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2006-03-01 Smart radios stretch spectrum
The wireless industry has embraced the belief that cognitive is the next big thing after software-defined radio
2003-09-18 Silicon Wave's UltimateBlue Coexistence Technology minimizes interference
Silicon Wave Inc. has announced that their UltimateBlue Coexistence Technology is now available to customers using the single-chip SiW3000 Bluetooth radio processor
2007-08-17 Short-range devices pose tradeoffs
As the market for short-range devices expands, the idea of a one-size-fits-all transceiver is simply out of the question.
2006-02-01 SDR: Today's myth, tomorrow's reality?
Just a buzz word five years ago, the potential impact of SDR for wireless providers is now significant.
2004-08-03 Satellite TV service set for launch in Japan, South Korea
A new satellite TV service to be launched here and in South Korea in October promises to deliver programming along with radio and data broadcasting to mobile terminals
2013-01-29 RFP planning wizard integrates VSS design tools
AWR Corporation's latest product is an novative new frequency planning wizard within Visual System Simulator that enables engineers to determine spurious free bandwidths
2006-02-09 RFMD launches transceiver module
RF Micro Devices announced the launch of its POLARIS 2 Total Radio module solution, which is comprised of a cellular transceiver module and a cellular transmit module
2009-12-17 RF transceiver cuts costs, extends battery life
Semtech Corp. is offering a programmable RF transceiver that features a 135dBm link budget that is 10dB more than competing devices.
2015-11-27 RF pointers for embedded developers
Here are five tips on RF technology for developers without much prior experience in dealing with RF now tasked with adding wireless connectivity to their embedded designs.
2003-02-07 RF Neulink becomes distributor of Omnex wireless products
RF Ind. Ltd has announced that its RF Neulink division has become an authorized distributor for Omnex Control Systems Inc.'s DM-900 Series of industrial wireless modems.
2014-11-28 RF bands for TV can enable 'super Wi-Fi'
Many lower frequency bands that were previously used for TV are being used less and less. Such bands are highly suited for penetrating obstacles and are ideal for longer range networks
2012-01-16 RF analyzer supports 12.5kHz, 25kHz channels
The handheld LMR Master S412E features a built-in vector network analyzer that delivers transmission dynamic range greater than 100dB.
2008-04-23 Renesas, IMEC collaborate on reconfigurable transceivers
A strategic collaboration to research on 45nm RF transceivers targeting Gbit/s cognitive radios and ADCs has been entered into by Renesas Technology Corp. and IMEC.
2008-02-08 Reconfigurable analog baseband LSI tailored for SDR
NEC and NEC Electronics have announced the development of a reconfigurable analog baseband LSI for software defined radio
2014-06-20 Radios beat a path to new channels for IoT devices
Imec, along with Holst, is developing radios for IoT including a79GHz radar transceiver in 28nm CMOS and the 802.11ah specification for running low-power Wi-Fi over 900MHz at distances up to 1km.
2005-04-26 RadioDesk HID platform from Chipcon offers wider range
The RadioDesk HID platform from Chipcon consists of a ready-for-production keyboard and mouse reference design utilizing Chipcon's RadioDesk advanced adaptive frequency-hopping RF protocol
2008-05-20 Qualcomm bags prize in U.K. L-Band auction
Qualcomm has beaten several other bidders for 40MHz of L-Band radio spectrum in the latest frequency auction of U.K. communications regulator Ofcom, and will most likely use the frequencies for a mobile TV service with partners.
2006-08-08 Products supporting multiple bands will drive handset shipments
The need for handsets that can operate in UMTS and legacy GSM modes across multiple regions will drive shipments of handsets with as many as seven or more bands, according to the recent report from Strategy Analytics.
2006-12-20 PRoC targets small wireless HIDs
Cypress has introduced its next-generation PRoC for innovative, small form-factor wireless human interface devices such as mice, presenter tools and RF remote controls.
2006-05-15 Power-efficient ISM-band RF transmitter chip sips current
Micrel is offering an efficient and power-managed ISM-band radio transmitter IC for less than $1.50
2013-03-15 Power supply withstands entire input voltage range
The design withstands the complete automotive input voltage range (including cold crank and load dump conditions), assuring a stable 8V supply for common sub-systems.
2011-03-28 Picocell 4G products improve wireless services delivery
Powerwave rolls 4G devices that improve the delivery of wireless services including an LTE picocell for indoor applications, an active array antenna and a remote radio Head with 65MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
2005-01-21 Pentek makes available 'complete transceiver functions in compact module'
Pentek released a complete software radio transceiver module that combines both transmit and receive capabilities with a Virtex II-Pro FPGA
2015-07-06 Optimise clock synthesis in heterogeneous networks
Learn about new IC architectures that enable lower power, smaller form factor and higher performance small cell clock synthesis.
2004-12-08 NJR rolls out demodulator IC with 10.7MHz (standard) IF input
New Japan Radio has rolled out its NJM2550 device, which is an FM IF demodulator IC with 10.7MHz (standard) IF input
2004-09-08 NJR RF amp suits VHF/UHF transceivers
New Japan Radio has unveiled a low current, low voltage RF amplifier especially designed for VHF/UHF transceivers
2003-04-15 NJR quartz crystal oscillators operate up to 5.5V
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released a pair of quartz crystal oscillators that operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply
2004-08-26 NJR oscillator IC tailored for high-speed net apps
New Japan Radio's new "LVDS output" C-MOS quartz crystal oscillator IC consists of an oscillation amp and LVDS
2005-02-07 NJR LED driver provides 18V-output voltage
The NJU6049 from NJR is a high efficient white LED driver that contains a high efficient step-up dc-dc converter and 20mA-output driver.
2005-08-18 NI teams up with China's Huari Telecom
National Instruments China Corp. (NI China) has partnered with Chengdu Huari Telecommunication Co. (Huari Telecom), a developer and manufacturer of radio directional finding systems in China
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