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What is Extreme Ultra-Violet radiation (EUV)?
Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) radiation is generally considered to be the part of the electromagnetic spectrum spanning from 120nm down to 10nm. Its main uses are photoelectron spectroscopy, solar imaging and lithography.
Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is a next-generation lithography technology using the 13.5nm EUV wavelength.
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2002-07-29 OPHIR RF amplifier module provides 41dB gain
The Model 5302015 amplifier module provides a minimum small signal gain of 41dB gain and is designed for video transmission in the ISM band.
2002-10-22 Open-source C compiler targets FPGAs
Seeking to eliminate the need for detailed hardware expertise for FPGA design, a research group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory developed an open-source C compiler for reconfigurable logic.
2006-03-30 Op amp reduces power consumption by 30%
Analog Devices introduced an operational amplifier (op amp) that aims to meet the power, voltage, accuracy and price requirements of portable battery-powered applications.
2012-05-24 On-ground molded interconnect antenna touts tiny footprint
Molex's 2.4GHz SMD on-ground antenna weighs in at only 0.03g measuring 3 x 3 x 4mm for tablets, headsets, smart meters and other portable electronic devices running Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee and other wireless standards.
2009-12-08 OLED surface-emitting panel emits 25lm/W
Weighing only 24g, the Orbeos OLED panel has a round lamp surface of 80mm diameter and 2.1mm thickness.
2008-04-30 Off-the-shelf DC/DC converter modules fit for space use
VPT has introduced more than 50 DC/DC converter modules specifically designed for space applications.
2009-10-12 nvSRAMs boast improved access times
Integrating a real-time clock in the nvSRAMs covers applications traditionally served by battery-backed SRAMs.
2014-11-26 NTU-made satellites fly into space in 2015
NTU is building two new satellitesa climate satellite and an experimental communication satellitethat the University plans to send into space in the last quarter of 2015.
2009-10-14 NREL adopts Synopsys TCAD for solar cells
The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has selected Synopsys' Sentaurus TCAD to create solar cell models.
2007-10-18 Non-volatile SRAM offers infinite read, write cycles
Cypress Semiconductor's non-volatile SRAM, manufactured on SONOS technology, features access times as low as 15ns, infinite read, write and recall cycles, and 20-year data retention.
2015-06-09 Non-volatile RAM seen as replacement for DRAM, flash
Startup Nantero has raised $31.5 million that will be used to speed up development of its NRAM, sometimes known as Nano-RAM, for use in both enterprise and consumer applications.
2008-01-15 Non-contact thermometer features 35 field of view
Melexis' new non-contact thermometer, the MLX90614xAC, has an FOV of only 35, enabling design engineers to measure smaller objects or increase the sensor-object distance.
2007-02-23 Next-gen Fujitsu MCUs run faster at less power
Fujitsu's new 16FX MCU series delivers performance enhancements compared to its current-generation MCUs including up to five times the computing power, 80 percent less power consumption and greater on-chip functionality.
2011-03-31 New state of matter proposed for superconductivity
Researchers say that a separate state of matter exists at temperatures above the superconducting state
2011-08-16 New research to enable microwave-based computers
A new microwave technique for performing quantum entanglement was demonstrated by NIST, opening the possibility of microwave-based computers.
2006-09-25 New PV relays offer smaller footprint
The new series of photovoltaic relays from International Rectifier is targeted at computers and computer peripherals, power supplies and power distribution, audio equipment, and instrumentation.
2008-08-18 New process touts improved IC speed, power use
Semiconductor wafer supplier IQE plc has beefed up its portfolio of manufacturing processes.
2007-01-16 New materials expand wireless options
Designers of portable wireless products now have new tools, approaches and components that provide fresh trade-offs in the quest for a perfect antenna. Newer antenna designs and components give designers other options
2003-07-02 NEC water-cooling module features piezoelectric pump
NEC Corp. has developed what it claims is the world's first slim-sized water-cooling module for notebook personal computers.
2008-11-11 National delivers enhanced wideband comm solutions
National Semiconductor has integrated a 2.5GHz fully differential amplifier and a 10bit, 2GSps dual ADC to its PowerWise family of energy-efficient products.
2011-01-19 Nanowires coil for stretchable electronics
North Carolina State University researchers report the production of coils of silicon nanowire integrated onto a substrate that they say is the answer to creating stretchable electronics.
2012-08-16 NanoTritrium ready for applications beyond defense systems
City Labs has been granted a regulatory license to manufacture, sell its NanoTritium betavoltaic power sources.
2013-11-12 Nanostructures allow specific filtering of colours
The team from A*STAR IMRE fabricated arrays of silver nanoscale pillars that can selectively reflect light of any desired colour.
2013-08-20 Nanometer device improves optical sensing
A*STAR researchers proposed a novel approach to 'superlens' systems that can surpass the classical limit of focusing light.
2005-12-02 Multilayer chip inductors mix low profile, excellent performance
J.W. Miller Magnetics' new PM1210G and PM1812G series of multilayer chip inductors feature a low profile with excellent performance characteristics to meet a wide variety of high frequency applications.
2007-10-12 Multibillion market awaits energy harvesting tech
In application areas as diverse as aircraft construction, personal health care monitoring systems or burglary detection systems, energy harvesting is on the verge of developing a market with a multibillion dollar potential.
2004-07-08 MRAM developers on target for rollout within 2004
Near the end of the 1990s, a flurry of announcements promised a 2004 rollout for a radical approach to memory chip technology based on manipulating electron spin.
2005-02-25 Motorola, Nextel launch handset with off-network radio capabilities
Motorola Inc. and Nextel Communications Inc. have launched the Motorola i325 IS handset, a ruggedized phone that provides off-network communications capabilities.
2006-05-05 Motor driver IC suits automotive apps in harsh environments
Atmel has released the ATA6026, an integrated motor driver IC for high-volume DC motor applications such as windshield wiper systems, door locks or seat position adjusters.
2014-11-10 More women needed in science and engineering
One of the key issues facing a developed economy is that women are dropping out of engineering and science at various stages of their lives, such as after graduation or when they start a family.
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