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2004-10-01 Modeling, verification of backplane press-fit vias
Look at active and passive components of a system differently to push higher data rates through backplane channels.
2003-11-14 Artesyn converters have power sequencing capabilities
Artesyn Technologies has launched 15 non-isolated point-of-load (POL) dc-dc converters that feature powerful control facilities.
2004-02-02 Uniwell PCBs have 400-by-340mm board size
Uniwell Electronic Ltd has announced the availability of a double-sided PTH PCB that has a thickness of 1.6mm.
2000-12-04 Thermal & reliability study on high-current thermal vias & output pins
This application note addresses concerns raised with regard to pin and board heating when high currents are driven through thermally relieved plated through-hole (PTH) vias.
2014-11-13 LTE protocol test platform targets M2M/IoT market
The XANTHUS PTH from NextG-Com was designed within the existing NextG-Com ALPS LTE product development program and aims to serve the specific needs of the MTC and category 1/0 developer market.
2000-10-01 Effects of NEMI reflow on PTHs
This paper evaluates the changes in plated through-hole (PTH) performance and laminate material properties for several epoxy-based laminate systems caused by the thermal reflow requirements of the NEMI higher temperature alloy.
2003-09-24 Wu Zhou single-sided PCB with carbon keypad
Wu Zhou Circuit Group Ltd has developed the PCB 2 single-sided PCB with carbon keypad.
2003-09-25 Wu Zhou Circuit PCB offers up to 3mm thickness
Wu Zhou Circuit Group Ltd has announced the availability of the its single-sided PCB 3 that features liquid photo imageable solder mask and tin lead.
2005-05-17 TI unveils POLA-compatible non-isolated, plug-in power modules
Texas Instruments Inc. announced two families of POLA compatible, non-isolated, plug-in power modules that are available in single in-line pin packages.
2004-10-01 TI power module comes with Auto-Track sequencing technology
Texas Instruments released a 20A, wide-input, isolated dc-dc plug-in power module with Auto-Track sequencing technology.
2004-03-10 Three Sun PCB has 500-by-500mm board size
Three Sun's gold-plated full-function double-sided PCB has FR4 base laminate materials and liquid photo imageable dry film solder mask.
2004-03-01 Three Sun PCB has 500-by-500mm board size
Three Sun Enterprise has released its Double-10 gold-plated full-function double-sided PCB with FR4 base laminate materials.
2014-04-01 Selecting housing materials for DDR4 memory module
The design and type of connector determines the set of materials that can be considered for the housing.
2004-07-06 Sanmina-SCI, Agilent develop new x-ray technique for PCBAs
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Sanmina-SCI Corp. have revealed a new technique for rapidly generating high-resolution, sub-surface 3D scans of complex multilayer backplane and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).
2005-11-10 Point-of-load modules promise ultra-fast transient response rates
Texas Instruments announced a family of non-isolated, plug-in power modules that promises ultra-fast transient response rates.
2012-04-25 Molex looks into 25Gb/s interconnect
The Molex ZXP Modular I/O Interconnect System is a small form-factor pluggable interface supporting data transmission at speeds beyond SFP+ and protocols such as 100 Gigabit Ethernet.
2005-03-02 Implement digital filters with LabVIEW
NI's v7.5 kit includes tools for modeling and creating software-based digital filters, as well as LabVIEW FPGA and C code generation for chip-level implementation.
2012-09-28 How to select PCB materials for high-frequency apps
Find out how to simplify that choice when striving for the best tradeoff between ease of fabrication and best electrical performance.
2004-06-30 Fast-print PCBs offer 0.9mm thickness
Shenzhen Fast-print Circuit Technology has released double-sided PCBs that feature a thickness of 0.9mm.
2014-12-23 Electroless copper bath improves IC substrate production
The Printoganth MV TP1 from Atotech promises to offer the highest throwing power into blind micro vias and especially into their wedges, to enable ultra-fine lines and spaces of 10/10um and below.
2012-04-25 Compliant-pin tech targets automotive apps
Molex's EON1.0, EON1.45 and EON1.80 connectors can be used on both the soldered and component sides of the PCB, allowing double-sided PCB assembly.
2012-04-30 Boost PMIC performance by optimizing package devt during design
Know the advantages of using a QFN device as opposed to BGA, from both a performance and cost viewpoint.
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