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2008-04-16 Guarantee quality in voice engine design
The general purpose SoCs used by today's cordless or IP telephones, integrated access devices and wireless unified communications devices, fully support the software DSP required for VoIP by integrating a software voice engine within the system software. This article discusses how to implement this in order to exceed telephony quality communication
2010-09-14 Graphics card powers up to six independent displays
AMD has just introduced the newest member of the ATI FirePro family at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam, the ATI FirePro V9800 C the most powerful professional graphics card AMD has ever created to date. It features support for up to six monitors with ATI Eyefinity technology
2010-02-23 GPS receiver promises faster signal searches
Broadcom's latest GPS receiver for mobile devices provides faster signal searches, accurate real-time navigation, improved tracking sensitivity and very low average power consumption
2012-09-12 Future Facilities, Intel to feature server embedded thermal sensors
According to the companies, the technology will provide real-time power, airflow and CPU-utilization data to enable effective CFD analysis and IT load capacity planning and optimization
2012-03-14 Fujitsu Labs develops fast simulation tech for ARM systems
According to Fujitsu, this technology is able to faithfully reproduce hardware operations with cycle-for-cycle real-time accuracy
2006-07-03 FSMLabs development kit supports Freescale SoCs
FSMLabs announced support for developing real-time applications on Freescale Semiconductor's PowerQUICC III communications processors containing a PowerPC core.
2002-09-26 FS2 module performs logic analysis on Actel FPGAs
First Silicon Solutions' Configurable Logic Analyzer Module (CLAM) System performs real-time logic analysis of designs using Actel Corp.'s Flash-based FPGAs
2004-07-16 FireWire in the automobile market
FireWire is set to become an essential real-time multimedia component in the daily life of car drivers
2004-01-01 Finally, a breath of fresh air
We have just begun to tap the potential that real-time signal processing technology will bring to the world of electronics
2010-05-21 eXtremeDB 4.1 promises faster on-disk storage, retrieval
McObject is offering an upgrade to its real-time embedded database system, with new features in reliability, performance, data security, ease-of-use and internationalization
2004-10-22 Extreme, Foundry extend wireless LAN switch lineups
Foundry and Extreme extended their WLAN switch lineups with an emphasis on simplified deployment, VoIP support, security and lower cost products for remote offices
2005-04-21 Emulator speeds up design time
ST unveiled the ST7MDT25-DVP3 in-circuit emulator for its ST72561 MCU family that provides start-to-finish development support for automotive, industrial and consumer apps based on the ST72561
2009-12-02 Embedded controllers ease network connection
From Open Controller comes the OC-8 series of embedded controllers that simplify the connection of machines, devices and systems in a network for real time communication and interaction
2007-02-19 Elektrobit upgrades air interference emulator
Elektrobit has introduced a new version of the air interface emulator Propsim FE that features an Automatic Routing Unit and support for up to four fading channels
2015-04-08 Dialog unveils Bluetooth Smart 'wearable-on-chip'
The DA14680 wearable-on-chip Bluetooth Smart features the 30uA/MHz ARM Cortex-M0 processor, 8Mbit flash memory, audio support, temperature sensor and competitive battery life
2009-04-07 Development kit supports ARM-based MCUs
Luminary Micro has released the new Stellaris DK-LM3S9B96 development kit platform in support of the 10 recently-launched Stellaris MCUs
2012-03-27 Development kit for Energy Micro Gecko MCU
The Gecko development kit named EFM32G-DK3550 includes full SEGGER J-Trace and J-Link support, and features a full color 320 x 240 resistive touch TFT display
2007-04-24 Data-management platform enables scalable, collaborative IC design
IC Manage has announced Global Design Platform (GDP), said to be the first data-management solution to offer design assembly, derivative management and real-time worldwide delivery
2006-08-11 Cypress unveils clock generator for Cell processor apps
Cypress has introduced a clock generator designed to provide high-performance clock signals for XDR memory systems and the FlexIO processor bus interface that support applications employing the new Cell processor architecture
2013-12-20 CyberOptics expands WaferSense line with 450nm devices
WaferSense products are wireless, wafer-shaped, real-time measurement devices that travel through fabrication tools similar to actual wafers
2005-08-25 Cosimulation software adds Philips' LPC2000 microcontroller
Labcenter added support for Philips' 16bit/32bit ARM7-based LPC2000 family of microcontrollers to its Proteus Virtual System Modeling (VSM) co-simulation software
2012-12-05 Cortina unveils 28nm EDC PHY architecture
The CS4343 from Cortina claims to drive dramatically lower power and support higher bandwidth to scale to 100G and 400G applications
2008-03-03 ColdFire evaluation platform supports IEEE 1588
Freescale has teamed up with National Semiconductor, IXXAT and CMX to develop a comprehensive hardware and software evaluation platform designed to support the IEEE 1588 precision timing protocol
2015-10-15 Cloud-based service eases integration of geotag searches
Geospock has developed a very efficient multi-dimensional database designed for the storage, search and retrieval of geospatial data in real-time no matter how big it gets or how often it changes
2005-09-08 Building an end-to-end architecture that supports fixed mobile convergence
Fixed Mobile Convergence is receiving significant attention from the research community and telecom equipment vendors around the world. Is there an end-to-end architecture that will support FMC
2005-08-29 Bug-repelling graphical programming tool plugs into Eclipse platform
The xState Developer from AGP Micro is a state-machine-based graphical programming tool for developers of embedded and real-time systems that harnesses graphical hierarchical state-machine notation to cut the number of software bugs in event-based logic
2012-04-09 Broadcom intros smartphone location platform
The BCM4752 GNSS chip feature multiconstellation support, and leverages sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC for indoor positioning
2008-08-01 Bringing the MOST in interface controllers
MOST is a networking standard enabling seamless transport of digital audio, video and packet-based data, along with real-time control information, within the car. The latest MOST ICs simplify the network interface by integrating all low-level, real-time network operations, including the network driver, on a single chip
2008-01-02 Beat the SoC challenge with a tuner
Custom integrated SoC designs are a great way to replace multiple individual ICs and support circuitry. The benefits are many: you save space, you save power, you save money. However, there is a challenge to overcome
2005-06-30 Auto processor platform geared to burn development rubber
The Enea Embedded Automotive Platform, or EE-Auto, a real-time software platform tooled for Freescale's HC12 MCUs, focuses on automotive applications, promising to speed development, integration, and debugging
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