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2010-04-21 The advantages of using a quadrature digital upconverter (QDUC) in point-to-point microwave transmit systems
This application note briefly reviews the pros and cons of each approach and also offers an architectural option that is well suited for IF generation in the indoor unit (IDU) section of a microwave point-to-point radio.
2001-07-01 Quadrature-encoded position and beyond
This information is useful for commutation with brushless motors as well as other applications for determining accelerations, velocities, and when the controlled device should stop.
2000-06-13 Quadrature Modulator/Demodulator IC Covers Baseband to 250MHz
This technical note examines the RF2703, a quadrature modulator/demodulator monolithic chip that performs frequency conversion (upconversion and downconversion) to and from the baseband frequency.
2006-06-14 Quadrature modulator targets IF, RF apps
ADI's new quadrature modulator operates from 50MHz to 2200MHz, making it well-suited for low intermediate frequency and radio frequency applications.
2005-11-16 Quadrature modulator offers base station system cost savings
The new quadrature modulator from Linear Tech is optimized for 850MHz to 965MHz GSM, cdma2000, ISM and RFID modulator applications.
2007-01-31 Quadrature modulator enables high-performance GSM base stations
A new high-performance quadrature modulator from Linear Technology is optimized for 850MHz to 965MHz GSM, CDMA2000, ISM and RFID modulator applications.
2006-06-28 Quadrature demodulator targets 5GHz band apps
Skyworks Solutions has introduced a new direct quadrature demodulator with integrated LNA for the 5GHz band.
2000-06-09 Optimization of Quadrature Modulator Performance
This application note presents a derivation showing the relationship among the four parameters for quadrature modulators, including carrier suppression, sideband suppression, amplitude error and phase error.
2008-05-26 Gain, LO and phase compensation in a single sideband transmitter using the AD9788 TxDAC and ADL5372 quadrature modulator
This application note describes how to use the AD9788 TxDAC from Analog Devices as a key component in a single sideband transmitter where a high dynamic range IF signal is required at the DAC output.
2008-05-28 Digital quadrature modulator gain
This application note by Ken Gentile for Analog Devices explains the basic building blocks of a digital quadrature modulator, along with an analysis of the gain through the modulator for three types of input signals.
2001-06-07 Closed loop techniques using a quadrature shaft encoder
This application note describes closed loop techniques using a quadrature-encoding sensor with an index sensor that locates the absolute position of a rotating shaft.
2000-06-12 A Direct Quadrature Modulator for 0.9GHz to 2.5GHz Wireless Systems
This technical note demonstrates how the RF2422 direct quadrature modulator performs direct modulation up to 2.5GHz to simplify a wireless transmitter.
1999-10-25 A direct Quadrature Modulator for 0.9 To 2.5 GHz wireless systems
As wireless system designs have moved from carrier frequencies at approximately 900MHz to wider band-width applications like Personal Communication System (PCS) phones at 1.8GHz and wireless local area networks at 2.4GHz, you have been forced to implement discrete RF designs because of the absence of RF integrated circuits (RFICs) at these higher frequencies. System designs at these higher frequencies have a great need for highly integrated RFICs for quadrature modulators, power amplifiers, and low noise amplifiers/mixers.
2007-05-04 Using GMR sensors with the MSP430 scan interface
This application report describes implementation of a rotation detector that uses a pair of giant magneto-resistive (GMR) sensors, which can detect magnetic fields. The sensors are positioned such that they do not use a quadrature signaling sequence, and this provides an opportunity to discuss how the SIF can be configured for non-quadrature situations. Techniques for debugging SIF applications are discussed, and a tool is provided for designing non-quadrature processing state machines.
2002-05-08 Tips for minimizing troublesome problems with voltage regulator paralleling circuits
This application note discusses tips for minimizing troublesome problems through the use of voltage regulator paralleling circuits.
2001-04-05 SA900 I/Q transmit modulator for 1GHz applications
This application note reviews the basic concept of I/Q modulation and discusses the key points when designing the SA900 universal in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) modulator for an RF transmitter.
2013-07-18 PLL circuit boasts 1Gb/s signal transmission rate
Gain ICs' phase locked loop circuit allows RF designs to return to single signal FM modulation techniques thus avoiding the noise issues and frequency spectrum crowding.
2012-03-09 Modulators, demodulators operate up to 2.4GHz
Richardson RFPD's offerings target wireless infrastructure applications such as 2G, 2.5G and 3G base station radios, high-capacity radio links, WLAN, and aerospace and defense equipment.
2006-05-23 Modulator directly converts from baseband to 900MHz
A quadrature modulator from Linear Tech is designed for direct conversion from baseband to the 850-965MHz frequency band.
2002-02-05 LSICSI clock converters feature x4 resolution
LSI Computer Systems Inc. has released the LS7183 and LS7184 quadrature clock converters that feature x1, x2 and x4 resolution.
2002-05-07 Linear Tech RF chipset operates down to 1.8V
Linear Technology Corp.'s 1.8GHz to 2.7GHz RF transceiver chipset operates from 1.8V to 5.25V, and suitable for use in 802.11b-compliant and non-compliant 802.11 systems in the 2.4GHz ISM band.
2003-12-16 Linear Tech demodulator eyes portable apps
A monolithic IF quadrature demodulator from Linear Technology Corp. operates with a single supply voltage as low as 1.8V.
2002-06-11 Infineon, Metalink launch QAM-VDSL solutions
Infineon Technologies AG and Metalink Ltd have conducted interoperability demonstrations of their respective standard-based, 4-band QAM VDSL solutions at Supercomm 2002.
2002-04-16 Fujitsu QPSK tuner IC replaces QPSK NIM modules
Positioned as a replacement for discrete QPSK NIM modules, the MB8A15 single-ship QPSK tuner integrates a ZIF tuner, QPSK demodulator, and forward error correction circuitry suitable for DVB-S and DSS transmissions.
2007-09-25 From RF to baseband in one demodulator
A monolithic quadrature demodulator for direct down conversion applications has been introduced by Texas Instruments Inc.
2009-02-04 Frequency domain tutorial: Understanding spectral components (Part II)
The second part of a two-part series, this articles focuses on describing a quadrature signal, having a real and an imaginary part, that is a function time.
2003-04-01 Finding the right tests for Bluetooth radio design
Bluetooth radio designs utilize a variety of system architectures; however, there are several issues that must be addressed in the course of developing a product, regardless of how the design is configured.
2006-01-02 Discover interface options for position encoders
There is not now, and probably never will be, a "one-size-fits-all" encoder interface. Read on.
2005-07-18 Design, verify 802.11a 5GHz WLAN systems
Delve into the IEEE 802.11a physical layer and the integrated software/hardware design flow for a typical IC design and verification
2004-11-01 Critical RF measurements in digital TV systems
Focus on factors that compromise the integrity of a transmission system to maintain reliable, high-quality service over DTV.
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