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2005-09-27 Macraigor announces support for Freescale multimedia processors
Macraigor Systems LLC announced support for Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s high-performance i.MX31 and i.MX31L multimedia application processors
2005-10-06 Macraigor announces additional support for AMD processor
Macraigor Systems LLC announced additional support for the low-power, high-performance AMD Geode NX processor family
2007-04-13 LSI Logic claims 'first' full HD real-time encoder
LSI Logic has unveiled what it calls the first high-definition (HD), real-time encoder to support 'full HD,' 1080p60, the highest-resolution format for HD content.
2003-03-14 KLA-Tencor launches online Taiwan customer support center
KLA-Tencor Corp. has opened its first online support center in Taiwan
2005-05-23 Kit permits quick ZigBee evaluation in real-time environments
Cirronet's ZigBee developer kit is now available.
2006-04-17 Java preps dive into real-time role
Java is expected to play a bigger role in real-time applications, particularly in the military, unmanned aircraft, newly deployed systems and telematics
2015-01-08 Intel Atom processors gain graphics, virtualisation support
Green Hills Software announced its INTEGRITY real-time operating system and INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualisation support for the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family to improve car electronics.
2007-11-16 Improve systems' real-time performance
To drive a new era of system performance that bridges both legacy requirements and emerging technologies, designers of industrial applications need a high degree of real-time performance and implementation flexibility from their embedded-processor choices
2010-12-09 Imagination Tech extends Android support to processors
Imagination Technologies is offering Android support for its META multithreaded processor family, including META connected application platform solutions
2008-11-26 Image processors perform real-time detection
NEC introduced the IMAPCAR2 image processors, which are available in four different configurations to meet a variety of requirements.
2011-06-03 IEEE releases 802.3bfTM Ethernet support
The Ethernet support for time synchronization protocols, IEEE 802.3bfTM-2011, has been ratified by IEEE as an amendment to the IEEE 802.3TM Ethernet standard
2012-12-03 IBM's flash I/O tech pledges to support multi-core systems
With next-generation flash sub-systems needing to support multi-core processors, IBM has been busy developing a new storage I/O technology geared for flash
2013-07-09 IAR Systems fortify support for Atmel's SAM D20 MCU
The development tool chain IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM includes the IAR C/C++ Compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, text editor, project manager, and C-SPY Debugger in an integrated environment.
2007-12-06 HD transcoder performs changes in real-time
Samples of the BCM7043, a 65nm HD encoder/transcoder that can change the format, bit rate and resolution of audio/video content in real-time, are now available from Broadcom Corp
2008-02-12 GPS-enabled Nokia handsets bring real-time traffic info
Nokia and University of California Berkeley researchers have tested a technology that could transform the way drivers navigate through congested highways and obtain information about road conditions.
2005-03-01 FPGA accelerates real-time app performance
Designers are eyeing new FPGAs with faster and better performance in DSPs and real-time applications. Rodger Hosking and Richard Kuenzler of Pentek say why
2001-02-01 Following different roads to real-time Java
This technology news article describes the move of various companies in making Java achievable for real-time embedded systems
2010-11-03 Express Logic adds support for CEVA DSP core
Express Logic adds support for CEVA-Teaklite III to ThreadX RTOS
2011-08-30 ESAB gets patented real-time control system
ESAB has purchased from Applied Thermal Sciences the Master Process Controller that uses sensors to enhance welding quality.
2006-05-29 Envivio ships real-time HD encoding system
Envivio announced its 4Caster HD3 real-time, high definition encoding system is shipping. HD3 provides video at target bit rates between 6Mbps and 12Mbps
2007-10-16 Engineers work on real-time control of artificial limbs
Researchers have reported advances in neural technology as well as the hurdles still ahead for delivering capabilities such as artificial limbs powered by implanted devices that read and harness subtle control signals in the brain.
2013-06-05 Engineers aim for real-time automotive, industrial Ethernet
Ethernet is getting a tune up with real-time capabilities suitable for cars and the factory floor at latencies in single-digit microseconds coming by the end of next year
2002-05-29 Duma, Xilinx ship real-time MPEG encoder core
Xilinx Inc. and Duma Video Inc. has introduced what they claim to be the industry's first single-chip, real-time, high-definition MPEG encoder core for use in high-end video broadcast, storage, and distribution systems
2011-09-28 Designing medical devices with real-time kernel
Here's an introduction to real-time kernel, with a particular focus on what embedded developers of medical devices will need to know to begin writing multitask applications
2008-04-10 Debugging real-time distributed embedded apps
This article identifies the issues of real-time distributed system development and discusses how development platforms and tools have to evolve to address this challenging new environment
2009-04-07 Debug tech support caters to MIPS32 24KE
Macraigor Systems LLC has announced the On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon) support for the MIPS32 24KE, a high-performance RISC core family with DSP enhancements
2006-07-20 Data visualization enhances RTI's real-time middleware
SL Corp.'s Enterprise RTView data visualization solution has been extended to connect directly to RTI Data Distribution Service.
2007-07-23 Cyclone III FPGAs support EtherCAT technology
Giving industrial equipment designers greater flexibility in implementing real-time Ethernet communications, Altera Corp. has IP support for the EtherCAT protocol.
2013-12-20 Comparing MCU real-time operating systems
The author shares the criteria he uses in evaluating which real time operating system or kernel to use in an embedded design
2006-05-18 Cadence extends flow support for ARM processors
Cadence Design Systems has expanded its Reference Methodology flow support of ARM processors to include the new Cortex-R4 processor
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