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2005-11-16 Zetex's P-channel MOSFETs reduce size of active clamp designs
The new 200V rated p-channel MOSFETs from Zetex promise to significantly reduce the size of active clamp designs previously reliant on much larger DPAK and SO8 packages.
2006-11-08 Vishay intros two p-channel load switch families
Vishay Intertechnology recently announced two families of p-channel load switches that it said optimized for high-side operation in 1.5-5V load-switching applications.
2012-05-16 P-Channel WL-CSP MOSFETs cuts board space in mobile apps
Fairchild Semiconductor's 0.8 x 0.8mm P-Channel PowerTrench WL-CSP MOSFETs claim improved thermal characteristics.
2012-11-28 P-channel MOSFET touts 4.8m? at 4.5V gate drive
Vishay's Si7655DN is a -20V p-channel MOSFET in a 3.3 x 3.3mm package geared for load switching and hot swapping in industrial systems, adaptor, battery and load switches in charger circuits.
2002-09-19 P-channel MOSFET targets 3V, 5V systems
The ST890 P-channel MOSFET from STMicroelectronics operates from 2.7V to 5.5V, making it suitable for use in both 3V and 5V system.
2002-07-12 Maxim MOSFET driver has separate n-, p-channel outputs
The MAX5048 power MOSFET driver from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. includes two separate n-channel and p-channel outputs.
2004-01-23 Linear Tech IC has p-channel MOSFET
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC4411 low loss Power Path controller that contains a 140 milliohm P-channel MOSFET.
2002-07-02 IR offers n-channel, p-channel power MOSFET pair
International Rectifier's IRF7338 is a 12V complementary n-channel and p-channel pair of HEXFET power MOSFETs in a single SO-8 package.
2011-09-08 Infineon launches P-channel 40V auto power MOSFETs
Infineon has announced the release of OptiMOS P2, an Infineon power management chip, which showed energy efficiency and cost saving.
2005-06-02 How P-Channel MOSFETs can simplify your circuit
This app note explains how P-Channel HEXFET power MOSFETs offer the designer a new option that can simplify circuitry while optimizing performance and parts count.
2003-06-27 How P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFETs Can Simplify your Circuit
This application note discusses the application of P-Channel HEXFET power MOSFET in simplifying circuitry design.
2000-05-04 How p-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs can simplify your circuit
As explained in this application note, the P-channel MOSFET has significant higher power losses that discourage its application in higher power circuits.
2006-12-05 Fairchild claims 'smallest-footprint' P-channel MOSFET
Fairchild has introduced the FDZ191P, said to be the industry's smallest-footprint P-channel MOSFET offering the thermal and electrical performance necessary for power conversion, charging and load management in low-voltage, high-volume portable electronics.
2010-05-14 30V p-channel MOSFET comes in PowerPAK 1212-8
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced a 30V p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET in the PowerPAK 1212-8 package.
2002-09-02 Zetex MOSFET boost circuit efficiency
The ZXMP3A17E6 30V, p-channel MOSFET features low on-resistance with fast switching to ensure high efficiency operation and higher current handling.
2009-05-05 Ultrasmall MOSFET touts lowest on-resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new dual 20V p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET with the lowest on-resistance ever achieved for a dual p-channel device in the thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 2mm x 2mm footprint area.
2007-05-01 Slew-rate controlled load switches support 12V operation
AnalogicTech's AAT4285 is the industry's first integrated slew-rate controlled load switch capable of supporting 12V operation.
2003-10-31 Sinyork MOSFETs feature 25V drain-source voltage
The n-channel MOSFETs from Sinyork Co. Ltd features a drain-source voltage of 25V and continuous drain current of 4V.
2003-11-11 Siliconix MOSFETs simplify dc-dc converter design
Siliconix Inc. has announced what it claims is the industry's first p-channel power MOSFET that is designed for use in synchronous buck converters.
2002-07-16 Siliconix adds to power MOSFET line
Vishay Siliconix has expanded its Little Foot power MOSFET line of products with the addition of three devices that are claimed to be the first MOSFETs that offer sub-ohm on-resistances in a 6-lead SC-89 package.
2006-12-20 PowerPath controllers drive large PFETs
Linear Technology has introduced dual-diode PowerPath controllers for driving small and large gate capacitance p-channel MOSFETs in power switchover circuits.
2008-04-11 pMOSFET claims industry's thinnest profile at 0.59mm
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new 20V p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFET in a MICRO FOOT chipscale package with the industry's lowest profile and on-resistance for this device type.
2013-11-28 Pin FMEA for power switches
Here's a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for the device pins of NXP Semiconductors logic controlled high side NX3P series power switches.
2007-10-01 MOSFETs boast advanced thermal performance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. released seven p-channel power MOSFETs in a PowerPAK ChipFET package that is said to offer advanced thermal performance in a compact, 3mm x 1.8mm footprint.
2011-01-20 MOSFET tips 16m? in 2mm x 2mm chip
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces a TrenchFET power MOSFET that it claims offers the lowest on-resistance for a p-channel device in a thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 package.
2007-08-17 MOSFET power switch targets PC modem cards
Advanced Analogic Technologies has rolled out the AAT4620, a p-channel current-limited MOSFET power switch for high-side load-switching applications in PC modem cards.
2009-08-21 MOSFET delivers 75m? RDS(ON)
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces a 20V P-Channel MOSFET that claims the industry’s lowest RDS(ON).
2003-06-30 Measuring HEXFET Characteristics
This application note discusses methods for measuring HEXFET Power MOSFET characteristics, both with a curve tracer and with special-purpose test circuits.
2002-05-06 IR ships active clamp reset MOSFETs
International Rectifier has released the IRF6126 and IRF6217 p-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs designed specifically for active clamp reset circuits in 48V isolated dc/dc converters using forward converter, flyback, or similar topologies.
2002-04-30 IR MOSFETs deliver 25 percent lower on-resistance
The IRF7754, IRF7755, IRF7756, and IRF7757 dual-power MOSFETs from International Rectifiers deliver up to 25 percent lower on-resistance than similar competing devices, thereby improving power system efficiency and extending the battery life of portable electronic equipment.
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