SRAMs that have a standby current of 250?A
2010-10-14 Pseudo SRAMs join SRAM ease, DRAM density, cost
The memory products cut the need for an external refresh controller, and offer partial array refresh, low standby current and deep power down modes that cut power use.
2006-02-23 Japanese trio unleash revised SRAM spec
Toshiba, NEC Electronics and Fujitsu have announced the 4th revision of their standard interface specification for pseudo SRAM known as COSMORAM Rev. 4.
2003-06-20 ISSI pseudo SRAMs show wider voltage range
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has introduced an ultra-low power PSRAM line with the release of the IS32WV16100 and IS32WV16200 devices.
2002-02-27 Cypress taps ProMOS for 1T SRAM technology
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and ProMOS Technology Inc. will codevelop pseudostatic RAMs based on a single-transistor cell for use in cell phones and other mobile applications.
2003-10-06 Renesas rolls out 32mm? footprint SRAM
Renesas Technology Corp. has developed what it claims is the world's smallest 16Mb SRAM, the SuperSRAM
2006-03-15 Winbond announces February revenue
Winbond Electronics announced the revenue results for the month of February 2006. Revenue for the month was around $62 million, a decrease of 3.68 percent, when compared to $64 million in the previous month.
2005-11-17 PSRAM reduces handset costs
Micron's new pseudo-SRAM further enables a manufacturer's ability to reduce costs within basic-feature handset designs due to additional features incorporated into a CellularRAM device.
2003-05-08 Promos signs tech pact with Elpida
Promos Technologies Inc. and Elpida Memory Inc. announced they will form a technology alliance, which gives the Taiwan company access to key process technology and helps the Japan firm line up more capacity without investing massive amounts of capital.
2002-07-10 NanoAmp rolls 16Mb PSRAMs
NanoAmp Solutions Inc. has released its family of asynchronous single-transistor PSRAMs targeted at 2.5G and 3G mobile phones.
2006-12-05 Mosaid acquires PSRAM patent portfolio
Mosaid Technologies Inc. has acquired a portfolio of pseudo-SRAM (PSRAM) technology, consisting of three U. S. patents, three Taiwan patents and three Korea patents.
2008-03-28 Low-power 32Mbit, 64Mbit SRAMs roll
Renesas Technology has introduced the R1WV6416R Series of 64Mbit Advanced Low-Power SRAM products with the highest capacity currently available
2002-10-17 ISSI MCP combines Flash, PSRAM
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has released two MCPs that combine a 64Mb NOR-type Flash memory with a 16Mb or 32Mb PSRAM.
2005-08-31 Hynix, NanoAmp, Winbond to co-develop CellularRAM specs
The CellularRAM work group announced the addition of Hynix Semiconductor Inc., NanoAmp Solutions Inc. and Winbond Electronics Corp. to its membership.
2003-08-27 Fujitsu launches 128Mb burst-mode mobile FCRAM
Fujitsu Ltd has began marketing its 128Mb burst-mode mobile FCRAM which complies with COSMORAM.
2003-03-05 Etron PSRAM draws 45?A during standby
Etron Technology Inc. has introduced a 16Mb Pseudo SRAM that draws a standby current of 45?A and exhibits a cycle time of 50ns.
2005-09-12 DRAM maker to sample 256Mb UtRAM for handsets
Samsung has developed what it claims is the first 256Mb uni-transistor random access memory (UtRAM) device, which it plans to sample to mobile phone manufacturers later this month.
2003-10-22 Cypress expands wireless product line with acquisition
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Cascade Semiconductor Corp. have signed a definitive agreement for Cypress to acquire Cascade in a merger.
2007-05-17 Cypress exits PSRAM, sells biz to Taiwan's ESMT
Exiting the PSRAM market, Cypress Semiconductor is selling off the business to Taiwan's Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc. for an undisclosed amount
2013-02-27 Research targets highly energy-efficient CMOS logic systems
Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers proposed a new architecture of power-gating using non-volatile SRAM and non-volatile FF circuits called non-volatile power-gating for high performance systems
2004-07-30 Micron begins sampling 128Mb PSRAMs
Micron announced sample availability of a 128Mb burst CellularRAM device incorporating a v1.5 feature set.
2008-02-25 ISSI readies first PSRAM line
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) offers samples of the 4Mbit IS66WV25616BLL and the 8Mbit IS66WV51216BLL Pseudo SRAMs (PSRAMS), the first members of its PSRAM product line
2004-08-16 ISSI chief looks beyond SRAMs
A better year in the SRAM market isn't putting Jimmy Lee at ease
2002-06-26 Infineon, Micron codevelop CellularRAM specifications
Infineon Technologies AG and Micron Technology Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of specifications for CellularRAM memory.
2003-02-19 Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba to market common spec PSRAMs
Fujitsu Ltd, NEC Electronics Corp., and Toshiba Corp. have reached an agreement on common specifications for Pseudo Static Random Access Memory (PSRAM1) devices that feature burst mode function enabling fast access operation
2006-12-06 Fujitsu intros 256Mbit FCRAM for mobile apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America has announced a new 256Mbit FCRAM designed for mobile applications such as cellular handsets.
2004-03-10 Taiwan outpaces other DRAM makers in 2003
Taiwan's row of 12-inch DRAM fabs is powering the island to a 105.3 percent year-on-year output growth - the strongest among the world's key DRAM producers.
2004-09-09 Toshiba, NEC, Fujitsu agree on common specs for PSRAM
Toshiba Corp., NEC Electronics Corp., and Fujitsu Ltd have agreed on standard interface specifications for Pseudo Static Random Access Memory (PSRAM) with burst mode
2004-08-26 Winbond to output UTT DRAM
Winbond Electronics Corp. has started producing untested DRAM chips.
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