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2010-07-22 US lab develops solid-state cooling technology
The University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) is developing smart metals that change shape when absorbing or releasing heat.
2004-03-19 Tyco rolls out low-profile power terminal block
Tyco Electronics has released an aluminum wire rated 65 amp low-profile power terminal block that is suitable for use in consumer appliances, commercial refrigeration units and HVAC equipment.
2010-03-18 Home, telehealth apps to boost CE revenues
IMS Research forecasts that relatively strong growth in smart phones, portable media players, STBs, LCD TVs and refrigeration appliances will contribute to CE revenues of $406 billion this year.
2015-01-23 Hitachi, Johnson Controls ink global HVAC joint venture
The Johnson Controls-Hitachi joint venture will allow both companies to deliver the most diverse technology portfolio in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.
2011-06-23 Upcoming technologies push power revolution
Several electronic technologies are playing high-profile roles in power revolution, among them 3D transistors, solid-state lighting, energy harvesting, superconducting cable and silicon carbide components.
2011-09-01 Understanding inverters' role in the solar industry
Learn how solar inverters can eventually pave the way for further development of future energy-harvesting systems.
2012-11-09 Silicon Labs outs relative humidity sensor
The Si7005 combines a mixed-signal IC manufactured on standard CMOS with a proven technique of measuring humidity using a polymer dielectric film.
2007-11-16 Sensors toughen up for industrial use
While there has been a lot of discussion recently about the CMOS and charge-coupled device image sensors used in mobile devices, there's a plethora of sensor types used in other applications including HVAC, motion control, hydraulic systems and robotics.
2010-10-27 Rare earth issues trouble industry
The potential problem of China's monopoly on rare earthsminerals, metals and their oxides C has become reality with the country's move to reduce export quotas for 2H 10.
2008-06-06 Pressure sensors built for hazardous setups
Turck has expanded its line of pressure sensors to include a specialty sensor for hazardous areas.
2007-11-15 PCB relay works with high-density applications
Omron Electronic Components LLC offers the G5T series of slim power PCB relays in a 7mm x 20.4mm x 15mm footprint, making them suitable for high-density applications.
2010-09-07 New markets rise for MEMS micro-valves
Microstaq Inc. is using its micro-valve as a pilot to control the large flows necessary to tackle the HVAC market as well as automotive transmissions.
2007-02-02 Networking module enables 'drop-in' connectivity
The XPort Direct embedded networking module is mounted onto a device manufacturer's PCB, enabling 'drop-in' network connectivity and allowing OEMs to add a range of capabilities to their system, including remote diagnostics, monitoring, maintenance and control.
2008-12-15 Microchip rolls resistor programmable logic-output temp switches
Microchip's new resistor-programmable logic-output temperature switches enable designers to stock one device for measuring multiple temperature points.
2008-10-28 Micro Power StationsYou Too Can Be a Utility Company
I get a sick feeling every month while opening my power bill which many of you probably share. As most of you experience, the price of electricity has gone through the roof and there's possibly no end in sight. As fuel costs continue to surge, so does the price of a kilowatt-hour.
2008-10-13 Mentor enters EFD market with Flomerics acquisition
Mentor Graphics Corp. has finalized the acquisition of Flomerics Group PLC, a U.K.-based supplier of computational fluid dynamics analysis products.
2013-03-01 MCU dev't tools maximise power efficiency
The MCU development tools claim to maximise the power efficiency of 32bit embedded designs, speeding and easing the design process.
2011-09-15 Integrated pre-driver saves 60% space
TI has launched DRV8301, a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver, which integrates step-down voltage regulator and dual current-sense amplifiers, resulting to a 60 percent reduction in board space.
2008-04-16 IBM mainframes get CPU, OS makeover
IBM Corp. is exploring hybrid computing concepts and expanding open-source software support for its mainframes as two ways to kick new life into the venerable systems.
2011-09-13 Gate drivers target 3-phase motor drive apps
TI's new brushless motor pre-driver ICs include 1.5A step-down voltage regulators that operate from 3.5 to 60V.
2008-01-24 Freescale, Microstaq team on superheat control for HVAC
Freescale and Microstaq have partnered to develop of an intelligent refrigerant superheat control system that combines Freescale's MEMS pressure sensing, processing and control technology with Microstaq's MEMS silicon expansion valve.
2006-06-05 Fiber-optic backlights suit custom-shaped membrane switches
With a brightness as high as 75 Ft-L, Lumitex's UniGlo fiber-optic panels can provide a clearly readable display in dimly lit areas.
2003-05-05 Electronics to drive global rare-earth market recovery
An estimated 78,205 metric tons of rare-earth materials worth $1.6B were sold worldwide last year, down from 2001 levels of 80,735 metric tons.
2013-12-26 Electric fields can push droplets from nano-condenser surfaces
Scientists at MIT followed up on their discovery that droplets of water acquire an electric charge when jumping from certain condenser surfaces by finding a way to make use of that effect.
2011-05-18 E-mobility gets new key enabling tech
Advancements in electromobility are in process as a new key enabling technology surfaced.
2002-12-19 Delta Design inks strategic alliance with KryoTech
Delta Design has entered into a strategic partnership with KryoTech Inc.
2005-11-21 Connector system simplifies appliance/HVAC harness assemblies
Molex disclosed that its new VersaBlade connector system offers superior mating reliability, easy assembly and a cost savings compared to commonly used round-pin type terminal designs.
2014-11-03 Chromalox intros 1/16 DIN temperature, process controller
The 6060 controller features two PID sets, multiple inputs and outputs, heat/cool operation, soft start function, self-tuning startup and optional Modbus/RTU RS485 communications.
2007-12-11 China Mobile details energy saving initiative
Joining in the crusade for energy saving, China Mobile has launched its "Green Initiative," for outsourcing of system equipment and complementary equipment while saving energy and reducing emissions.
2008-02-18 Capacitive sensing makes a splash
Exploring the use of capacitive sensing in a water cooler illustrates not only how capacitive sensing can make devices more reliable, but also how the controller managing capacitive sensing can take on additional functions to add further value to customers and reduce maintenance costs.
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