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What is a digital radio receiver?
A digital radio receiver is a device that accepts and converts radio signal to a digital stream.
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2002-01-09 Micronas video processor supports VGA to WXGA resolutions
Specifically designed for use in TV receivers with flat-panel displays (FPDs), the DPS 9450 video processor supports display resolutions from VGA (640x480 pixels) to WXGA (1,365x768 pixels).
2003-07-11 Micronas chip combo offers enhanced image quality
Micronas Semiconductors' controller combo enables TV manufacturers to cost-effectively integrate memory card-based features into TV receivers.
2005-10-12 Micrel's new limiting post amplifier
Designed for use in fiber-optic receivers, the SY88315BL low-power limiting post amplifier from Micrel connects to typical transimpedance amplifiers
2003-07-23 Micrel RF receiver eliminates production tuning
Micrel Semiconductor has expanded its family of QwikRadio receivers with the release of the MICRF008 receiver device.
2006-02-20 Maxim unveils "smallest" dual SCART solution for STBs
Maxim Integrated Products introduced what it touts as the world's smallest, complete, dual SCART solution for STBs and A/V receivers.
2002-03-08 Maxim LVECL/LVPECL drivers feature 8ps channel-to-channel skew
The MAX9400, MAX9402, MAX9403, and MAX9405 quad 3GHz LVECL/LVPECL line driver/receivers are suitable for clock and data distribution applications in automatic test equipment, CO switches, networking switches and routers, and SONET/SDH communication applications.
2004-05-31 Mainland makers to expand overseas
Mainland China makers of CRT and plasma TV receivers are expanding production overseas to fight off the threat of economic loss from the recent U.S. ruling on anti-dumping.
2004-07-22 LSI Logic supplies South Korean developer with DSPs
The ZSP400 DSP core from LSI Logic Corp. has been used in a multiple digital audio and multimedia broadcasting applications by South Korea-based I&C Technologies Co. Ltd, a developer of semiconductor solutions for digital broadcast receivers.
2003-07-14 LG runs ACAD FinePower for digital TV SoCs
LG Electronics has selected ACAD Corp.'s FinePower Dynamic Power tool for the design and verification of complex ICs used in digital TV receivers.
2004-04-19 LG adopts Genesis controller, converter for LCD TV
LG Electronics Inc. has designed Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gm5221 display controller and FLI2300 video format converter into its new 23-, 26-, and 30-inch LCD TV receivers.
2002-08-07 LCD TV seen as next mainstream DTV technology
The Market Intelligence Center has forecasted that the production of LCDs for TV receivers will continue to experience growth through 2003
2003-09-15 Kingsate micro speakers feature polyphonic sound
The KAS-15008L series of two-in-one speakers with receivers from Kingstate Electronics Corp. measures 15(?)-by-3mm.
2002-01-07 Intevac photodiodes fit OC-192, OC-768 systems
The company's high-speed PIN photodiodes are intended for integration into the receivers and transceivers of optical communication systems operating at OC-192 and OC-768 rates.
2005-07-21 Intersil programmable buffer widens viewing area of Super-PVA TV
Samsung Corp. has designed Intersil Corp.'s programmable buffer into its latest Super-PVA TFT-LCD TV receivers. Intersil's 14-channel programmable and switchable configuration allows very fast (less than one microsecond) switching between gamma curves, allowing pre-set gamma curves to be toggled back-and-forth to optimize panel performance.
2007-04-17 Interfacing the ADSP-BF533/ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processors to high-speed parallel ADCs
In addition to providing a simple, low-cost connection to a wide set of communication receivers, the Blackfin processor 16bit PPI port provides a glueless connection to devices that are compliant with Standard 656 of the ITU.
2002-05-10 Inphi 40Gbps TIAs suitable for OC-768 apps
The 4330TA, 4332TA, and 5030TA transimpedance amplifiers from Inphi Corp. achieve transmission speed of 40Gbps and are suitable for integration into SONET OC-768 and SDH STM-256 optical receivers.
2004-09-24 Indigo Asia trimmers offer up to 1 megohm resistance
Indigo Asia's new trimmers are designed for use as volume and tuning control in radios, stereo headphones, LCD TV receivers and PCs.
2001-05-08 Implementing an adaptive noise canceling system to enhance sonar receiver performance using the TMS320C31 DSP
This application note describes how to implement a noise cancelling solution using Texas Instruments' TMS320C31 DSP to enhance the performance of sonar receivers.
2010-11-23 Implement triple-rate SDI with FPGA
Read about Virtex-6 FPGA GTX transceiver and how to use it for implementing triple-rate SDI receivers and transmitters.
2004-04-01 IDC predicts 56% LCD panel revenue growth this year
The demand for LCD TV receivers is expected to drive the next wave of growth in the LCD panel market according to IDC's new study, titled "Worldwide TFT-LCD Demand and Supply 2004-2007 Forecast".
2007-03-02 I/Q demodulator cuts 3G, WiMAX receiver costs
Linear Tech has announced a high-linearity, direct-conversion I/Q demodulator that promises to reduce the cost of 3G and WiMAX base station receivers.
2009-08-12 I'm OOK. You're OOK?
This application note describes ASK/OOK techniques, and outlines implementations of ASK/OOK receivers using RF power detectors and a few discrete components.
2003-12-16 How to add value to MSA optical transceivers
The evolution of today's optical transceivers and transponders is driven by MSA, which establish a standard for optical and electrical characteristics, module form factor, and pin functions of optical transmitters and receivers.
2001-04-05 High sensitivity applications of low-power RF/IF Integrated Circuits
This application note discusses four high sensitivity receivers and IF strips that utilize intermediate frequencies of 10.7MHz or greater. Each circuit configuration comes with an explanation of component selection criteria to allow adaptation to other frequencies and bandwidths.
2003-08-11 HDTV, iDTV markets experienced growth in '02
Demand for integrated digital TV receivers and high-definition TV receiver sets has increased significantly in 2002.
2004-02-03 Gospell Digital device has 0.6dB noise figure
Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd has released its GKF-D21A device that offers low-phase noise for digital receivers.
2002-11-28 Fushan variable capacitor eyes portable radios
The CBM-107-3 thin film variable capacitor of Nantong Fushan measures 9-by-9-by-3.3mm and is designed for use in portable radio receivers.
2009-08-21 Fujitsu, Furukawa push optical networks
Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd and Furukawa Electric Co. will jointly develop 40- and 100Gbit/s integrated receivers for optical networks.
2002-07-11 Foshan No.3 aluminum electrolytic capacitor withstands 1050C
Designed for television receivers and VCD players, the CD11EK series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Foshan No.3 Radio Fty feature a PVC insulation sleeve.
2002-09-16 Feilo PPF capacitors suit S-correction circuits
Designed for use in S-correction circuits of TV receivers, the CBB214 series of metallized polypropylene film capacitors can withstand 1.6 times its rated voltage and offers an insulation resistance of at least 20 gigaohms.
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