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What is a digital radio receiver?
A digital radio receiver is a device that accepts and converts radio signal to a digital stream.
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2007-01-16 Use smart partitioning in WiMAX radios
The appropriate partitioning of analog and digital functionality solves many of the issues related to integration of analog circuits on digital ASICs and results in faster time to market and longer time-in-market. It enables the optimization of the system to achieve high performance.
2008-07-31 Tools ease design of MM2 TTL radios
FreeWave Technologies has released developer kits for its MM2 TTL and MM2-IP radios.
2004-12-13 Too many radios, too little cell space
Cellphone makers are about to find out how many radios they can squeeze into a handset.
2003-09-17 TI DAC eyes wireless network cards, handheld radios
Texas Instruments has released what it claims is the industry's lowest power dual, 12-bit, 40MSPS DAC from the company's Burr-Brown product line.
2008-06-24 Testing modern radios
Designers have long sought to improve the performance and resiliency of radio communications. With the RF spectrum becoming more crowded and interference more prevalent in recent years, these efforts have become increasingly critical.
2008-08-07 Software speeds up field testing for Motorola radios
Aeroflex has launched the new Auto-Test II Motorola Test and Alignment support for the Motorola XTS-5000 radios. It is available for all 3900 Series products widely used in the field such as 3901, 3902 and the current 3920 Series.
2002-07-16 Software development for multi-standard radios
As the industry moves into increased wireless connectivity, software will play an important role in bridging the various wireless standards.
2000-12-01 Soft radios and modems on FPGAs
In this article, the benefits of using FPGAs over DSPs in the design of a 16-QAM RF transmitter data pump are presented.
2006-03-01 Smart radios stretch spectrum
The wireless industry has embraced the belief that cognitive is the next big thing after software-defined radio.
2004-12-13 Skyworks ramps cdma2000 1X radios at Vitelcom
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has received volume purchase orders for its complete cdma2000 RF subsystem from Grupo Vitelcom, a handset manufacturer in Europe, for mobile phones targeted at Latin America.
2007-02-27 SiGe HBT amplifiers roll for two-way radios
California Eastern Laboratories has announced the availability of a medium-power SiGe HBT transistor amplifier from NEC.
2006-12-18 SDR devt kit eases design of multiprotocol radios
With its new SDR development kit, TI said developers can easily design waveforms as well as create and test single or multiprotocol radios for applications in military, public safety, commercial, PMR and LMR communication systems.
2009-05-15 Samsung, IMEC team up on green radios
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and IMEC have signed a memorandum of understanding to lay down their intent to collaborate on technologies for green radios. The research collaboration topics will include cognitive reconfigurable radio baseband and millimeter-wave wireless communications technologies.
2006-08-23 RF Monolithics announces 3G Virtual Wire radios
RFM said the new 3G Virtual Wire radios offer high transmission rates for data, control and digitized voice, and a wide operating temperature range for industrial and outdoor applications.
2014-06-20 Radios beat a path to new channels for IoT devices
Imec, along with Holst, is developing radios for IoT including a79GHz radar transceiver in 28nm CMOS and the 802.11ah specification for running low-power Wi-Fi over 900MHz at distances up to 1km.
2012-08-09 Power detector aimed at high capacity E-band radios
The EXE8602-DNT is a small form-factor GaAs MMIC die power detector designed to operate from 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz E-band frequency bands.
2012-03-30 Power amp geared for high capacity E-band radios
The EXT7601 and EXT8601 power amplifier chipsets from GigOptix provide Psat output power of 23dBm in the 71-76GHz band and 22dBm in the 81-86GHz band.
2002-02-18 Philips offers single-chip radios for portable devices
The TEA5767 and TEA5768 single-chip stereo radios are designed specifically to be integrated into portable consumer devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, portable CD players, toys and promotional giveaways.
2006-02-01 Next-gen radios bend toward flexibility
Advanced A/D conversion is an important first step for software processing of next-gen radios.
2004-06-07 Motorola wireless radios receive NIST certification
Motorola Inc.'s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm used in its Canopy wireless broadband radios has been certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for ensuring secure data communication.
2003-06-05 Morphy Richards DAB radios feature Radioscape module
RadioScape has announced that the DAB radios of Morphy Richards are based on the their RS200 module.
2005-11-21 Modular development platform tuned for software defined radios
The SMT8096 platform for developing SDR equipment is said to facilitate rapid prototyping of wireless base stations, military and public safety radios, and high-speed data-acquisition systems.
2006-11-30 Mixer IC suits freq-down converter in low-power radios
New Japan Radio has announced the NJM2288, a mixer IC suitable for use in the frequency-down converter in specific extremely low-power radio equipment.
2010-04-01 Low-cost PAs tailored for 37-40GHz radios
Avago Technologies has released a pair of low cost 1W power amplifiers (PAs) for use in millimeter wave communication transmitters that operate at frequencies between 37GHz and 40GHz.
2011-04-01 K-band amplifier for point-to-point radios
TriQuint releases a K-band power amplifier suitable for point-to-point radios, as well as K-band and Sat-Com.
2001-08-09 Implementation of FPGA signal processing datapaths for software defined radios
This conference technical paper describes the uses and applicability of FPGA-based signal processors especially in the telecommunication industry for software defined radios.
2010-02-24 IMEC, Mephisto work on reconfigurable radios
IMEC will collaborate with Mephisto Design Automation (MDA) within to develop mixed-signal reconfigurable radios within IMEC's green radios program using MDA's M-DESIGN.
2005-01-24 Get used to it: Multiple radios will be a fact of life
No single technology meets all of the needs of a mobile market soon to deliver handsets crammed with multiple radios on multiple chips.
2012-06-28 GaAs FETs target microwave radios
Toshiba's TIM5359-16EL and TIM5964-16EL gallium arsenide FETs support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint terrestrial communications, and BUCs support satellite communications.
2002-11-28 Fushan variable capacitor eyes portable radios
The CBM-107-3 thin film variable capacitor of Nantong Fushan measures 9-by-9-by-3.3mm and is designed for use in portable radio receivers.
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