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2011-09-14 Polymer gel to enable cheaper Lithium batt
The gel contains 70 percent liquid electrolyte and promises to deliver smaller and lighter Lithium batteries
2003-01-06 LTC ships second 42V automotive battery prototype
Lithium Technology Corp. has announced that it has shipped a second prototype battery in preparation for testing in a 42V automotive application
2002-10-11 Lithium Tech, GAIA merge operations
Lithium Technology Corp. has closed the Share Exchange Agreement, giving the company a 60 percent interest in GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH
2002-04-03 China Steel Chemical installs battery material production line
China Steel Chemical Corp. has installed a meso-phase-pitch-powder production line valued at $1.15 million. Monthly capacity is targeted at 80 tons.
2005-11-25 Charger IC tailored for Lithium battery-powered portable devices
This fully integrated standalone linear battery charger from Linear Tech charges single coin cell Li-ion batteries up to 250mA without overheating the device or surrounding components
2002-11-20 Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack Solution
This application note describes how to construct an advanced rechargeable lithium battery pack using the DS2770 and DS2720.
2004-02-09 Wuhan Lixing lowers prices to grab battery market share
Wuhan Lixing (Torch) Power Sources Co. Ltd is expanding its capacity with its Japanese counterparts keeping their production steady.
2003-01-13 SYNergy Li-ion polymer battery fits digital cameras
The SYN382030X rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery measures 4-by-0.5-by-32mm and offers a typical capacity of 160mAh
2016-04-22 Surprising discovery reveals enhanced battery
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers discovered a rechargeable battery that's as inexpensive as conventional car batteries, but has a much higher energy density
2014-11-07 Managing rechargeable batteries with BIF
This article tackles the techniques and rules to help manage the use of rechargeable batteries, and the basic parameters of the BIF specification. It also explains how to deal with communication failure
2004-03-31 Hitachi, Shin-Kobe consider HEV rechargeable Li-ion battery venture
Hitachi Ltd and Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd have started discussing toward establishing a joint venture company to market, develop and manufacture rechargeable Li-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV
2003-11-19 Great Concept battery suits Panasonic CGP-H501
The 007 portable lithium battery pack from Great Concept International Ltd is designed to suit Panasonic CGP-H501 devices
2014-12-19 Graphene wrapper improves lithium-sulphur battery
Aiming to address battery performance issues, researchers have designed a multi-functional sulphur cathode that combines an energy storage unit and ion/electron transfer networks
2002-06-18 EM Micro ships lithium battery protection module
EM Microelectronics has introduced the Panther lithium battery protection module that improves the operating life of single-cell rechargeable battery packs without additional external components.
2011-10-05 Designing single-battery apps
Find out how designs with a single boosted battery can reduce a project's overall cost and size
2014-09-17 Converting lithium-ion to primary battery
Converting a lithium-ion design to primary cells is sometimes an intermediate step in the design process. To help you accomplish this, we provide some strategies and example solutions in this article
2003-03-18 Composite anode could boost lithium batteries
A new class of composite anode formed from silicon and graphite has been invented by the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories, which could provide a major performance boost to Li-ion batteries.
2015-03-13 Call to ban lithium batteries in passenger planes gets louder
Lithium-ion batteries are believed to have contributed to the fires that destroyed two Boeing 747 cargo planes, an accident that supports the push for the prohibition of lithium batteries as plane cargo
2010-04-09 Battery technology used in NVRAM products from ST
Lithium Carbon MonoFlouride (LiCFx) batteries are used by STMicroelectronics in their line of ZEROPOWER and TIMEKEEPER devices
2008-10-09 Battery management ICs protect lithium battery packs
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched three new smart battery management ICs that improve measurement and protection of multicell, lithium-based battery packs
2011-05-24 Battery management IC touts highest accuracy
TI introduces the bq76PL536, a battery management IC that claims to increase the life of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs.
2004-03-18 Asia battery makers use price pressure to gain market share
Leading battery vendors that have shifted their production operations to Asia are providing stiff competition to smaller regional companies who, despite this pressure, have continued to gain market share through aggressive pricing strategies
2015-01-12 Aluminium-air battery uses salt water to recharge
The battery from Fuji Pigment boasts a modified structure that controls anode corrosion and by-product accumulation, which results in longer battery lifetime
2003-09-15 Xicor to acquire battery solutions provider
Xicor Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Poweready Inc.
2002-11-22 Tyco, Valence to co-develop Li-on telecom battery
Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. and Valence Technology Inc. have collaborated to evaluate and develop Valence's Saphion Li-on technology as a standby power solution for the telecommunications industry.
2005-03-17 Techtium, Energizer ink hybrid battery agreement
Techtium Ltd and Energizer Holdings Inc. have signed an agreement to pursue a joint development and marketing of hybrid battery solutions for power-hungry devices
2013-12-30 Taking new steps in rechargeable battery research
Researchers from U.S. DOE developed a way to microscopically view battery electrodes while they are bathed in wet electrolytes, mimicking realistic conditions inside actual batteries
2015-12-23 Sony develops lithium-sulphur battery to replace Li-ion
Compared with an existing battery having the same volume, the new sulphur-based batteries being developed by Sony Corp. are claimed to increase battery life by as much as 40 per cent
2014-11-10 Sodium-based hydride shows potential in rechargeable cells
US NIST researchers discovered a safe, inexpensive, sodium-conducting material that claims to outperform all other materials in its class and is seen as cheaper alternative to Li-based conductors.
2007-08-17 Researchers tout rechargeable paper battery
RPI researchers claim they have developed a paper-thin rechargeable battery by immersing a carpet of vertical nanotubes in an ionic liquid electrolyte, resulting in a cellulose paper that stores electrical energy
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