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2003-04-04 Coaxial cable fits TV receivers, DVD players
The Q-866A coaxial cable of Shenzhen Yifeng Electronics Co. Ltd exhibits a conductor resistance of 34 milliohms and an inductance of 3H
2002-09-20 Kycon combines RCA jack, S-video connector
Kycon Inc.'s latest combo connector consists of three RCA phono jacks and one S-video connector for use in A/V multimedia applications
2002-03-12 Cathay to expand monthly cable connector output
Hong Kong cable connector maker Cathay Tat Ming Metal Mfy Ltd says it will expand monthly production capacity by 20 to 30 percent
2003-10-15 Best Electron assembly features gold-plated RCA connectors
Suitable for use in TV receivers and cameras, the BST-23 video cable from Wujin Best Electron Cable Factory comes with gold-plated RCA connectors.
2002-07-17 Baifuda A/V cable assembly suits DVD players
The U6-8H A/V cable assembly from Baifuda Electronic Co. Ltd includes one 3.5mm four-pole stereo plug and three RCA plugs.
2008-08-04 All-metal RF connectors deliver high cable retention
Bomar has launched the Killer Compression Connectors series of all-metal connectors. The all-metal construction protects the internal connection of cables while ensuring high cable retention
2002-05-07 Impedance measurement: Practical construction of the connector
This application note describes the connection construction used for the champion impedance plug-in.
2007-02-16 Video output enhances mobile viewing
The convergence of technology in cellphones and other ultra-portable devices has rapidly increased the use of video in applications requiring extremely small size and low power. A new, emerging feature is the ability to drive a video signal from a cellphone to view that image on a conventional TV set.
2007-12-20 Sony base station streams media content anytime, anywhere
The $250 Sony LF-V30 is 4G in the LocationFree line and adds Wi-Fi connectivity to Ethernet in its network interface.
2005-08-25 Protecting the HDMI interface
HDMI combines a high-speed unidirectional TMDS data link with low speed, bi-directional control and status links and configuration protocols in a single user-friendly high-performance connector.
2013-02-13 Perform audio line receiver impedance balancing
When the design specification for a line receiver requires high performance, an impedance-balanced input or predictable gain, the cross-coupled double-balanced configuration is a worthy contender.
2007-12-04 Intro to the six basic audio measurements - Part 1
Much audio testing is concerned with a small number of performance benchmarks, which we call the Big Six measurements: Level, Frequency response, THD+N, Phase, crosstalk and SNR.
2006-10-02 Industry guru talks about digital entertainment
At STMicroelectronics' back-end IC factory in Shenzhen, Bob Krysiak, the company's corporate VP and general manager for the region, recalled the development of the first single-chip MPEG-2 decoder ICs and discussed his ideas on the development of digital entertainment equipment in China.
2008-02-25 Flip Ultra camcorder delivers ode to clean design
When engineers at Pure Digital Inc. sat down a couple of years back to lay out their next project, they had many of the typical design criteria in mind: low cost, high quality, size, ease of use and low power.
2008-08-29 Converter box keeps analog alive in DTVs
A revolution is underway in broadcast TV, and for those not yet equipped to handle the change, solutions are standing by.
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