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2008-05-07 DDR3 registered clock driver exceeds JESD47 spec
Inphi Corp. announced that its registered clock driver has passed validation, qualification and manufacturing readiness testing compliant to industry standard qualification requirements as defined by JEDEC Standard JESD47
2009-08-11 DDR3 registered buffer supports four speed grades
Montage Technology has introduced the M88SSTE32882 low power JEDEC-compliant DDR3 registered buffer device.
2007-09-27 DDR3 configurable buffer exceeds JEDEC specs
Inphi has introduced the INSSTE32882-GS02, a DDR3 configurable integrated register that exceeds JEDEC requirements and adds quad rank support.
2005-05-03 Buffer's parity checking exceeds DDR2-800 rates
Inphi has developed the first DDR2 (double data rate) configurable registered buffer with parity checking operating at 800Mbps.
2006-07-17 Buffer line handles all DDR2 speeds
A line of configurable, registered memory buffers developed by Inphi Corp. lets designers cover all DDR2 speed grade requirements with just a single chip
2006-11-10 TI unveils 'first' DDR3 register-with-PLL for RDIMMs
The SN74SSTE32882 from Texas Instruments is touted by the company as the industry's first fully integrated register and PLL for DDR3 RDIMMs.
2008-04-23 TI announces full production release of DDR3 register
Texas Instruments claims the industry's first full production release of a PLL integrated DDR3 register for RDIMMs.
2010-02-01 JEDEC-compatible memory enables LRDIMMs
Inphi Corp. has introduced what it claims to be the first JEDEC-compatible memory buffer delivering more than 4x the memory capacity and nearly double the bandwidth, while reducing power consumption
2005-08-29 Infineon samples its all-owned DDR2 FB-DIMMs
Infineon announced that it is sampling the industry's only DDR2 Fully Buffered Dual-In-line Memory Modules with all key components designed and manufactured by a single DRAM supplier.
2004-12-23 IDT's new AMB device suits high-bandwidth apps
IDT disclosed that it is sampling its new advanced memory buffer device to multiple fully buffered dual-inline memory module manufacturers
2005-03-22 FB DIMM boosts memory density
Samsung disclosed sample production of its next-gen memory module that is targeted at servers and workstations.
2003-06-12 Cypress buffers suit Advanced DDR400 memory modules
Cypress Semiconductor has released the CY2SSTV16857 and CY2SSTV16859 buffers for registered DIMMs
2002-10-01 TI samples DDR-II logic register for memory evaluation
Texas Instruments is sampling the SN74SSTU32864 25-bit configurable registered buffer for evaluation in DDR-II memory apps.
2008-08-25 Improved clock driver responds to DDR3 server needs
Inphi offers a JEDEC-compliant DDR3 registered clock driver to support DDR3-1600 data rates at 1.35V, 5 percent. This new registering clock driver enables quad-rank support for enhanced capacity in server memory
2011-09-30 Overcome memory hurdles for next-gen servers
Read about this memory buffer technology touted to unleash speed and capacity in next-generation server designs
2004-06-21 Cypress rolls out fast PLL clock drivers for DIMMs
Cypress Semiconductor disclosed that it is now sampling one of the industry's fastest PLL clock drivers for registered DIMMs
2004-03-23 Cypress PLL clock drivers operate to 230MHz
Cypress Semiconductor has announced sampling of its CY2SSTV857-32 phase-locked loop clock drivers for registered dual inline memory modules
2015-06-01 Understanding HMI: Taking closer look at recent trends
Touch-enabled human machine interfaces offer a more intuitive means to operate electronics hardware, and are now at the forefront of it being used in a much wider scale.
2003-12-04 Sandia: Output/wavelength firsts for deep-UV LEDs
Sandia National Laboratories is reporting new levels of wavelength/power output for deep-ultraviolet LEDs, which are critical to future comms apps.
2005-12-14 Samsung develops 8GB memory module
Samsung Electronics has developed a technology that allows it to modularize 32 pieces of a 2Gb DDR2 DRAM chip together with a logic chip to create a 8GB memory module for a server computer.
2015-08-19 Rambus goes fabless with DDR4 server memory chipset
Rambus said its new DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM chipset make a big difference in server-based memory performance by delivering increased speed, reliability and power efficiency.
2005-10-20 New FB-DIMM features low size, latency and power consumption
The IN581AMB fully-buffered DIMM from Inphi is said to be the first device that includes an interface between the high-speed serial interface and DDR2 SDRAM and is fully compliant with the JEDEC AMB specs.
2004-12-03 New FB DIMM provides increased memory density, bandwidth
Samsung introduced a 1GB Fully Buffered, Dual In-line Memory Module based on the DDR2 technology.
2012-07-02 Multi-core networking in Linux user space with zero overhead
Find out how multicore network SoCs work, and how to leverage them efficiently for data path processing.
2009-08-05 Micron debuts 'first' DDR3 load-reduced DIMM
Micron Technology Inc. has rolled out what it claims to be the industry's first DDR3 load-reduced DIMM (LRDIMM).
2009-05-28 China Optics Valley ready for broader terrain
Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in China, is known as the country's "Optics Valley," but the city's ambitions don't end with optoelectronics.
2006-04-03 A better path to video-over-WLAN
Higher throughput, excess bandwidth, MIMO, channel bonding and advanced forward error correction are but some of the remedies for issues confronting video delivery over WLAN.
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