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What is Extreme Ultra-Violet radiation (EUV)?
Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) radiation is generally considered to be the part of the electromagnetic spectrum spanning from 120nm down to 10nm. Its main uses are photoelectron spectroscopy, solar imaging and lithography.
Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is a next-generation lithography technology using the 13.5nm EUV wavelength.
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2011-04-15 Wireless antenna designed for portable devices
Laird Technologies has introduced the WTS2333C-FRSMM WiMAX external wireless dipole antenna for portable devices.
2012-12-24 Tough UTL power connector handles up to 600V
Souriau's UTL power connector is suited for the most demanding climates, withstanding all weather conditions, and UV radiation thanks to the use of a new moulded polyamide.
2003-05-29 Spire acquires Bandwidth Semiconductor
Spire Corp. has acquired semiconductor foundry Bandwidth Semiconductor LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stratos Lightwave Inc.
2007-08-15 SoC controller targets space applications
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and Ramon Chips Ltd have completed a prototype radiation-hardened SoC controller for space applications.
2006-07-20 SerDes transmits data at up to 2.7Gbps
The latest member of Texas Instruments' WizardLink family of multi-gigabit transceivers is a 1.6-2.7Gbps rad-hard SerDes that is designed to support serial interface in high-speed data bus apps for aerospace equipment.
2014-07-24 Self-cooling PV cells offer mass-market appeal
A group of researchers discovered a way to let solar cells cool by themselves by adding a specially patterned layer of silica glass to the surface of ordinary solar cells.
2005-02-03 RF sniffer is a recording spectrum analyzer
Narda Safety Test Solutions' SRM-3000 selective radiation meter is a battery powered portable that's essentially a precision handheld spectrum analyzer.
2005-08-01 RF IC tools still seeking paths to silicon
Complicated by multiple modulation schemes, RF tools have become proficient at simulating behavior on an architectural level.
2006-01-16 RAD-Hard DC/DC converter modules integrates EMI filter
International Rectifier's new DC/DC converter modules deliver isolated output voltages from 1.5V to 15V with typical efficiency ratings up to 83 percent.
2010-11-26 Protect SIM cards from EMI, ESD
Know the various devices to protect (U)SIM interfaces from ESD discharges and EMI interference.
2013-11-25 Power-efficient IC sheds light on mind-body connection
Scientists from A*STAR IME, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore developed an IC chip with record-low power use for direct recording of brain activities.
2011-07-08 Microsemi acquires ASIC Advantage
The acquisition of ASIC Advantage by Microsemi can expand its reach into key markets and provide customers with a wider range of products from a single source.
2002-05-10 MICRF001 antenna design tutorial
This application note describes the MICRF001 UHF receiver IC, which provides a low-cost solution for the RF-to-baseband transducer, for applications in the 300MHz to 440MHz frequency band.
2002-06-21 Methode ships SFP EMI shield
Methode Electronics Inc.'s dataMate Products division has announced the release of the SFP EMI Cage that minimizes EMI radiation leakage in both copper and optical SFP transceivers.
2003-09-03 Maxwell rolls hermetic die-based stack-packaging
Maxwell Technologies has introduced Rad-Stak, a radiation shielding technology that utilizes stacked packaging to create fully space-qualified components.
2008-03-21 Managing EMI in Class D audio applications
In today's portable and consumer applications, space has become a premium and engineers are often required to eliminate enclosures and shielding, and suppress EMI and noise through other means such as better segregation at the circuit level.
2003-11-28 Lithium Tech battery packs to support Sartrex device
Lithium Technology Corp. will produce lithium battery packs for a portable radiation detector manufactured by Sartrex Corp.
2011-06-28 Japan: Land of the rising silence
Junko Yoshida describes how the Japanese, after the March 11 quake, are great at setting, communicating and achieving goals but are afraid to face the issues that require more complicated solutions.
2004-10-11 IR offers compact alternative to bipolar devices
IR introduced new radiation-hardened logic-level gate drive MOSFETs designed to boost efficiency and performance in circuits that traditionally relied on bipolar transistors.
2013-05-27 Improving thermal analysis of LEDs
Here's a straightforward alternative to estimate the amount of heat generated by an LED based on Luminous Efficacy of Radiation.
2007-02-16 How to test EMC in semiconductors
This article describes the test methods IEC61967 for EME test of ICs with frequency from 150kHz to 1GHz, and IEC62132 for EMS test of ICs with frequency from 150kHz to1GHz.
2005-06-07 Honeywell posts 1Mb rad-hard MRAM data sheet
Honeywell International Inc. has posted a data sheet for a 1Mb radiation-hard magnetic RAM to its website in the form of a "pdf" file
2006-11-01 Homogenization eases FEM simulation
Boasting satisfactory accuracy for practical applications, homogenization is a useful tool for replacing highly complex periodic structures in finite element simulation.
2002-06-04 Hitachi acquires 'linac' technology via stake in AccSys
Hitachi Ltd has acquired an 80 percent stake in AccSys Technology Inc. to expand its proton beam therapy systems business.
2015-12-24 Guard bands minimise MOSFET failures in space (Part 2)
In Part 2 of this series, we continue the discussion on choosing the correct guard band when selecting power MOSFETs for use in spacecraft power modules.
2015-12-23 Guard bands minimise MOSFET failures in space (Part 1)
Learn how guard band gives us confidence that that the device and its associated circuitry in the aerospace module will function properly.
2002-04-18 Goodrich licenses ARM technology for SoC solutions
Goodrich Corp. has entered into a patent and technology licensing agreement with ARM, wherein ARM will provide Goodrich with SoC solutions that will allow space-based computers/chips to withstand high radiation, while supporting low-power applications.
2011-07-08 DC/DC converters offer 18VC40V input range
International Rectifier has launched its 50W DC/DC converters that feature 18V to 40V input range and total ionization dose of over 100 krad (Si).
2001-08-09 Contactless smartcard design using the EM simulation software
This conference technical paper discusses the core technology of HF in contactless smartcard system, as well as the optimetrics analysis and design flow using an EM simulation software.
2010-08-02 Cargo scanning technology wins Indonesia patent
VeriTainer Corp. announces that its crane-based radiation detection technology for scanning shipping containers has received a patent from the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights.
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