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2015-07-21 Using modular digitisers for power measurements
In this article, we illustrate how to make basic power measurements in AC circuits and devices using a modular digitiser
2004-09-20 Tektronix industrial power option complements new DSO
Tektronix released its TPS2PBND Power Bundle, an industrial power option to complement the new TPS2000 series of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
2007-12-26 Reactive power splitter does 5-way split
Microlab/FXR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group Inc., has introduced its Model D5-85FN, a 5-way wideband reactive power splitter with a split loss of 7dB.
2006-08-09 Power quality recorder allows advanced compliance testing
Fluke 1760 is designed for advanced testing and analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems in medium- and low-voltage networks
2006-06-09 Power meter ICs target cost-sensitive residential apps
Teridian has announced its second generation electricity metering technology for cost-sensitive residential applications.
2006-08-15 Power meter enhances UPS system monitoring
MGE UPS Systems' new PMM power meter offers enhanced monitoring and communications features
2014-07-22 How to calculate power with an oscilloscope
Find out how to use the Power Analysis software package on the Teledyne LeCroy HDO 6000 scope to eliminate the need to set up proper math operations
2013-04-19 Grasping power factor and solid state lighting
In order to effectively design an LED-based luminaire, designers need to understand power factor, the impact of LED drivers on it, and the different techniques for cost-effectively integrating power factor correction in the LED driver design
2005-10-06 Epcos' BR6000 power factor controllers ship with V.3 software
Epcos announced that it has simplified the operation of power factor controllers of its BR6000 series as all products in this series are now equipped with new V.3 software release
2015-05-29 Enable smarter power monitoring using Microchip's 16bit MCUs
The MCP39F511 single-phase power-monitoring IC targets commercial and industrial products such as lighting and heating systems, smart plugs, power meters and AC/DC power supplies
2008-06-24 Dynamic PFC: Power quality at the docks
This application note discusses strategies implemented by China State Shipbuilding Corp. toward improving power quality, stabilizing the power supply, cutting costs and saving natural resources
2005-10-17 Cirrus Logic metering ICs turn power measurement up a notch
The CS5461A and CS5463 high precision power meter ICs from Cirrus Logic are suited for next-generation applications
2005-11-14 AVX's power film capacitor may replace electrolytic devices
AVX Corp. beefed up the temp and voltage operating conditions of its medium power film capacitor family
2003-06-10 Ultra-low power consumption low-saturation three-pin regulators with on/off pin - MM1065 and 1165 monolithic ICs
This application note discusses the MM1065 ICs, which are stabilized power supply devices with ultra-low consumption currents, designed for greatly reduced reactive current systems at low input voltages.
2005-06-22 ST simplifies energy metering apps with smart power tech
Electric utility firms around the world are looking to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, which has remained essentially unchanged for over a century, by electronic meters.
2005-08-23 ST addresses needs of electronic power meter market
STMicroelectronics introduced a reference design platform targeted at the emerging market for electronic power meters
2011-06-15 Power IC allows low cost, small size LED driver
Exclara has released the Exclara HVX family that enables low cost, small size LED driver solutions while improving efficiency, power factor and quality
2011-04-19 Power amplifier for automated, computer-controlled systems
TREK introduces the 10/10B-HS, a power amplifier for use in electrostatic deflection, material characterization, and plasma applications
2014-10-02 Optimise power designs with IGBT thermal calculations
Evaluating the temperature of the semiconductor dice in a multi-die package requires additional analytical techniques compared to those applicable for single die. This article shows how to do it properly.
2014-09-23 Online monitoring of resistive power load (Part 1
This article series tackles the models and topologies for continuously monitoring the resistance of the power load without disturbing system's normal operation
2008-06-24 More power with PhaseCap
This application note was first issued in 1998 in the Components Magazine by EPCOS. In this version, Harald Vetter has done some slight changes that were necessary due to the enhancement the PhaseCap-series has experienced since its introduction to the market.
2012-03-16 LED driver ups LCD TV power efficiency by 9
It is the first device of its type to provide LED driving capabilities in TVs based on the LCD integrated power supply (LIPS) architecture, Microsemi said
2013-08-02 High-voltage power amplifier for dielectric applications
Trek's Model 20/20C-HS high-speed, high-voltage amplifier provides high speed of response with slew rate greater than 800V/us and output current to 60mA peak AC.
2011-09-01 Understanding inverters' role in the solar industry
Learn how solar inverters can eventually pave the way for further development of future energy-harvesting systems.
2002-05-08 Tips for minimizing troublesome problems with voltage regulator paralleling circuits
This application note discusses tips for minimizing troublesome problems through the use of voltage regulator paralleling circuits.
2005-03-14 Epcos equipment saves space
The new PhaseMod equipment series from Epcos promises weight and space savings of up to 80 percent.
2009-12-10 Energy metering ICs deliver improved accuracy
The high-accuracy energy metering ICs are designed for poly-phase configurations, including three and four-wire, wye and delta services.
2014-03-06 Utilising audio amps for voltage splitting
Here's a look at several voltage splitters built around power audio amplifiers
2014-04-22 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 4)
This instalment focuses on the reducing of noise from voltage splitters.
2013-05-15 Understanding link between PFC, efficiency in LEDs
Learn why high-power LED drivers must come with power factor correction
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