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2009-10-07 Voltage reference IC provides 15db PSRR
It has a 200mV dropout voltage and a 3?A (typ) supply current that is virtually independent of supply voltage.
2004-01-23 TI LDO family features high PSRR
The family of low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) from TI is claimed by the company to feature the industry's highest PSRR and ultra-low noise for 200mA.
2005-12-08 Speaker amp with 90dB PSRR
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a Class AB 2.2W speaker amplifier with integrated analog volume control, a beep input and 90dB power-supply rejection ratio.
2006-05-12 Micrel's dual LDOs deliver low-dropout, high-PSRR edge
Micrel's new dual LDO regulator offers ultra low dropout voltage (35mV at 150mA), greater than 70db power supply ripple rejection, and ultra low output noise.
2004-07-27 Micrel LDO touts best PSRR, noise specs
Micrel says its MIC2215 is one of the industry''s highest performing triple low-dropout regulators.
2004-06-04 Micrel LDO regulator provide ultra-low dropout, high PSRR
A micropower, ultra-low dropout regulator for applications in portable electronic devices was announced by Micrel Semiconductor.
2007-08-27 Low-noise regulator touts high PSRR, efficiency
Micrel's new family of 'SuperLNRs' that feature the advantages and ease of use of LDOs with low noise, high PSRR, ultrafast transient performance, while providing the efficiency of a switching regulator.
2005-10-18 LDOs deliver ultra-high PSRR
Intersil announced a family of high-performance dual LDOs that promises ultra-high PSRR, extremely low quiescent current and excellent noise performance for RF/noise-sensitive apps.
2007-01-04 LDO touts superior PSRR for GSM handhelds
Intersil's low-dropout regulator, touting superior power supply rejection ratio, delivers 150mA continuous for GSM portable wireless apps.
2005-04-19 LDO regulator offers high PSRR
The new dual 150mA ?Cap LDO regulator from Micrel is touted to be an ideal solution for any application in portable electronics, including both RF and digital apps.
2010-09-01 200mA, -36V LDO regulators boast high PSRR, low noise
Texas Instruments says new LDO regulators output up to 200mA, feature wide input voltage range and less noise
2004-05-17 Wireless audio design made simple
Audio performance becomes an important aspect in modern mobile system design and great challenge to most R&D engineers.
2014-02-06 Voltage reference fundamentals
Learn about the basic DC voltage source or a voltage reference, as well as some discrete designs.
2009-09-04 The real story about closed-, open-loop Class D amps
This article reviews the traditional method of measuring PSRR and explains why it's ineffective in measuring the effects of power supply ripple in BTL Class D amplifiers.
2003-12-01 Testing an A/D's power supply rejection ratio
This article describes an easy way to measure the system's AC power supply rejection and quickly determine how badly the power supplies are corrupting the system dynamics.
2003-10-16 Mixed-signal integration key to future power management in portables
IC integration is simplifying the design of portable power electronics--maximizing battery life in the smallest board area and lowering cost.
1999-04-08 How to choose CMOS operational amplifiers
This paper discusses the features and applications using CMOS operational amplifiers.
2004-02-02 Design considerations of a power management system in mobile phone handsets
This technical feature discusses the challenges designers face as mobile handsets become crammed with sophisticated and complex features.
2006-10-17 Micrel intros ULDO regulator in ultrasmall package
Micrel has launched a single LDO offering an ultralow dropout of 40mV at 150mA, more than 75db PSRR and ultralow output noiseall in an extremely compact form factor.
2016-03-22 Low dropout regulators eliminate unwanted system noise
The ADP176x and ADP715x LDOs from Analog Devices, Inc. enable cleaner power rails, faster transient response and higher PSRR in noise-sensitive precision analog and RF applications.
2007-11-27 LDOs promise 'outstanding' noise performance
austriamicrosystems has expanded its LDO portfolio with the AS1358/59/61/62 family, which promises noise performance of less than 9?Vrms and up to 92dB PSRR (@1kHz typ).
2007-12-12 400mA linear regulators withstand 6V
Advanced Power Electronics has released the APE8912N/APE8913N, high-performance 400mA LDO linear regulators that offer ultralow dropout, low noise, high stability and high PSRR LDO circuit.
2009-08-04 Zero-drift op amp uses 30% less power
The ADA4051-2 is a chopper-stabilized operational amplifier designed for portable and battery-powered instruments.
2008-04-24 WLED driver packs negative charge pump, two LDOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8822, said to be the industry's only WLED driver to combine a highly efficient negative charge pump with two independent LDO regulators.
2008-03-12 WLED driver integrates audio amp, LDOs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8821, said to be the only WLED driver to combine a highly efficient, negative charge pump with a fully differential, bridged audio amplifier and two low-noise, LDO current regulators.
2007-06-19 White LED driver integrates Class AB audio amplifier
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX8678, the industry's only white LED (WLED) driver to combine a highly efficient negative charge pump with a fully differential, bridged audio amplifier.
2008-12-03 Vista-compliant audio chips are space-, power-savers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9791/MAX9792, the industry's first Windows Vista-compliant, audio subsystem ICs for notebook computers.
2007-08-01 Video amplifiers operate at 1.8V single supply
The MAX9509/MAX9510 from Maxim push the power consumption limit to a new low by operating the video amps at only 1.8V.
2008-02-04 Video amp with load detect saves up to 75% power
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX9516 video amplifier, which detects and reports the presence of a video load and reduces power consumption when the load is not present.
2011-08-22 Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this two-part series. It discusses the various ways of meeting the power requirements of SDI video components.
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