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2002-07-18 Xilinx chief sees slow recovery
The electronics industry should be able to avoid a double-dip recession and instead see very slow growth through the second half of this year, said the chief executive of Xilinx Inc.
2006-06-09 Wintegra adds adaptive clock recovery access suite
Wintegra has announced that it has added adaptive clock recovery to its suite of multi-service access support.
2009-09-25 Will IC market recovery continue until Q4?
The IC market may be recovering but will there be a sustained uptick or another dip, especially in the Q4 09?
2007-02-23 WAN accelerator features disaster-recovery links
Packeteer will move into disaster-recovery and backup applications by adding OC-12 (622Mbps) backup links to its SkyX Accelerator 750 product.
2002-11-20 TZA3004HL: SDH/SONET data and clock recovery
This application note describes the schematic and the layout of the demonstration board for the TZA3004HL data & clock recovery IC and contains assembly instructions.
2005-07-28 TSMC sees recovery amid strong Q2
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (TSMC) projects a recovery in the lackluster foundry business in the second half of 2005, amid a jump in its own sales, profits and fab utilization rates for the second quarter.
2000-02-26 The Export of Certain Networking Encryption Products under ELAs As An Alternative to "Key Escrow/Recovery Products" under KMI: A Networking Industry White Paper on Encryption Export Controls
Networking industry viewpoint on encryption export control arrangements, defining a class of encryption products that should be authorized for export as an alternative to key escrow/recovery mechanism.
2004-08-12 Tepid financials suggest sluggish EDA recovery
The latest quarterly results from Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Mentor Graphics Corp., and an earnings warning from Synopsys Inc., suggest that the upswing EDA industry watchers had been hoping for hasn't yet materialized. But smaller public EDA companies reported good results.
2003-05-12 Tektronix execs see phased recovery for test industry
The test and measurement sector of the electronics industry will undergo a phased recovery that will depend on more than just an overall economic turnaround, according to executives at the annual Tektronix Analyst Day.
2009-09-15 Survey: Singapore IC firms see recovery underway
Seventy percent of Singapore semiconductor companies say recovery is starting to happen in the country.
2009-11-24 Survey: China is key to IC recovery in 2010
A global survey of semiconductor executives stated that a recovery is coming in 2010 but many things about it remain uncertain.
2008-05-09 ST reduces on-resistance for fast-recovery MOSFETs
ST has rolled out a new family of fast-recovery MOSFETs that combine enhanced switching performance with on-resistance improved by more than 18 percent over existing devices.
2001-08-22 SST28SF040?4MB SuperFlash EEPROM command interrupt recovery
This application note is intended to provide a recognition method for the SST28SF040 SuperFlash EEPROM's non-accessible state and a simple method to exit this state.
2002-09-16 South Korea will lead recovery
South Korea is expected to lead the economic recovery due to the country's lead in developing next-generation handsets, strengthening memory market, and high-speed picture processing associated with HDTV, observes Vic Kulkarni.
2009-11-20 Solar panels set out on road to recovery
The rise in solar-panel installations in Germany mitigated the severe oversupply situation besetting the industry this year.
2013-07-16 Small cell market on path to recovery until 2014
ABI Research forecasted that overall enterprise and consumer femtocell shipments will reach 5.7 million units in 2014 compared to 3.8 million units in 2013.
2004-01-07 Sipex PDIC features 12ns saturation recovery
Sipex Corp. has released its latest Photo Detector Integrated Circuit (PDIC), the SP8052.
2002-01-08 Signs point to a weak IC recovery in 2002
Despite signs that the worst is over for the semiconductor industry, chip makers will have little to cheer about this year as they continue to struggle with excess capacity and weak demand.
2009-03-05 Signal recovery with PMTs
Which instrument is best suited for detecting signals from a photomultiplier tube? The answer is based on many factors including the signal intensity, the signal's time and frequency distribution, and the various noise sources and their time dependence and frequency distribution.
2002-08-05 Semiconductor sector sees slow, positive recovery
The demand for semiconductors will increase in 2003 and a sector recovery is likely to last through 2004 or 2005, says Standard & Poor.
2002-07-23 Semiconductor equipment market to see gradual recovery
The recovery in the semiconductor market will be gradual, technology innovation will continue to be unabated, and China is expected to play an increasingly important supply and demand role in the coming years.
2006-07-18 Samsung expects recovery after profits tumble again
Battered by seasonal weak demand and tumbling prices, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd reported a second consecutive quarterly drop in operating profits.
2003-10-20 ROHM recovery diodes suit plasma TV sets
ROHM Co. Ltd has developed the RF073M2S and RF103L2S first recovery diodes that are designed for use in power supply blocks.
2008-04-30 Rectifiers tout fast, soft reverse recovery times
Vishay Intertechnology has launched four new 600V FRED Pt Hyperfast rectifiers that reduce switching losses in high-efficiency PFC and SMPS applications with their fast and soft reverse recovery times, together with low forward voltage drop.
2003-09-02 Recovery of semiconductor industry on track: Gartner
According to Gartner Inc., the worldwide semiconductor market will reach $173B in 2003 - an 11.2 percent increase over 2002 forecasts.
2011-03-25 Recovery method makes hydrogen fuel cells feasible
Researchers have found a way to use ammonia borane as a material for storing hydrogen, enabling hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles.
2012-02-09 Recovery for solar inverter market seen this year
Despite a stall in market growth last year, solar inverters are forecasted to increase by five percent to 24.5GW.
2003-08-11 Recovery but slow growth in IT: report
In a case of good news/bad news, International Data Corp. projects a mild recovery in IT spending beginning in 2H of 2003.
2003-03-18 Philips takes steps towards recovery of semicon division
Royal Philips Electronics has announced and outlined an action plan aimed at returning its semiconductor division to profitability by Q4 this year.
2009-03-17 Optimism brews amid talks of recovery
Nobody was willing to call the start of an upswing, or even to say that the semiconductor industry has yet sighted bottom, but optimism was a reoccurring theme of the recent Semico Summit 2009 conference.
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