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2006-10-17 Tektronix adds new test capabilities to spectrum analyzers
Tektronix unveiled new software measurement capabilities for digital RF tests that support 3G mobile phone technology, HSUPA and Project 25 - Mobile Land Radio standard
2012-10-24 Start-up focuses on data overload in silicon mfg and test
Qualtera's Silicondash is an automated decision support system for semiconductor test data analysis that runs in a choice of secure data centres
2013-10-14 Siliconfile, Dual Aperture to dev't distance tracking sensor
Siliconfile Technologies has enlisted Dual Aperture to build an image sensor capable of capturing real-time distance information while simultaneously taking pictures
2003-05-02 Segger RTOS supports MetaWare ARM compiler
Segger Microcontroller Systeme GmbH has announced that its embOS RTOS now supports MetaWare's ARM compiler.
2005-04-21 RTOS protects memory in dynamically loaded programs
Enea Embedded Technology has released v5.1 of its OSE real-time operating system for the ARM, Xscale, PPC and MIPS architectures
2001-05-01 Reusable models trim software costs
The cost of developing embedded real-time software can be reduced by using an architecture that supports integration of software components and their behavior, and reconfiguration of component behavior at executable-code level
2004-11-16 QNX launches development kit for in-vehicle multimedia systems
QNX unveiled its MOST Technology Development Kit for development of high-performance in-vehicle multimedia apps for the Media Oriented Systems Transport bus.
2011-02-23 PRU daughter cards expand TI's ARM MPU
Texas Instruments' programmable real-time unit UART and CAN-lite daughter cards let customers add peripherals to increase the functionality of their AM1x Sitara ARM microprocessor-based systems
2013-04-26 Parallel FFT for multi-GHz FPGA signal processing
Learn about the design of a parallel FFT with runtime-configurable transform length, with emphasis on the throughput and utilisation numbers that are achievable when using parallel FFT.
2002-07-03 OSE, NEC roll out RTOS for SoCLite platform
NEC Electronics GmbH, NEC Electronics Inc. and OSE Systems Inc. have announced the availability of the OSE RTOS for NEC Electronics' SoCLite, ARM7TDMI-based customizable controller and SoC design platform.
2002-06-06 OSE, Ericsson partner on wireless handset platforms
OSE Systems Inc. and Ericsson Mobile Platforms have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement that allows OSE's RTOS to be licensed with Ericsson's platform technology.
2003-02-21 OSE RTOS suits telecom infrastructure apps
The company's enhanced RTOS and development environment provides fast, asynchronous interprocess communications suited for fault-tolerant operations.
2011-08-03 Oscilloscope touts 100GS/s sampling rate on 2 channels
Tektronix has launched four oscilloscopes that feature 50GS/s on four channels at 33GHz that the company claims make them the fastest and most accurate on the market.
2007-10-01 NI cooks up ideas for next LabView
National Instruments Corp. co-founder and idea man Jeff Kodosky is envisioning three major improvements to LabView after the release of the tool's ver 8.5.
2006-01-30 Networking solution for industrial automation apps
RTI has developed a modified version of their network data distribution services real-time publish-subscribe communication middleware that can be used in low-cost, memory-constrained apps
2005-08-24 Mentor Graphics releases configurable version of Nucleus RTOS
Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division, released a configurable version of the Nucleus Real-Time Operating System with its corresponding middleware package for the Nios II family of embedded processors from Altera
2002-08-30 Jordan to bring fiber-optic net to Middle East
U.S. and Jordan partners are investing in the development of a fiber-optic link between Jordan and Lebanon.
2004-08-04 Intersil reports profit, completes Xicor acquisition
Intersil Corp. reported net income of $27.2 million on sales of $144.2 million in its second quarter, compared to $20.1 million on sales of $125.5 million in the year-ago quarter.
2011-03-25 Infineon 16bit MCUs meet ultra low-end needs
Infineon's XE16xL and XE16xU real-time signal controllers provide 16bit performance at 8bit cost for electric drive systems in energy efficiency and mass market applications
2011-08-01 Industrial server boasts 12 expansion slots
Kontron has released a 64bit industrial server that is equipped with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and targets I/O intensive applications.
2012-11-12 Implement designs with accurate I2C RTC
Here's an overview of the operational characteristics of accurate I2C real-time clocks, including the DS3231, DS3231M, and DS3232
2011-03-18 IDC sees cloud dominance, mobile madness
About 400 million smartphones will ship this year while 80 percent of enterprise apps created in 2011 will be for cloud services.
2010-02-08 I/O expanders handle up to 96 keys in keyboard matrix
Toshiba offers flexible I/O expander ICs that help overcome CPU limitations, adding connectivity and programmable functionality, including signal generation, keyboard support and PAL logic functions
2003-07-18 Honeywell adopts Green Hills RTOS for controllers
Honeywell Ind. Solutions has selected Green Hills Software's Integrity RTOS for its next-gen process controllers.
2003-06-02 Green Hills software debugs ThreadX apps
Green Hills Software Inc.'s Run-Mode JTAG Debug is a new way to debug real-time systems with its MULTI debugger and Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS
2009-01-30 GPS Snitch gets scrutinized
The dizzying pace of progress in GPS navigation, Internet mapping and mobile data support has reached an intriguing confluence. As devices such as the Blackline GPS Snitch roll out, live tracking is now in the hands of the masses. Let's spy on the spyware now, with a private eye on the enabling technology
2005-07-25 Express Logic ports ThreadX RTOS to ARC processors
ARC International and Express Logic announced that Express Logic has ported their ThreadX real-time operating systems to the ARC 700 family of configurable processors
2011-11-25 Ethernet PHY IC targets industrial automation systems
The single-channel PHY devices provide fast link-loss recognition needed by real-time protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOSIII and EtherCAT
2005-10-14 eSOL RTOS suite serenades TMS320DA295 audio processor
A real-time operating system (RTOS) suite from eSOL Inc. targets Texas Instruments Inc.'s TMS320DA295 audio processor and consists of the PrKERNELv4 multiasking kernel and PrFILE FAT-compatible file system. Both are the first to be integrated into, and fully support, TI's production-ready portable reference design for MP3 players and portable audio jukeboxes.
2012-07-03 Enhancing embedded OS security
Here are some security best practices that embedded system developers need to consider in their designs.
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