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2004-12-17 Vishay unveils new package type for rectifier, TVS products
Vishay disclosed that it has launched a new package type for its rectifier and transient voltage suppressor products.
2012-10-10 Vishay unveils new 10A, 1000V PV Protection Rectifier
The GPP100MS is suitable for polarity protection applications in solar panel blocking boxes, featuring a P600 package with solder bath temperatures of 275C maximum.
2008-05-30 Vishay releases enhanced rectifier series
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces a new series of enhanced high-current-density PowerBridge rectifiers with current ratings of 10-25A and maximum peak reverse voltage ratings of 600-1,000V.
2003-06-20 Using IR1176 Synchronous Rectifier Driver IC in DC/DC converters
This application note discusses how the IR1176 synchronous rectifier driver IC to drive dc/dc converters.
2012-07-06 Third generation voltage regulators from International Rectifier
IR introduces third generation point-of-load voltage regulators for netcom, server and storage applications
2008-03-31 Synchronous rectifier ups efficiency in power designs
Fairchild has rolled out a 40V breakdown DC/DC synchronous rectifier that it says enables designers to achieve higher levels of efficiency in their power designs.
2006-03-14 Synchronous rectifier IC boosts flyback, resonant half-bridge designs
International Rectifier touts its SmartRectifier chipset, which comprises the IR1167 with external HEXFET MOSFETs, as the first high-efficiency solution that's viable from the standpoint of technology and cost.
2003-02-28 STMicro rectifier driver boosts converter efficiency
The STSR2 smart driver IC is designed for synchronous rectifiers that helps boost power converter efficiencies.
2006-04-04 Schottky rectifier housed in SOD-123F package
Central Semiconductor has released the CMMSH1 series of 1A Schottky rectifiers in a flat lead SOD-123F surface-mount package.
2003-06-18 Rohm rectifier diode offers 45A surge rating
Rohm Electronics is now mass-producing its RR264m-400 rectifier diode, which features a surge current strength of 45A.
2010-02-10 Reverse-conducting thyristor integrates rectifier diode
Renesas Technology Europe has developed the CRD5CM reverse conducting thyristor for use in voltage regulators for two-wheeled vehicles and engines for general-purpose batteries.
2004-08-04 Resurgent IT market drives International Rectifier's revenues
International Rectifier reported revenues of $298.6 million for the quarter ended June 30, up 8 percent from $275.4 million in the previous quarter and up 31 percent from the $228.4 million for the June quarter of last year.
2003-09-04 Rectron predicts surface-mount rectifier demand hike
Rectron Ltd forecasts a 10 to 15 percent rise in demand this year, which will come from surface-mount rectifiers.
2001-09-19 Rectifier reverse switching performance
This application note discusses the factors to be considered when using rectifiers in higher switching speeds or higher frequency of operation.
2006-02-28 Rectifier chip boosts power conversion efficiency
System General released the SG6203 power IC product, a secondary synchronous rectifier control chip suitable for general low-voltage high-current flyback power converters.
2001-09-19 Rectifier bridges and dual rectifiers
This application note discusses how to easily redirect or steer current flow in one direction with the use of rectifier bridges or center-tap dual rectifiers.
2003-06-27 Recommended design, Integration and Rework Guidelines for International Rectifier's iPOWIR BGA packages
This application note provides a recommended design, integration and rework guidelines for the company's iPOWIR BGA packages.
2010-07-06 Precision rectifier using PSoC 3 and PSoC 5
This application note discusses how to implement rectifiers using PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 family of devices. An example project demonstrates this process.
2005-06-28 PolyIC unveils 13MHz rectifier
PolyIC GmbH has presented a polymer-based rectifier diode that works at frequencies up to and beyond 13MHz to a learned conference, according to the company's website
2004-09-28 Philips rectifier diodes make smaller devices possible
To help manufacturers meet the demand for smaller, more feature rich devices, Philips released its portfolio of MEGA Schottky rectifier diodes.
2005-06-22 NIS6111 BERS_ IC (better efficiency rectifier system) switching application note
This app note details NIS6111 BERS that consists of an integrated control IC and a low RDS (on) power MOSFET to replace the Schottky diode using hybrid technology.
2003-06-20 Mounting Considerations for International Rectifier's Power Semiconductor Packages.
This application note discusses the proper practice/procedure in mounting power semiconductors packages.
2000-12-01 Mounting considerations for International Rectifier's power semiconductor packages
This application note is intended to describe a good practice in the mounting of power semiconductors.
2002-07-24 Magnetek rectifier delivers 92 percent efficiency
Magnetek Inc. has unveiled a 3kW rectifier that converts utility-grade 176Vac to 264Vac input power into dc output power with 92 percent efficiency.
2002-06-11 Magnetek rectifier delivers 7.4W/in3
Suitable for use in telecom and industrial applications, Magnetek Inc.'s MAG48V200A rectifier that delivers 7.4W/inch3 in a 5.25-by-17.33-by-19-inch unit suitable for 19-inch or 23-inch rack mounting.
2011-10-20 Low-profile rectifier solves solar panel design problems
Diodes has released the 12A-rated SBR12U45LH SBR, a low-profile rectifier that aims to address manufacturing and design concerns in solar panels.
2003-06-27 Lead Bending and Soldering Considerations for International Rectifier's Power Semiconductor Packages
This application note is intended to address how the legs of through-hole packaged devices be bent safely without endangering its reliability and how through-hole and SMD parts be soldered safely.
2004-01-29 Jinglai rectifier comes with high surge rating
The A337 general-purpose rectifier from Yangzhou Jinglai Group Co. Ltd features an all-diffused structure with high surge rating.
2013-01-17 IXYS boasts rectifier diode with record power density
The new 2.2kV rectifier has a current rating of 15,450A and represents a new technology platform for bonded-wafer level construction with a favorable high power density.
2002-04-09 IR bridge rectifier targets heavy-duty industrial apps
Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, the 200MT40KB three-phase bridge rectifier provides 400V and 200A of output currentclaimed by the company to be 25 percent more than competing products.
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