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2015-05-29 IoT opens up analogue opportunities
The Internet of Things could be a harbinger of a new golden age of analogue. These applications will definitely drive IC sales related to RF, power/energy harvesting, and signal conditioning.
2005-03-14 Intel, SAP team up on RFID hardware integration
Intel and SAP AG have entered into a deal to make radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.
2013-04-29 Implementing squelch in ISM-RF receivers
Know how to implement squelch in an amplitude-shift keying/on-off keying or frequency-shift keying system
2004-12-22 IBM offers RFID tech, but report questions fast track
Radio-frequency ID technology is hot, but observers caution that hurdles, including a patent dispute, must be overcome before the technology can be widely deployed.
2013-07-17 Hybrid TV tuner offers 350mW power consumption
MaxLinear's MxL661 tuner is based on the company's "Super Radio" technology and features software programmable radio frequency to intermediate frequency delay.
2004-10-04 HP, OATSystems partner on RFID solution
HP and OATSystems announced an RFID solution for companies implementing RFID and requiring continued support to track the movement of goods in real time.
2012-03-28 How FRAM RFID eases medical sterilization
Understand how the combination of ferroelectric RAM and RFID technologies helps ensure the safety of medical equipment.
2012-08-27 HotRail Assembly machine supports RF power amps
The HotRail radio frequency assembly cell from Palomar Technologies is a fully automatic, high-accuracy system that provides heat profile vs. time eutectic reflow on a single, large work area build site.
2015-04-13 High-voltage IC technology for bias supply design
Here's a look at some of the key requirements and challenges in designing off-line, non-isolated bias supplies, and how high-voltage IC technology can help simplify such designs.
2005-09-05 HBTs deliver 0.75dB noise at 6GHz
Infineon Technologies unveiled its new SiGe:C process technology for cost-effective, high-performance RF semiconductor devices.
2013-12-12 Grasp shielding, guarding in high impedance apps
Find out how ground loops and poor or nonexistent electrostatic shielding can cause error or noise currents to flow in the device under test.
2008-11-04 FAQs: RF design
RF is the wireless transmission of data by analog / digital radio signals at a particular frequency. It maintains a two-way, online radio connection between a mobile terminal and the stationed host terminal.
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities.
2012-06-06 Enhance M2M devices through antenna optimization
The process of building a better machine-to-machine deviceone that not only suits the application scenario but also performs well in the fieldbegins with selecting the right antenna.
1999-12-24 EMI/RFI board design
This Application Note will define ElectroMagnetic Interference and describe how it relates to the performance of a system. We will look at examples of Inter-system noise and Intra-system noise and present techniques that can be used to ensure ElectroMagnetic Compatibility throughout a system and between systems.
2011-08-15 EMC Basics #9: Solving RFI EMC problems
Learn how to address the increasingly common RF-based causes of EMC.
2011-07-18 EMC Basics #8: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Find out how to begin finding and fixing your EMI problem(s).
2011-07-11 EMC Basics #7: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Learn about the specific troubleshooting techniques for the four key EMI problemsemissions, electrostatic discharge, radio frequency interference, and power disturbances.
2011-05-16 EMC Basics #2: Resets as crucial circuits
Learn about the EMC vulnerability of this ubiquitous circuit function, and what to do about it.
2013-04-03 Designing a universal SDR platform
Read about an open software defined radio platform for the development of multi-standard wireless communication devices
2014-04-03 Dealing with impedances on the test bench
Designers and producers of digital high-speed systems are about to confront the challenge of having to consider high-frequency design aspects
2015-02-20 DC/DC converter module touts 15V to 33V range
Ericsson unveils the PKB4216C, a 200W DC/DC converter module, designed for radio-frequency power amplifier applications and supplying PA transistors.
2003-09-19 CSR Bluetooth-enables Apple notebooks
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that Apple has selected CSR BlueCore chips with AFH features to Bluetooth-enable its line of PowerBook G4 notebooks
2005-06-06 Cree to close silicon microwave business
Cree Inc. has announced it would close the unprofitable silicon radio frequency (RF) and microwave semiconductor business of its subsidiary Cree Microwave Inc., to focus on silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) RF and microwave products
2003-01-10 Chinese IC design industry needs local support
I am optimistic about China's WLAN market this year, particularly the 802.11a/b/g sector. LHWT intends to step into this market with its own 802.11b baseband product line, said LHWT's Technical Director Yang Jun.
2004-12-27 Chinese company develops complete RFIC transceiver
Comlent announced it is the first Chinese company to successfully develop a whole RFIC transceiver and power amplifier chipset for PHS/PAS handsets.
2006-08-03 China aims for own RFID spec by '07; to be cheaper than EPCglobal
China intends to issue a draft radio frequency ID specification this fall, with the hope of hammering out a final version that can be implemented in 2007.
2015-03-20 Boost medical apps efficiency through wireless links
Using FPRF devices, manufacturers can incorporate a cost-effective enhancement to their equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors and improve medical care.
2005-06-02 Anadigm rolls 'universal' RFID reader
Anadigm touts its RangeMaster devices to be the industry's first solution that allows system vendors to design and maintain a single "universal" reader than can be customized to read different RFID tag types
2005-04-08 Agilent to certify test and measurement skills in China
Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched a test and measurement certification program in China to cultivate local talent in the test and measurement industry.
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