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2007-09-07 Radar test devices add pulse modulator capability
Aeroflex has added an internal pulse modulator capability to its 6810 and 6820 Series microwave signal generators and scalar analyzers.
2011-08-09 Creating a radar threat simulator and receiver calibrator with precise angle of arrival
Read about a solution for radar testing, and the results and benefits associate with it.
2008-11-20 Advanced Radar Testing with the RSA6100A Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
In this application note, we look at the performance of the RSA6100A Series and its application to advanced radar measurements
2007-06-01 Testing signals for UWB aerospace systems
This article discusses test instrumentation that can address the special needs of advanced aerospace/defense applications.
2014-04-17 Testing as an art (Part 1
Test is typically considered as an afterthought, but test equipment design can be so much more complex than the equipment it is testing
2010-05-07 Radar detector packs location-aware features
Without specialty ASICs, but with beautiful RF engineering, the Escort 9500ix seems to own the top spot in radar/laser detectors for now
2004-06-23 New WLAN spectrum still mired in DoD testing debate
Defense Department concerns over radar system security have prevented WLAN chip vendors from utilizing an additional 255MHz of spectrum released by the government more than a year ago to boost WLAN throughput and reduce interference
2012-05-18 Mixed signal integration issues in radar systems
Learn about an alternate design and test approach for today's complex radar systems
2008-04-09 AWGs ease communication equipment testing
Two 15bit arbitrary waveform generators that can create simultaneous wide-bandwidth and high-resolution signals for electronic testing of communication equipment is offered by Agilent Technologies
2015-12-21 Test power ICs to withstand radiation
Failure in space is to be avoided at all costs because there is no human around to make repairs. Testing can help assure that the ICs will withstand radiation
2015-06-22 RF record, playback sol'n comes with real-time GNSS simulator
The Averna RP-6100 series can capture all GNSS bands, as well as HD Radio, Wi-Fi, LTE, radar and cognitive radio, plus impairments, to significantly advance RF projects and harden product designs
2003-06-11 Raytheon to deploy Credence system for logic ICs
Raytheon Co.'s Space and Airborne Systems business has purchased Credence Systems Corp.'s IMS Electra MX engineering validation test system.
2013-07-02 On-board signal averaging added to PCI Express digitizer
The PCIe-9852 digitizer board from Adlink streams data at up to 800MB/s and onboard signal averaging, making the device ideal for long-term, high-speed data recording.
2013-06-04 Anritsu to showcase VectorStar platform at IMS 2013
The VectorStar platform is touted to be a solution for device characterisation, as well as solutions for measuring components and sub-systems used in radar and wireless network applications
2011-03-08 Silver, diamond make cooling composite for defense systems
Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers have developed a composite of silver and diamond for cooling microelectronics used in defense systems such as phased array radars.
2013-05-27 TriQuint expands GaN product, process line
The firm's latest GaN amplifiers and transistors along with two GaN processes claim to offer performance, size and durability advantages for communications, radar and defence RF systems
2006-08-30 Tantalum chip capacitors target avionics, military apps
Vishay said its new solid tantalum chip capacitors are designed for safety-critical avionics and military applications such as radar and weapon systems
2006-08-30 Tantalum chip capacitors suit avionics, military apps
Vishay said its new solid tantalum chip capacitors are designed for safety-critical avionics and military applications such as radar and weapon systems
2007-06-27 Reliable, low-ESR capacitors roll for safety-critical apps
Vishay has unveiled a new line of solid tantalum chip capacitors that offer high-reliability screening and surge current testing options with extremely low ESR performance
2009-03-26 Low profile BeO package fits power IC switches
StratEdge has released a beryllium oxide (BeO) package and full assembly and testing services for high power semiconductor switches and small GaN, SiC and GaAs devices
2007-09-17 Instruments combine RF, digital test
Changes in both RF communications and digital bus structures are creating the need for cross-cultural approaches to testing, and instrument developers are responding
2011-05-03 BEEcube plans data center, RF forays with FPGA platform
BEEcube will create systems-level accelerators to be used with traditional servers to run specialty apps, and produce digital RF development systems for testing cognitive and software-defined radio
2015-04-14 Verifying ADAS in vehicles and in labs
Learn about the typical challenges that arise in verifying object data and testing the image processing algorithm. The XCP standard enables the necessary high data throughput in measurement and calibration
2010-10-13 Google takes autonomous cars on road test
Google says it has been testing self-driving cars with the aim of making roads safer
2008-04-09 Xilinx FPGAs debuts for high-radiation space apps
Xilinx rolled radiation-tolerant Xilinx Virtex-4QV FPGAs, said to be the first FPGA solution for space applications to offer multiple platforms optimized for stringent high-performance processing needs.
2010-05-12 WiGig joins hands with SiBeam, Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wireless Gigabit Alliance has struck a deal with the Wi-Fi Alliance to have its specification for 60GHz networking considered as the next generation of Wi-Fi.
2011-08-10 Waveguide terminations operate in 1.12C40GHz
Link Microtek's high-power terminations integrate forced-air cooling that gives the device higher power-handling capability.
2015-08-31 Waveguide directional couplers work from 18GHz to 110GHz
The solutions from Fairview Microwave are offered with 10dB or 20dB coupling values and have high directivity of 30dB typical with insertion loss as low as 0.6dB in certain models.
2011-03-07 Waveform generator boasts high resolution, wide bandwidth
Agilent's M8190A arbitrary waveform generator boasts simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth along with dynamic range and very low harmonic distortion.
2003-02-11 Ultraview 1.25GSa/s A/D board stores 8GB
Ultraview Corp.'s PCI-bus data acquisition board provides >100 times storage depth of prior A/D boards in the 1GHz range.
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